Defender (Red Hero Collection #3)

(sequel to red hero, protector. this the 3rd book)
"Shianne I want you to Marry me." In order for Shianne to turned, Liam said she has to marry him. They've been with each other for over a year. "Maybe I should Marry him. I do love him with all my heart."
Lindsay isn't officially gone. She wants revenge on Cassie for killing Mason. She will get Shianne. Well that's what she wants at least. Something that's so close to Cassie and especially to Liam.
Will Liam let her get that close?
This is...Defender
"Love will take you places."-unknown.


18. Doing the Right Thing

Cassie's POV: You know how bad it hurts? When the one you plan on marrying deceives you and stabs you right in the chest it feels like? Well that's how it is with Harry. Liam I realized was telling me the truth so I have forgiven him. Like how he forgave me. Harry did mean everything to me. Was  it childish of me to let him go over something so long ago? I mean Liam and I are OK now. I'm a vampire and Harry was doing it for my protection. But he never told us about Cyberious. Now he has the same thing going on with Shianne and Liam. But Liam tells us things. Unlike Harry. Now I'm being bipolar aren't I? I rested my head in my hands and I felt like crying. This was all to much. I want him back but I don't want him back at the same time. There was a knock on my door and I looked up seeing Liam peek his way through the door. "Hey. How are  you feeling?"He asked. I sighed. "Not good."I said. He sat down next to me and pulled me into a hug. "You know I'm always here for you."He said. I smiled. It was nice to have Liam comfort me like this. I remember back when I was 15 and human. 


"Stosh! I hate you! I don't ever want to see you again!"I screamed and slammed the door in his face. Liam saw what happened as he watched me run to my room sobbing loudly. Stosh hurt me. I don't think i'll ever get over him. I through down my jacket as I took it off. I ran for my bed and cried in to my pillow. There was a knock at the door. "Go away."I sobbed. The door opened and I soon felt a hand rubbing my back. I looked up and saw Liam smiling at me. "Come here."He said opening his arms. I took his offer and cried in to his cold hard chest. "He was an ass anyway."Liam said. I chuckled and for once Liam made me feel better.


"You'll soon find who really loves you."Liam said to me. "You always know what to say."I smiled. "Hey Liam is it all right if I take Shianne to the movies?"Megan asked walking in. "Yea I don't mind."He said. She smiled and ran back out. "Liam I don't know. I love Harry. But again I want to hurt him."I sighed. "Do what's best for you."He smiled. I nodded and gave him a peck on the cheek before disappearing to find Harry. I think I know what's best to do.

Shianne's POV: The movie finished and Megan and I walked out of the cinema. It was a cool movie. I guess. We were just getting back to the car when a sharp pain came in both of my legs. I fell down to the ground hard making scrapes along each of my knees. What the hell was going on?

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