Fateful Night

Who would have thought that one night could change everything? After he comes across a scene to remember and helps Casey escape from a rape, Harry is hopelessly confused as his whole world has turned upsidedown and he finds himself falling for the unexpected love. Both Casey's and Harry's P.O.V in this story. Comment down below what you think and give suggestions :) Favorite and like this and I will update more :)hope you enjoy


20. Bacon *SEX*

So much for romantic. That went out the door when she sucked me off, but hey, it was great. The sun was shinning in my face through the window. I squinted and covered my eyes. I was spooning Casey, her warm skin pressed into mine. "Good morning"she said with a raspy, morning voice. "Oh, did I wake you up?" I asked her. "No" she said, rolling over. Her stomach was pressed against me, along with the rest of her beautiful, nude body. I leaned back onto my back, her on top of me. "I love you" she whispered resting her chin on my chest. "I love you too" I smiled sweetly. She was almost falling back asleep, trying her hardest to keep her eyes open. "I'm hungry" she yawned. "Casey, go back to sleep" I laughed. "No, no, I want bacon" she said crawling up and off of me. She stumbled around, out of my room, still naked. I heard her banging around in the kitchen looking for pots and pans to make food in. I dug my face into my pillow and groaned. "Casey!" I yelled, muffled through my pillow. "Yeah?" She yelled back. "I think we're out of bacon" she walked back in the bedroom. "No we're not" she said throwing a raw piece of bacon at me. It slapped against my arm. I looked up. "Wow" I said. She laughed and walked back to the kitchen. I sat up and lifted the covers off of me. I pinched the piece of bacon and got it out of my bed. I followed Casey in the kitchen. She was making three prices of bacon, the grease sizzling loudly. I dropped the piece of bacon she threw at me on the pan. "Ew! Harry that was YOU!" She said. I acted like I was offended. "Is that bad? I mean you did basically put ME in your mouth last night." She picked up the piece of bacon from the pan and threw it at me again. The cold meat slapped onto my stomach and grease dripped down my stomach to my upper thigh. "Eeeewwwwwwww" I over exaggerated, picking it off of me and holding it up to her face. She screamed and moved away from the drippy bacon, to the other side if the kitchen. I followed her, trying to slap her with it. "Harry! Cut it out" she laughed, running into the living room. I followed her in and grabbed her. I pushed her down on the couch playfully. "Stop!" She squealed. I climbed on top of her and rubbed the bacon all over her. She screamed and tried to get me off of her. I laughed, getting the grease all over her body. She got enough force to throw me off of her. I thumped on the ground. She laughed at me and got up, going back to the kitchen. She poured the grease from the pan into a jar, and put the bacon on a plate. She sat down on the couch and started eating. I got up off the floor and sat next to her, poking at her bacon. "Harry this is my bacon. Paws off!"she laughed and slapped my hand away.

Casey's P.O.V

I slapped Harry's hand away from my food and ate it all pretty quickly. I got up to put my plate in the sink. I was all greasy because of Harry rubbing raw bacon all over me. I went into the hallway bathroom. I needed to take a shower. I was already naked, so all I had to do was turn the water on and get in. I didn't have my shampoo or shower gel here, so I just grabbed a bar of soap and rinsed off. Half way through the shower, I heard the door open. I turned around to see Harry, opening the shower curtain and joining in the shower with me. He didn't say anything. He just gad a sweet smile on his face. He stood behind me, grabbing me from around the waist. He ran his fingers over the scar on my hip from the knife. "It healed finally" he said quietly, but loud enough to be heard over the running water. "Mhmm" I said, turning around to look at his. His hands cupped my butt as I looked at his wound. He still had a scab, but it was healing nicely. "Yours is getting there" I said, softly poking it. He chuckled. Harry pulled me into him, my hands linked together behind his neck. He  leaned down and latched his lips to my neck, moving all around trying to find my sweet spot. He kissed about two inches under my left ear when I let out a small breath. Picking up that it was the spot, he kissed harder and sucked softly. I moaned and played with his wet curls. He ran his hands all over my body, gripping everything he could. My butt, my breasts, my arms, my thighs, everything. He was being very general with me. I think he would have last night if I didn't tell him to go harder. It was going his way now though. He leaned me back against the wall of the shower, pressing himself against me. Kissing my lips softly and sweetly. The water was spraying us, both glistening with water droplets slipping down our skin. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled off the wall. I stood on my tippy toes, him slightly lifting me up too. We kissed for a while like that before he put me down. I turned, my back facing towards him. He hugged me around the waist again and swayed back and forth slowly. He planted kisses all over my neck and shoulders, softly humming Truly Madly Deeply in my ear. He trailed his hands up to my breasts, holding them and squeezing them softly, still swaying back and forth. His hands glided back down to my belly button, but continued going further down. He spread my legs apart partially. Tracing my lady with his finger tips, then slowly pushed one into me. I inhaled sharply at the immediate pleasure he gave me. He laughed softly and pumped it in and out of me multiple times before adding another finger in. I reached my hand back and grabbed his neck, moaning softly. He put another finger in, then another, swirling them around inside of me. I wanted to scream, but I wanted to keep the romantic, soft mood. I settled for moaning a little bit louder and tightening my grip on his neck. "Mmm, Harry" I said quietly as he pumped four fingers through me. With his free hand, he rubbed my clit slowly and roughly. It felt so good. I could have just melted in his arms. I was defiantly coming close to my orgasm, I could feel it. I leaned back into Harry and let him continue fingering me. I reached my hands down, pushing Harry's hands deeper in me. I moaned again, more loudly and a lot more. With the hand rubbing my clit, he stretched a finger from it and put that inside me too. I was gasping for air, the pleasure being nearly unbearable, and literally taking my breath away. Right before I hot my high, he pulled all five of his fingers out of me and stopped rubbing me. I fell back into him. "Why'd you stop?" I said, catching my breath. He didn't answer me. He just turned me back around and kissed me again. He pulled my leg up and I lifted the other one, wrapping them around his waist. He positioned me above his rock hard dick and pushed into me. He pushed me against the wall of the shower again, thrusting deeply inside. I tangled my hands in his hair as he continued to slowly, deeply, and pleasurably fuck me. His lips were pressed to my chest. He moaned, almost whimpering against me, sending chills through me. I was breathing hard, stoking his back and neck. Harry pushed harder the last couple of thrusts, then released himself and his juices into me, moaning crazily. He pulled out of me and set me back in the ground. I hadn't had a high yet, so I knew he wasn't done. He pulled the shower head out of its socket and brought the hose down. He put it right up to my raw, soft pussy, shooting warm water in me. I let out a loud moan, almost screaming. "Oh god Harry!" I shouted out in pleasure. He pushed it harder against me. I could barely stand anymore, my knees were buckling in paralyzingly pleasurable feeling. Harry held me, keeping me from falling. He carefully set me on the ground of the shower. He was on top of me, stretching the hose even further down. Water was rushing into me. Harry helped by moving his head down and sucking and nibbling on my clit. The water shooting into me and Harry's mouth latched on to me was too much. I threw my head back moaning loudly and breathing heavily. I finally hit my climax, and it was so good. Even better than last night. Harry reached behind him and turned the water off. He layed on top of me still. His wet curls dripped water onto my stomach. He pulled himself up to my face, and kissed me. "Damn you're good" I gasped and kissed him again.

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