Fateful Night

Who would have thought that one night could change everything? After he comes across a scene to remember and helps Casey escape from a rape, Harry is hopelessly confused as his whole world has turned upsidedown and he finds himself falling for the unexpected love. Both Casey's and Harry's P.O.V in this story. Comment down below what you think and give suggestions :) Favorite and like this and I will update more :)hope you enjoy


8. 20 Questions

Harry rolled off of me. I leaned over to my side and looked at him. He was lying on his back looking at the high rised ceiling, smirking. He turned his head over and looked at me back. "Wanna go get some coffee?" He asked me. He always wanted to move. It was so random, after he tried to take my pants off he wants coffee? "Sure" I smiled at him. He bounced out off the bed and headed to the kitchen. I got out too and followed him. "What kind do you want?" He said, opening the cabinets looking for the coffee blends. I looked over at the clock. It was 4:41. I didn't want caffeine in me. I had to go to sleep early tonight. Again, I had to go to work early the next morning. "Decaf" I said looking at the back of his head. He was standing on his tippy toes trying to read the labels on the mixes. I walked over to the back wall. It was all windows. I stood there watching the waves from the beach crash into the land. The tide has risen, so it was further up than it was when Harry and I were out there. The sun was lower in the sky now, but still shining brightly. I jumped at the sound of Harry starting the coffee grinder. He dumped everything in a coffee filter and stuck it in the machine. It brewed for a couple minutes. Harry poured us both coffee and walked over and stood next to me. "Wanna go out there?" "Yeah, sure" I said. He opened the glass back door for me. I loved how he did that. We walked onto the back patio. I sat down in a chair. He sat in the chair across from me and set his coffee on the table in between us. I took a gulp of my coffee and did the same. "Woo! The sun is bright" he said, shading his eyes from the light. It was shining right in his face. "Wanna trade spots?" I asked him. "Nah, I'm fine" he laughed. "Alright" I grabbed my mug and chugged down the rest of my coffee. "Let's play a game" he asked me. I was a little suspicious. "What kind of game..." I asked slowly. "20 questions" he said, "what were you thinking?" He asked me with a devious grin "probably not what you're thinking based on the look on your face" I said back to him laughing. He asked me all these questions. I asked them back after I answered.
1: what's your favorite animal? C:bear H: turtle
2:Favorite color? C:purple h: orange
3: favorite food? C: Sausage H: pizza
4: Lucky number? C:22 h: 93
5: biggest fear? "Oh my god I am terrified of birds" I said. Harry's is heights.
6: Biggest mistake? C: vacationing to Alaska H: dating Taylor swift. I burst out laughing. Was she really that bad?
7: favorite holiday? C: Halloween h: Christmas
8: Favorite candy? C: sour patch kids h: Swedish fish
9: favorite fruit? C: cherries h: apples
10: happiest memory? C:learning how to bake cupcakes h: releasing one directions debut album. I forgot Harry was even famous while I was with him. 
11: saddest memory? C: my dog died h: losing X- factor
12: earliest memory? C: riding my dog like a horse when I was two. H: pooping in the bathtub
13: favorite body part? C: legs. Harry just answered by winking at me. I knew what that meant. "Harry!" I slapped his arm
14: biggest pet peeve? C: loud chewing h: whining
15: greatest accomplishment? C: winning a potato sack race when I was 4 h: winning a Brit award
16: biggest turn off? C: long nails h: gross feet. I looked at my feet. I didn't think they were gross. "Yours are fine" he laughed.
17: biggest turn on? C: huge hands. Harry held up his hands in my face "like these?" "Yes, Harry like those" I laughed.
18: favorite game? C: twister h: twister. How bout that?
19: favorite song? C: madness by muse h: couldn't decide
20: are you a virgin?
Question number twenty lingered in the air. I didn't know how Harry would react. "No" I said after maybe to long of a hesitation. "What! No? Who'd you do?" Who'd I do? There's away to put it "S'cuse me, you asked your last question already. This is 20 questions, not 21 questions. Harry pouted at me. "Please" "nope" I said. Not cracking this time. The sun was starting to set. We brought our mugs inside and put them in the sink. "You know, Harry I gotta go home now" Harry grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. "You're not going anywhere babe" Harry thought that would do it. "No, I need to go home"
"No, no you don't" he smiled cheekily at me. "Yes, I do. What about Henry?" 
"Henry? Who's Henry?" Harry asked, envy in his voice. "My fish" I laughed. Harry groaned. "Can we just go feed your fish and come back?" He asked impatiently. "We could... But that would waist a lot of time" I was just messing with him. He still had his arm around my waist. He must have been tired of taking me in to staying. He just lifted me up and walked out the front door. I guess he got tired of talking. He set me down and opened the car door for me. I sat down in the car and watched him walk around to his side just like he always does. He sat down and closed the door, then sped off to my flat. He had the most horrible sense of direction. He got lost AGAIN and it took forever to find our way there. He pulled up in front of my building. We both got out and headed up the stairs. I pushed my door open and we both walked in. "Henry!" I said as I walked over to his bowl, dumping food in. "Alright, lets go!" Harry said almost walking out the door. "Harry, I still have to get clothes and my stuff." "What stuff?" "Toothbrush, makeup, hair stuff,..." The list continued on."why do you need all that stuff?" He asked me. "I just do" I ran into my room and grabbed a bag from my closet. I dumped everything on the bathroom counter into my bag. I went back into my room and saw Harry sitting on my bed. My bed was taking up all the space in my tiny room. I pulled the drawers out deciding what I was going to wear. Harry got of the bed and leaned over me, looking through my clothes. His massive hands reached down on both sides of me, digging. He pulled out a pair of leggings and stuffed them in my bag. I chose a shirt to go with the legging and put it in the bag too. Harry took his hands of of the drawer and wrapped them around me. He pulled me back onto my bed. I layed on my back with him leaning on his elbow next to me. His face was hovering over me. He pecked my lips with his and jumped off the bed. "Alright NOW lets go" he said, picking up my bag, and pulling me up. We left my flat, out to his car. We drove back to his house.

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