Defender (Red Hero Collection #3)

(sequel to red hero, protector. this the 3rd book)
"Shianne I want you to Marry me." In order for Shianne to turned, Liam said she has to marry him. They've been with each other for over a year. "Maybe I should Marry him. I do love him with all my heart."
Lindsay isn't officially gone. She wants revenge on Cassie for killing Mason. She will get Shianne. Well that's what she wants at least. Something that's so close to Cassie and especially to Liam.
Will Liam let her get that close?
This is...Defender
"Love will take you places."-unknown.


16. News.

Cassie's POV: Harry held my hand as we walked back to the house. He hadn't wanted to go back for some reason but I wanted to hang with everyone. Although Spencer is mad at me. I could care less about what he has to say. I hopped up on to the porch. Opening the door, a few low murmurs echoed in the house. I turned around and Harry was gone. Fine I guess I'll let him be him. I walked in to the living room and Niall sat there staring at his black screened phone. "Niall your phone isn't on."I laughed. "Never mind that. Uh I need to tell you some things that your not going to take in as well as I did."He said. I raised my eyebrow and sat down on the couch.

After what Niall had said to me. I hadn't felt the same as I once felt before. Not for Harry and Liam anyway. Harry lied to me, to all of us. He caused me to suffer 8 months of feeling guilty to Liam. He could of gotten help instead of doing this on his own ruining everything. That was probably why he ran off. Besides the negatives, Niall told me what he found out today. He was my brother. That was what I was mad at Liam about. He never told me this and I thought I lost all my family like he had told me many years ago. I ran up to his room and opened his door. He wasn't even here. Those two must of ran off on me. Fucking cowards. I growled angrily punching the wall. He obviously hated me to even tell me about my own family. 

Liam's POV: "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU HARRY!"I yelled at him. "WHAT! I WAS ONLY PROTECTING HER!"He yelled. "BY LIEING TO HER?! TO ME!? YOU CAUSED ME TO HATE HER FOR 8 MONTHS STRAIGHT! I COULD OF HELPED YOU THROUGH THIS!"I screamed. He sighed and pushed me down. "WILL YOU FUCKING LISTEN TO ME!"He shouted. I got up and pushed him against the tree. "Talk."I spat. "Let me go!"He yelled. He squirmed his way out and threw me across the field in to a tree. "LIAM!" Shianne shouted. She ran over to me and made her way in to my arms. "I thought I said to stay in the meadow."I breathed. "You know I don't listen."She said. "Go. I don't need you to get hurt."I said to her. Harry walked over. Anger filling his eyes. He pushed Shianne out of the way and grabbed me by my shirt. "Don't fucking touch her again."I growled punching his face making him fall back. My shirt ripped off my chest. I didn't care. I ran over to her and checked her for bruises. "I'm fine."She said. No she wasn't I could smell her blood. I lifted her shirt from the back and a scrape got her back. "Go back to the meadow. NOW."I growled. She looked frightened at me, but understood I was pissed. So she ran away. "BOTH OF YOU STOP."I turned to see Cassie. Good now it was her time to hurt Harry. She came over to me and slapped me across the face. "What was that for!"I yelled. "FOR NEVER TELLING ME NIALL WAS MY BROTHER!"She screamed. "I HAD NO IDEA HE WAS YOUR BROTHER!"I was telling the truth. "Bull shit Liam. I'll deal with you later."She growled and turned to face Harry. "As for you. I'm fucking done with you."She said and left. What did Niall even tell her? Did she get the wrong idea? I sighed and ran back to the meadow. She just needed to calm down. Shianne was leaning up against a tree, picking flowers. She pulled the petals off the bud and just threw them. "Hey."She said. "Hi."I said sitting down next to her. "So how did it go?"She asked. "Not well."

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