Fateful Night

Who would have thought that one night could change everything? After he comes across a scene to remember and helps Casey escape from a rape, Harry is hopelessly confused as his whole world has turned upsidedown and he finds himself falling for the unexpected love. Both Casey's and Harry's P.O.V in this story. Comment down below what you think and give suggestions :) Favorite and like this and I will update more :)hope you enjoy


21. Costumes

Harry got off of me and helped me up. We stood in the shower, entwined with each other. He was slightly leaning me against the wall. His forehead rested on mine with our noses touching. I loved him. I couldn't really believe how fast I fell, but I was happy I did because of how good he is in bed. I opened the curtain and grabbed a towel, pulling it back in the shower. I patted myself dry and wrapped it around me, hopping out. I reached over and grabbed on for Harry too. After he was done drying himself off, he kissed my cheek and went to the kitchen to make himself food. I flipped my head upside down running my hands through my hair. I grabbed a brush and untangled my hair. I flipped it back up, then back down, then back up again. I brushed through again and walked into Harry's room to get clothes. I hasn't brought an extra change of clothes, so I just put on the things I wore yesterday. When I saw my phone, I had three new emails. I unlocked it and opened them. One of them said that I didn't get the job at the Italian restaurant, another one said I got the job at Forever 21. Woo hoo! I loved that store. I opened the last one saying that I got booked for a runway show and photo shoot for Deliah's shop. Excitement filled me. I got the two jobs that I really wanted. I ran into the kitchen and threw my arms around Harry. "I got the job!!!" I said, him hugging me back. "What job!" He asked me, not knowing what jobs I even interviewed for. "I get to work at Forever 21" I said. I didn't want to tell him about Deliah's yet, I wanted to surprise him with it. "When do you start?" He asked. I realized that I didn't even Finnish reading the emails because I was too excited. I pulled my head back from Harry, looking at my phone. I scrolled through the email. "It says I start Wednesday but my shifts aren't completely worked out yet." I told him. "Ah" he said, walking out of the kitchen into his room. As he was getting clothes on, I looked through Deliah's email too. I had to go on Tuesday. I was so pumped. It was only Saturday right now though. Harry walked out dressed and grabbed his car keys. "Where are you going?" I asked. "WE" he corrected me, "are going to go take care of your fish" he said. I completely forgot about Henry. Good thing Harry remembered. We walked outside into the glaring October sun in the cloudless sky. I squinted as I walked to the car. The air was cold, but the sun shone brightly. Harry opened my door and walked over to his side. He got in ten car and shut his door. We buckled our seatbelt and he drove off to my apartment. When we got there, Harry pushed the car gear into park, and we got out. He walked I front of me up the stairs to my place. He stopped I front of the door and looked at me. I walked in front of him to unlock the door. He stood closely behind me, his body heat radiating onto me. I shoved the door open and we walked in. Harry squatted in front of Henry's bowl. "Hello little fish" he said smiling. He grabbed the fish food and shook some in. Meanwhile, I was in my room grabbing a bag and cramming a bunch of clothes in it. I also went in the closet and grabbed and extra unused toothbrush and some toothpaste. I had several bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soap in my shower, so I grabbed some and put them in my back too. A couple other extra living necessities like deodorant and a brush found their way into my bag. Harry walked up behind me. "What are you packing for?" He asked, rubbing my back. "I'm at your house a lot Harry, I want some things to permanently be there" I said. He smiled. "Really?" "Yeah, why?" I asked back. "Nothing" he said. He just smiled smugly. "What" I said poking him back by his chest. "Just happy" he said, leaning in to kiss me. He grabbed me around my waist and kissed me strongly. He grabbed my bag out of my hands to carry it for me, then pulled away. "C'mon let's go" he said, turning around and walking to the front door. I followed him out after he pushed the door open. When we got in the car, Harry put my bag in the back seat. "Do you know the date today?" He said looking at me. I glanced down at my phone. "October 26" I said simply. "Yup, that's right. Guess what holiday is coming up?" I rolled my eyes. I was guessing that he wanted me to dress up in something skimpy and tight. He smirked at me. "Lets go" he said excitedly, searching for a costume shop on his phone. It showed him to the nearest one and he typed the address in on his phone. He drove out of the complex and to the costume shop. "Harry" I said to him. "Casey" he laughed back. "Harry, turn right here" I said. He didn't here the gps say it, so I had to repeat it. He swerved left quickly and parked right I front of the shop. We walked in to have a mechanical spider jump out at us. I screamed and jumped back into him. He laughed. "That scared the hell out of me!" I laughed continuing to walk along side Harry. We headed towards the women's section. Right away Harry picked up a costume with a picture of a girl in a barely there nurse outfit. "How bout this one?" He said, perking the corners of his lips up. "No" I said, "I want to wear something. That is wearing nothing" I said and gestured for him to put it back. I looked at some other costumes. After Harry trying to convince me into a bee costume, a police costume and a cave woman, I decided on the cave woman. It covered up the most and had a cute animal pattern on it. There was a wide strap on one shoulder and an open stomach with a couple strands of ripped cloth stretching across it, and a mini skirt at the bottom. "Now we get to pick out your costume" I smirked at him as we walked over to the men's section. "Oh, how about this?" I said holding up a costume of a construction worker with a hard hat and a piece of spandex covering the crotch, and two long straps to stretch over the shoulders. "Absolutely not" he said looking at it wide eyed. "B-b-but why?" I said pouting. He rolled his eyes and grabbed it out of my hands to put if back on the rack. Before we left, we found a matching cave man costume for him. We payed and left back to the car.

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