Defender (Red Hero Collection #3)

(sequel to red hero, protector. this the 3rd book)
"Shianne I want you to Marry me." In order for Shianne to turned, Liam said she has to marry him. They've been with each other for over a year. "Maybe I should Marry him. I do love him with all my heart."
Lindsay isn't officially gone. She wants revenge on Cassie for killing Mason. She will get Shianne. Well that's what she wants at least. Something that's so close to Cassie and especially to Liam.
Will Liam let her get that close?
This is...Defender
"Love will take you places."-unknown.


24. Possessions Pt.2

Shianne's POV:

"Shianne I'm so sorry about your mom."Mariah said hugging me. I cried on her shoulder. I thought I was done crying? "I need you to tell Liam I went to Australia and you know that my mom passed. I have to leave now."I said. She nodded and gave me hug goodbye. I grabbed my suitcase and got out of the car. She drove away and I walked inside the airport. Wiping away my tears, I cleared my throat and walked through security. 

Mariah's POV:

I had no fucking clue how to tell any of this to Liam. "Oh Hey Liam uh your fiance went to Australia because her mother died. Sorry she didn't tell you sooner"I thought. No that's fucked up. I remembered the note Shianne left on her kitchen table. Would he get it? I think it may be better if I text him because I can't tell him in person, I'd hate to see his face.  I pulled up at my house and texted him what was going on. My phone said he seen it but no reply. I'll just let him take it in. 

Liam's POV: 

She, she left. She went back to Australia for a reason Mariah hadn't seem to write to me. But I wasn't chasing after her. It's better for her to be away then to be close. Especially because of Lindsay and the demon. I set my phone aside on my nightstand and went downstairs. I wasn't going to be home for a couple of days. Demon problems.

Shianne's POV:

I arrived at the same house where I had came last year. Just it was a bit sadder than it seemed. I sighed and payed the taxi man. I grabbed my suitcase and got out of the cab. It's going to be sad for me. I walked through the gate, up the sidewalk, up the steps and rang the doorbell. No answer. They must be out getting things for mom's funeral. I took out my keys and unlocked the door. I went in and set my bag down. This place was lifeless. No one was in here, it felt like no one was in here anyway. It was kind of scary to be honest. I walked around and soon found myself in my parents bedroom. Pictures scattered all around of the family. Mom, Dad, Liam (Brother), Chris, Luke and me. I was 14 picture. 4 years seemed a lot like centuries. Only because I've been learning to live on my own. I walked back out and downstairs to the kitchen. There was a tape recording and my number on a piece of paper. There lay Chris's phone. I pressed the recording and it was Chris reading his paper he wrote for drama class. "Shianne! It's horrible! Mom had gotten cancer and she passed away."It was all an act? She wasn't dead. Then what happened? Footsteps came from the hall and in walked a man. The same one from my nightmares when I was possessed in my sleep. "Hello. You must be the human I've been told about. I'm Angel. You do seem quite the one to use."He smirked. "This, this was all an act!?"I screamed. He smiled and nodded. Anger rose through me and I went to slap him across the face. He grabbed my hand, pushed me up against the wall. "Wanna try that again sweetheart?"He asked. I gulped as he smelt my neck. "AB positive. You make my mouth water."He sang. "You wanna get into bed with me?"He asked. My heart raced. Why did I make the decision to do this? I feel so stupid. "P-Please. D-Don't hurt me."I whispered. "Well it's my job."He laughed. "Why do you want me?"I couldn't catch my breath. I've never been so scared in my life. "You'll see."He said. Before I knew it. Everything went black.

My eyes reopened in a bed. I had no clothes on. Bruises covered my body. What the fuck happened! Was I raped? I sat up and felt something draining from me. I looked down at my stomach. It was cut up and blood oozed out slowly. I only remember-Angel. Dammit. Pain made it's way stinging my stomach causing me to gasp. There was a note on the nightstand. I picked it up and read the red ink that stained on the paper 

Hello little human! I raped you!!!! Yea I'm using your blood to write this. I'm letting you go. I'll finish you later when your vampire finds out. Your back in Washington, just in Seattle. Your clothes are on the floor and P.S. your blood is very good for my pen ink. 



Tears came out of my eyes. Holy shit. I was used. My mom isn't really even dead. Who knew where my brothers had been at the time, Angel had raped me. I picked up my clothes and put them back on. My phone was on the floor. I hope he hadn't touched it. He did. I picked it up and looked through to make sure it hadn't gotten much damage. It had nothing. But I did receive a message. Alexis. Angel sent her a picture of him and me laying in the bed soaked in my own blood. She answered with you asshole. I will find her. I sighed and put my phone in my pocket. My ring was on the nightstand as well. He didn't do anything to it. Good. I put it back on and stood up. Pain filled me all around. Bruises that made me wince, blood that seeped through my shirt, dirt and dried blood covering me. I slowly walked out of the building. I took a deep breath. I need help. I pulled out my phone and called Liam. His phone went to voice mail. That was odd. He usually answers. I couldn't wait on him though. So I called Megan. Voice mail. Cassie. Voice mail. I pretty much called everyone. No one answered. So I called the last person on my list. Alexis. She answered. "OH MY GOD SHIANNE! ARE YOU ALRIGHT!!?"She yelled. "No. I'm in Seattle, by the giant tower thing. Please help me."I cried. "I'm on my way."She said. I waited a few minutes and she came. "How did you get here so fast?"I asked. "I drove at 290 miles and hour."She said. I got in and she looked at my bloody shirt. I figured it'd be this bad. Here I brought an old shirt of mine you can use to stop the bleeding."She said handing it to me. I pulled up my shirt and wrapped his around my torso where I was cut. "Thank you."I smiled. "No worries."She said. With that she sped off. "Do you have any idea why no one is answering their phones?"I asked. "They're all looking for the bloodsucker and the demon. Cassie had a vision and now Liam's really anxious about finding the demon."She told me. We arrived back at her house and she helped me out. She helped me inside and she had me lay down on her bed. "So what did he do to you?"She asked. "He raped me."I said. "How!?"She gasped. "I don't know."I said. After she cleaned me up, she gave me some food and orange juice. "After your done eating, I have to take you to Liam. Even if the demon is there. You need him."She said. I nodded and ate my food. 

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