falling for niall

Macy and Niall go to school together (before he is famous)
and they end up falling in love but what happened between Niall and his ex girlfriend? what ever happened between them may end up making them fall more in love or out of it.......


2. the note

Niall's pov

I cant believe that I just asked her if she wanted to sit by me. she looked me in the eyes before answering. god I love her big brown eyes. "sure I'll sit by you. Niall?"

I quickly nodded my head yes  " yeah okay" then I walked her to class.

when we got into the class room, she realized that she didn't have her science book. I looked at he wondering why she was so frustrated. "Macy, what's wrong?" I asked her. she looked at me and said that she couldn't find her science book. I looked at the board and I saw that we would be working with partners, so I looked back at her and said " we can just share mine." she looked at me confused before answering. "what are you talking about? " I pointed to the board and said that we could work with a partner.

Macys pov

I slid my desk next to Niall's, I saw him give a smile but I just ignored it.

 okay todays project  is to read chapter 4 and answer the questions. when you are doe then you  can come and get part 2 of you project. the teacher said.

when the teacher was done talking we began to read. what I learned is that Niall is a really fast reader. I felt so slow.


when Niall and I were done reading we went and got part @ of our project. what we had to do is build a scale model of all the bones in the body.

~ the bell rang and I went to my next class. after that class I was walking to my locker and when i got there I opened the door and a note fell out. I picked it up and read it.

to Macy, I know that this is short notice but I was wondering if you would like to go and watcha movie with me on Saturday ? -Niall 


Niall then walked up to his locker. "hey Macy did you get my note?"

"yes, and yeah I'll go see a movie with you."

"okay I'll pick you up at 8" Niall said with a wink. then he grabbed his stuff out of his locker.


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