Defender (Red Hero Collection #3)

(sequel to red hero, protector. this the 3rd book)
"Shianne I want you to Marry me." In order for Shianne to turned, Liam said she has to marry him. They've been with each other for over a year. "Maybe I should Marry him. I do love him with all my heart."
Lindsay isn't officially gone. She wants revenge on Cassie for killing Mason. She will get Shianne. Well that's what she wants at least. Something that's so close to Cassie and especially to Liam.
Will Liam let her get that close?
This is...Defender
"Love will take you places."-unknown.


27. Defender

Shianne's POV: Liam wrapped gauze around my torso. The bleeding had stopped just these cuts weren't healed all the way. I looked up at Liam and he looked down at me. He didn't say anything, but just kissed my forehead. He helped me down from the stool and we walked back out to his room. I climbed up on to his bed. Liam took my legs and made them wrap around his waist. He looked down at me and kissed my lips. "Now that we have everything out of the way, no more demons, or Lindsay, on to other measures."He started. "You're going to have to start packing everything."He smiled running his hand down my arm and connecting his hand with mine. "Yea I know. I'm to lazy though."I stated. He chuckled and shook his head. "No worries. You know I'll help you.". I nodded. "I know you will.". Liam moved his hand to my neck and ran his fingers over the bite Phobos had given me. "What are you doing?"I asked watching his face. "Just thinking."He said. "About?"I asked. "Just memories that we've had in the past."He said. I moved his hand away from my neck. "Well don't worry about my scars. They're just reminders of the past. We need to look forward to the future."I said unwrapping my legs from his waist. He smiled. "Future Mrs.Payne."He said. I rolled my eyes and smiled. "Yea whatever you say. Mr.Payne."I said. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me down off the bed so I was standing up. "What should we do until the wedding?"He asked. I sighed. "Uhhhh, I don't know, maybe watch Cassie and Megan go through hell planning it?"I smiled. He laughed. "Yea I'll get the popcorn." "We still have people to tell though."He said. "Including my brothers, who would probably kill you, besides Luke he's to flamboyant."I remarked. "Why did you go to Australia anyway?"He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "I thought it'd be best. But I ended up not going."I lied. It wasn't much of his concern, more of mine. "You could of told me before I left."He smiled. "Well you were busy, I didn't feel like bothering you."I lied again. "Yea Mariah texted me."He said. "I'm sure she did."I said. 

Liam and I walked through the woods, to the meadow. We sat down and talked about why the sky was blue as usual. We always had different opinions. "I'm a horrible protector."Liam randomly blurted. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at him. "No your not. Aren't I still alive?"I asked. "Yea but look at all the times you got hurt."He sighed. "Liam your not a horrible protector to me. Being my protector is more than just protecting me from cuts and scrapes."I stated. "Oh yeah then what is it?"He asked. "You're also the reason I'm still alive. I'm sure I would of died by now if I hadn't met you. If we never fell in love, or never even made eye contact with each other, I'd be dead. Probably."I said. He smiled. "Oh you and your ideas.". I made a face. "Ideas? Liam it's the truth."I said. "I know it sounded better in my head."He said looking at the ground. He looked up and instantly got in front of me. "Liam I'm not going to hurt her. I came to warn you."I peeked around his shoulder. It was the bald guy who warned us about Phobos. "Shianne needs to be turned soon. Otherwise we have to kill her." Excuse me? "You I don't have the guts to change her Cyberious. I can't just change her."He said. "Well she is human. She knows to much. She either dies, or gets turned."He said. Liam sighed. "I'll turn her overtime. Just give me a year or so. Please."He said. Cyberious nodded. "Very well."Then disappeared. Liam turned back around. "Don't worry about him. Focus on the happy things."He said. I nodded. "Liam I have to be turned?"I asked. He nodded. "But I figure something out."He said. "Don't worry love, I'll defend you if he touches you."Liam added. "I know you will."-


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