nothings ever good.

ella and her daughter sophia have struggles with her previous boyfriend and the guy that had her child. read for more about ella and what bad and good things this band has caused. *this is my first one so no hate please thanks!!!*


4. chap 4

 after the funeral we went to nandos and ate i sat in the corner and watched all the happiness and sadness around me the boys were talking about the tour and the songs when my phone went off i checked the caller id and it was my old friend tony i answered the call and walked outside he was crying on the other line i could hear him say "ella im so sorry i wasnt there for you" i said "tony its ok im gonna be ok everythings gonna be ok" he said "im coming to london for a bout a month and im staying with you to make sure ok?" i said "yeah ok tony" then we said our goodbyes and ended the call i walked back inside nandos and sat next to harry and liam i looked down to my phone and pulled up a picture of sophia and i on the swings for her first birthday i smiled and felt some tears running down my cheeks just as they were running someone wiped them off and pulled me into a hug i could tell it was liam i huged back and smileed into his chest we got up after about an hour talking about the tour thats when i remembered that niall tony and harry didnt get along i stopped dead in the middle of my tracks and felt someone run into me causing them to fall i turned around to see niall being helped up by the boys he looked at me and said "sudden urge to stop?" i smiled and said "ok so my old very best friend is coming to stay with me for about a month and this friend disnt get along with the two of you" and i pointed to harry and niall harry looked at me and said "is she hot?" i laughed and said "he isnt gay harry so he wouldnt be intrested" he gave me a straight face and said "haha very funny who is he?" i looked at them and said "tony" he dropped his smerk and so did niall he looked at me and said "you wouldnt do that to us would you?" i looked at him and said "hes my best friend its not my fault niall did that to me and he was there and its not my fault you  left with your band so dont pull this crap on me" then i turned around and got in the car when we got home i walked to my room layed down and fell asleep.  

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