nothings ever good.

ella and her daughter sophia have struggles with her previous boyfriend and the guy that had her child. read for more about ella and what bad and good things this band has caused. *this is my first one so no hate please thanks!!!*


2. chap 2

nialls pov

i know who she is i just didnt think i would see her agian i was so stupid trying to use a stupid pick up lines but that one was the one that i used before and it worked but this time it didnt when she said that i was trying to pretend that i didnt know her when a beautiful little girl walked in she had blue eyes just like ella and blonde hair like me ella picked her up and just them too made my whole world turn i missed ella i really did but i couldnt go back after i did that to her when she left the room i was ready to punch myself after what i said i was so stupid what was wrong with me she walked back into the room and i said "Ella look im sorry i wasnt there but lets just do this and pretend we dont know each other?" she nodded when our manager walked into the room with the other booys but harry was missing probaly off flirting with some girl i looked back to Ella about to introduce her but she had some tears streaming down her face she grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down her number then gave it to me then walked out. The boys looked me and Liam said "Niall what did you do to the girl?" i just said "dont worry about it" and stood up and walked out.                                            Ellas p.o.v                                                                                                                                                          i cant believe what he just said to me! his friends walked in and i gave him my number and left with some tear tagging along i went to my office and called my brother Harry {phone convo h= harry m=me} h= hey ella bella m= hay hazza h= whats wrong ella m= nothing hazza but can you come to my studio h= yeah im here already funny huh m= kay meet me in the loby? h=yeah see you in a bit m= bye i hung up the phone and walked to the lobby when i got there harry was sitting on his phone as usual i decided to have some fun since im all down and stuff so i got my cell and texted him saying that im having an asthma attack and that im about to die i watched him jump up in his seat and then he saw me i blew him a kiss and preened to pass out it was quite funny he ran over to me and helped me get to my feet he huged me and said i missed you ella i laughed and said i missed you to hazza he let out a chuckle and we walked back to my office i sat down and so did he my phone started buzzing i picked it up and hit answer it was niall of course i quickly hit end and looked at harry he said somethings rong i nodded and said remeber the guy that humped and dumped me he nodded then i said well i never told you his name and its niall and know i have to be his girlfriend for his band and i dont want to he asked me to pretend like i dont know him but thats gonna be hard he nodded and said well we have a niall in our band and hes great hes trying to find his princess and  i think that you will love him he stood up and we walked out we got to the lobby and harry yelled Niall he turned around and just as i thought it was the niall i was talking about i looked at harry and said thats the niall that did all of this harry walked over to him and said "what the hell is wrong eith you" niall just looked at him harry was clenching his fist i knew what was about to happen i grabbed his arm and said "harry please stop" he turned around and walked to the daycare with me sophia saw him and yelled "uncle hatty" she couldnt say harry so thats what she said we put her in her stroller and i walked out of the building we walked down to the lake and sat on the dock sophia was asleep in the stroller when i herd someone walking up to us i turned to see niall he sat beside me and said "so how do you and harry know each other?" i looked at him and said "hes my brother" niall looked at me and said "Ella i was the worst person to leave you when you needed me the most i am so sorry can i have another chanche?" i looked at him and nodded my head he hugged me and i looked in the stroller and sophia was gone i saw harry running towards us screaming my name i looked behind him and saw what i never wanted to see fire then i loud crash...

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