nothings ever good.

ella and her daughter sophia have struggles with her previous boyfriend and the guy that had her child. read for more about ella and what bad and good things this band has caused. *this is my first one so no hate please thanks!!!*


3. chap 3

when i saw the building crash i thought i was dreaming but i wasnt i got up and ran towards it but before i could get to it cops were pushing me back i shoved past them and ran inside what was left i got to the daycare and i didnt see anybody in there i herd crying i ran to it and the kids were standing there but the lady was laying on the ground i think she died i herd a crash i pushed all the kids out and got them to saftey but i didnt see sophia i jumped out of the building right when it crashed i knew she was dead i started yelling her name niall ran over to me and said "shh its going to be ok" i passed out and was lifted off of the ground.

*2 weeks  later*                                                                                                                                                  its been two weeks  since my little girl died today is her funeral and im not ready for it i mean who is ready for thier daughters funeral the mother is supposed to die before them not the other way around im getting dressed and ready im in sophias room putting away all of her stuff im packing a box of stuffed anmials to put in the ground with her i walked out of the room with the box and into the living room the boys have been staying with me for right know until i get over all of this stuff thats been going on I looked at all of their faces nobody wants to do this i grabbed my keys and was followed out of the house by the boys we got to the car and drove to the church when we got there there was people that i didnt know girls ran up to the boys asking for pictures i rolloed my eyes and took the box inside i was the only one inside i walked up to the casket and opened it i kissed her cheek snd fell to the floor crying i stood up and put the animals in the casket and sat down and waited for the funeral to start (skip the funeral cause im lazy haha)  

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