nothings ever good.

ella and her daughter sophia have struggles with her previous boyfriend and the guy that had her child. read for more about ella and what bad and good things this band has caused. *this is my first one so no hate please thanks!!!*


9. chap 9

 "yeah me two" he got down and went to his car and drove off i looked to the ground and no tears fell i was so supprised i didnt see that coming maybe i didnt love him after all. i got down from the tree and walked to the door i could now feel the tears streaming down my face the door opened and liam was standing there with tonys stuff he looked at me and dropped it i took off running i didnt know where i was going but right now i didnt care i stopped at a field and saw tony with some girl he was kissing her talk about washing machine syndrome. i yelled his name the passed out. 

*next day*

i woke up to the sunshine i looked around and was in my room i had a huge headache i herd the door open i quickly shut my eyes and soon felt the bed sink i herd an i rish voice say "i still love you"i turned on my side so i was know facing the wall snd slowly opened my eyes Niall was walking out my phone started buzzing i grabbed it and saw a text from tony it said:



  hey can we talk

i replied with a simple 

to :tony 

from:ella                                                                                                                                                          sure...                                                                                                                                                             he sent me a message back saying that he still wanted to be with me and i sent him one back saying that i didnt want to be with him... and i dont think i will ever want to be with him.

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