falling for niall

Macy and Niall go to school together (before he is famous)
and they end up falling in love but what happened between Niall and his ex girlfriend? what ever happened between them may end up making them fall more in love or out of it.......


4. second hour

nail's pov

I asked Macy to go to a movie with me on Saturday and to my liking she said yes. now in no time she might go out with me and I will make sure she never cries again. I will always look out for her and I will always protect her. even though I don't have the best past I hope she wont get told about it unless it's me telling her, because things other people say about me isn't always true.

Macy's pov

"your going out with Niall Horan on Saturday?!?! asked Carly the girl with the locker to my right. "yeah why?"

"oh it's just that I can't believe that he is already going out." she said

"what's that supposed to mean?" I asked her.

"oh you don't know what happened between him and his last girlfriend?!"

"umm, no should I?"

that is when she closed her locker and just walked away from me like it was nothing.


the next day at school a girl walked up to me and started to cuss me out.

"hey what the heck was that for?!!" I screamed at the girl

"that's for stealing Niall away from me!"

"what?!? I haven't stolen him! he's a person not a bra from your favorite store." I said

"maybe not, but before you came along he was going to ask me out!!"

" well sorry.. I can't control what he does and doesn't do it was up to him not to ask you out and you have to deal with that I had nothing to do with it."

I slammed my locker shut and stormed off to my second hour.

all we did in that class was listen to the teacher cry about how she can't keep a boyfriend.

I can tell you why to but that would take to long so I just get on my phone during that hour and read books.


"hey.... hey you..... girl in the blue sweat shirt." a boy  I thinks name is Ryan was saying.

I turned around in my chair. "what do you want?"

"is it true that you are going out with Niall on Saturday?!"

"yeah now please leave me alone."

"well isn't someone sassy!" some boy with a green shirt and gray pants said.

I ignored them and went back to my book.




*authors note ~

I don't really know what to write about so if you have any ideas or if you would like me to use your name please comment what you think! kk loves ya xx

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