nothings ever good.

ella and her daughter sophia have struggles with her previous boyfriend and the guy that had her child. read for more about ella and what bad and good things this band has caused. *this is my first one so no hate please thanks!!!*


7. chap 7

i didnt want to fight but i needed to know i looked at him and said "and i want you to tell me the truth have you moved on" he looked at me and said "whats your problem" i  said "my problem is that you say you love me when you dont so just leave Niall and dont expect to come back" he looked at me and said "you were listening to our conversation" i said "Niall just go" he walked out harry walked into my room and i slapped him he looked at me and said "why did you do that?" i said "im done running to you and you always expecting for you to always be ready to be there im done harry" he walked out i herd the door open and my friend tony walked in i ran to him and hugged him we walked to the living room and he layed down on the couch i went to the kitchen  and got something to drink tony was asleep on the couch i went to the restroom then walked to the room and tony was in there asleep i turned off the light and walked to the couch guess thats my bed for tonight i layed down and fell asleep.


i woke up to someone picking me up. i looked up and saw tony he was crarrying me to my room i guess he layed me down on the bed then kissed me i looked at him and he looked at me and said "Ella will you go out with me?*

*so guys what do you think? should she say yes or no? positive feedback always looking for more ideas on the story thanks lovelies bye* 

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