nothings ever good.

ella and her daughter sophia have struggles with her previous boyfriend and the guy that had her child. read for more about ella and what bad and good things this band has caused. *this is my first one so no hate please thanks!!!*


8. chap 8

 i looked him in the eyes and said "yes tony i will go out with you" he smiled then went back to sleep i herd him say "he didnt deserve you" i said but "do i deserve you" he shot his head up and said "of course you do!'i smiled and fell asleep in his arms. i woke up to a knock at the door and my phone buzzing i picked my phone up and tony texted me i opened it while walking to the door it just said that he went to get some breakfast for us i opened the door and Niall and i guess his new girlfriend was standing there i looked at him and said "what do you want" he said "my stuff"inwalked to my room and threw all of his stuff in the hallway then into the livingroom at his feet he picked up a picture and i got a glimpse of it i saw sophia and me he smiled a little and looked back at me he ripped it then gave me the part that had my picture in it i took it and threw it away he got his stuff in his car then drove away with the witch following him. 

*2 years later*

today would be sophias 6th birthday if she hadnt passed we just decided to watch her favorite movie with liam and harry wich was marley and me we put it into the dvd player and there was a knock at the door i walked over thinking it was Liam and Harry that i havnt seen in two years but to my suprise it wasnt it was him and the witch i looked at him and said "what are you doing here" he said "i wanted to give you this it was what i was going to give soph but that happened" i nodded and took the small box and said "Niall can we talk?" he nodded and stepped inside i shut the door in the little witches face and we walked to my room and sat on the bed i started with "Niall whats wrong?" he said "i dont like/love her" i said "then brake it off Niall" he looked at me and said "can you?" i nodded my head and we walked out i herd people talking in the livingroom i walked in there and Liam and harry have finally arrived i smiled and gave them both hugs when i was done i walked to the door and opened it the slut was standing there pushing zayn up against the wall he just kept reapeating "im taken"she was about to kiss him when Niall walked out and said "wow..were so done"she looked at niall then ran away zayn walked over to us and said "thanks mate" then gave me a hug they walked inside and i just stood there frozen in place i walked over to this massive oak tree and climbed to as high as i could go i sat on a branch and looked at the sky i was so confused i love tony but i also might still love niall i have no idea of what to do. i herd the door open and saw tony walk out he looked to me and climbed to where i was he stopped and said "i have been thinking... and i think that we should brake up" i nodded and said "yeah me to"

*poor ella so confused. soo what do you think i have 33 views yayy i know thats not alot but hey maybe it could gain thanks lovelies*  

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