Fateful Night

Who would have thought that one night could change everything? After he comes across a scene to remember and helps Casey escape from a rape, Harry is hopelessly confused as his whole world has turned upsidedown and he finds himself falling for the unexpected love. Both Casey's and Harry's P.O.V in this story. Comment down below what you think and give suggestions :) Favorite and like this and I will update more :)hope you enjoy


16. Day of Interviews

Casey's P.O.V

Today was my first day all week without Harry. It was kind of weird being that was always around. I had a lot to do today though, and so did he. I hopped in the shower. I turned the hot water on and rinsed off. I squirted the shampoo in my hands then massaged it into my hair. Then the conditioner. I scrubbed my body with my shower gel, rinsed off and got out. I dried my hair, scrunching it with the towel and rubbing product in it. I blow dried it the rest of the way. I pulled my clothes on. After I brushed my teeth, I lined my eyes with liquid eyeliner. I winged it out at the end today. I curled my eyelashes and swept mascara over them. I dumped food in Henry's bowl, threw my purse over my shoulder and left. I walked down the steps of my apartment building and to the streets. I was headed towards he subway trains. When I reached the station, I almost end missed my train, but I didn't. I ran out with my heels hitting the ground hard, gripping my purse tightly so I wouldn't drop it. The muffled almost uninterpretable voice spoke out of the speakers "doors closing" it said. I gripped onto a pole as the subways pulled away from the station. I stood on the train for almost 20 minutes. I wasn't getting off at my normal stop, I got fired from my job so I didn't need to. I scheduled a couple job interviews for today. The subway doors opened at my stop, and I stepped off. I walked up to the map, looking at it, trying to navigate where I needed to go to get to my first job. I found my route on the map and walked out of the sub station through the stairs, onto the sidewalk. The first place was an Italian restaurant. I walked in and asked a waitress to point me to the managers office. I walked in to see the manager sitting at his desk. "Hello" I smiled warmly. I was "da bomb" at first impressions. I handed the man my resume and sat in the sodden char in front of him. He read over it and interviewed me for a bit. I shook his and before leaving. I got back to the subway and rode to my next stop. I did this continuously all day. All f my interviews were for restaurants and bars for waitress jobs. All except for my last two. One of them was a go see for a modeling job. I was always interested in modeling since I was a little girl. I walked into the studio and handed the client my portfolio. There were only about 6 or 7 pictures in it, but they weren't amateur, I thought they were pretty good. I showed them my runway walk and started small talk sweetly. I hoped they liked me, but I'm not sure. My last job was at Forever 21. I had always shopped there. I interviewed with the shop owner just like I had with others before. I shook her hand and left to go back home. I caught the subway train. I rode for 10 minutes or so. The mall was closer to my flat than the Italian restaurant, so it took less time. I stomped up the stairs to my place and shoved the door open, then slammed it shut. I fell back on my couch and pulled my leg up. I ripped my high heels off and threw them into my room. I got up to go to my room and kicked them lightly next to my bed. I pulled my jeans off and put pajama shorts on. I peeled my top off and pulled a solid black tank top over my head. I fell back onto my bed and pulled my purse in my lap. I dug around in it for my phone. I found it, and slipped it out. I threw my purse aside and unlocked my phone. I had endless twitter notifications like always, but I ignored them. Seeing a text message from Stella a friend of mine from Bernie's Bar and Pub. She was a waitress there. 
Stella: Having any luck finding a new job? :/
Me: I hope. I had like 7 job interviews today.
Stella: Seven?!? Damn you must be tired.
Me: Understatement of the year
Stella: Well good luck! Text me what job you get! Bye!
That was a pointless conversation, but Stella was one of my best friends. I went on Instagram, the posts about me were dying down, so I could actually enjoy myself on it. I scrolled through my feed and liked a few pictures. I got a text from Harry. It said "turn the TV To channel 108." I rolled out of bed and groaned. I walked into my living room and grabbed the remote. I turned it on and hit the buttons 1-0-8. It was The Ellen Degeneres Show. Harry told me he would be on it today. I guess I forgot. Harry and the boys stepped out on stage. The live audience cheered and roared. They all squeezed onto one couch and sat uncomfortably and awkwardly. It was cute how the always did that. The interview started right away, delving in to questions. "So Zayn, I hear you recently got engaged to Perrie" Ellen said loudly. Her spirit was so energetic and fun, instantly making the crowd cheer. Zayn's deep accent replied back "Uh... Yeah, we're already planning the wedding. You'know it's kind of hard to find time I mean we both have such busy schedules" he said smiling softly. "Hmm. Yeah" she said. "And Harry, rumors say you recently got a new girl on your hands" the crowd cheered. Harry slightly blushed. "Yeah" he smiled. "C'mon tell us about her!" she yelled waving to the crowd to make noise. "Well, she's really sweet" he said. "How long have you guys been seeing each other?" She asked, still being loud. "Not very long yet, but we really have a nice vibe going together y'know?" He said blushing a bit harder. Ellen asked a couple more questions about me and moved on to other topics. She had them play a weird little game, and they left. My phone buzzed from a text from Harry. "Did you see it?" He asked. "Yes :)" I replied back to him. We texted back and fourth for a bout a half hour before saying goodnight. I set my phone on my nightstand and flipped my head upside down to tie it back in a bun. I popped back up, turned all of the lights off and went to sleep.

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