Defender (Red Hero Collection #3)

(sequel to red hero, protector. this the 3rd book)
"Shianne I want you to Marry me." In order for Shianne to turned, Liam said she has to marry him. They've been with each other for over a year. "Maybe I should Marry him. I do love him with all my heart."
Lindsay isn't officially gone. She wants revenge on Cassie for killing Mason. She will get Shianne. Well that's what she wants at least. Something that's so close to Cassie and especially to Liam.
Will Liam let her get that close?
This is...Defender
"Love will take you places."-unknown.


7. Hugs,Kisses and a new friend

Shianne's POV: I woke up in Liam's arms wrapped around me tightly. His scent filled my nose, he must of been in here all night because this wasn't normal of him to stay like this. Was something wrong? Did Lindsay return? Did that Demon come around the area of the house? I slowly opened my eyes and the sun blurred my vision. Why wasn't the window covered by the curtain like how he usually had it? His grip loosened on me and movement was created on the bed. He must of gotten off. I sat up and was stunned at him taking off his shirt. "Um."I started. He turned and smiled. "Good morning." "Uh good morning."I could not keep my eyes off his body. Snap yourself out of it. I thought to myself. I blinked a few times before covering my face with the blanket. "What? Oh you little baby."Liam laughed removing the blanket from my face. I couldn't even stay on task of the strange surroundings without staring at his detailed chest. "Shianne?"Liam waved his hand in my face. Oh god I'm staring. "Put a shirt on please."I suggested. Liam smiled and put a new shirt on. I started to focus on what I wanted to ask him. "Anyway what's going on with you? The window wide open? You barely kept yourself away from me last night."I asked him. He looked down and shook his head. Obviously blocking out what I asked him. "Can we talk about this later?"He asked. "Why? I'm curious to know."I told him. He didn't answer but only came closer to me. "What are you doing?"I asked as he pressed his chest to mine, slowly walking me to the wall. I was pressed against the wall, his breath triggering goosebumps on my skin. He placed his lips against mine, tracing my bottom lip with his tongue. Oh my god. Was all I was thinking to myself. Repeating over and over again. Liam ran his hands up my shirt. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I couldn't do this. I pushed myself away and looked at him a little frightened. "I I'm sorry. I need to go."I whispered walking out his room. What the hell was I doing? I can't control myself. I raced out of that house and in to my car. 

I was spending so much time alone with myself at the beach just staring out at the ocean. I threw a few rocks in. The gloomy beach it was. It wasn't no beach you go to at Malibu, it's quite a dark,cold place. I just realized, Liam only did that to distract me from answering. Distracting himself as well. I stood up and started to walk around. I also realized, that tomorrow is graduation. And no one is going to be there for me. So what was the point of going? Damn you know what the point of going is for. Cassie's voice. Why was I thinking of what she'd say? I shook my head and just sat back down. I threw more rocks in to the water and drew pictures in the dirty wet sand. It looks more grey than tan. I stood up once again. This time because I heard a sound. I looked around and saw someone kicked rocks in. She had fair skin, dark brown hair and black eyes. "Was I bothering you?"She asked. "No."I shook my head. "My name's Alexis."She smiled putting her hand out for me to shake it. "My name's Shianne."I smiled. "Oh haven't I seen you around school before?"She asked. "Hemlock High?"I asked. She nodded. "Yes! I moved here in January."She smiled. "Oh cool."I said. "Yea I can't wait for the graduation party tomorrow."She told me. "Yea I'm not."I  sighed. "Why?"She asked. "I've got no family to cheer me."I said. "It's OK. I don't either. I just have my friend Mariah."She said. "Mariah Nameny?"I asked. "Yea. Her."She smiled. "She's like my best friend!"I exclaimed. "Cool!"She smiled. "ALEXIS COME ON WE HAVE TO GO."I could hear Mariah scream from way back. "HI MARIAH!"I screamed. "OH HI SHI. ALEXIS COME ON WE HAVE TO TRAIN YOU!"She yelled. Alexis looked back at me and said her goodbye before running away to Mariah. I wonder what Mariah is training her for. I decided not to worry about it. But at least Alexis and I had something in common. "Hey Shianne wanna come with?"I almost jumped out of my skin as Zayn spoke. I turned and looked at him. "You could of poked me or something."I said. "Just come on."He said walking away. I sighed and followed. 


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