falling for niall

Macy and Niall go to school together (before he is famous)
and they end up falling in love but what happened between Niall and his ex girlfriend? what ever happened between them may end up making them fall more in love or out of it.......


1. maybe one day

Niall's p.o.v.

 all she ever does is cry, no one is there to pick her up when she falls down. what can she do to make the tears stop? does she need someone to go to when she feels all alone?

   I watch her from a distance, does she ever notice me? should I go and ask her what's wrong? I want to know so badly why she let's the tears fall from her beautiful brow eyes.

   one day I'm going to show her that she doesn't need to cry, not when I'm around all she needs to do is be herself when she is with me.

macy's p.o.v

I don't mean to cry I just can't help it. when I fall down I just get back up again. he always watches me from a distance. I think he is scared what people might think of him if he ever said a word to me. them might say that it's the only girlfriend he will ever get.

  I don't mind that he doesn't have perfect teeth and that he is short. none of that matters. I wish he would come talk to me so I can look into his beautiful blue eyes.

  maybe one day he will come and talk to me


as the school bell rang I knew it was time to start heading back to class.

its the third day of school and I'm the new girl that doesn't fit in.

people talk about me nonstop because of the whole crying think. but I'm trying hard not to cry in hope I'll make a friend or two.

Nialll's pov


it's her third day at the school. I have a few classes with her. but she doesn't notice me. I have my  next class with her. maybe she might sit next to me so I could get to know her.

macy's pov

my class right after lunch is science. t have this class with Niall. I learned his name from the past 2 days and the other classes I have with him.


I stopped by my locker to put my books from the morning up and get my afternoon books. the locker to my left is Niall's and the one on the right is some girl with the name Carly. just as I was getting my last book out there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned  around to see Niall standing there. "um hi." I said

"your name is Macy right?"  I nodded yes, but I still couldn't get it through my head that Niall was talking to me. "well um Macy I was um wondering if you wanted to sit by me in science. I mean you don't have to if you don't want to." Niall said.


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