The Assassin

This is the story of Nathaniel who has to travel the world in search of safety from the law who are searching for him. He has a dark gift that he learns to use as the book progresses. please read and let me know what you think.


2. Welcome





I woke slowly testing each part of my body bit by bit to find myself covered in a mass of blankets. I sat up to see that I was in a dark room with a candle on a table by my head. There were a series of footsteps before Matt and another man walked in and stood beside me.

“Welcome to Haven, this is a place of safety to any person who is pursued by danger or needs a place to stay.” The tall man said warmly

“My name’s Fin and I was one the head of the emperor’s armies before he betrayed me.”

“I’m sure you’ve met my second in command” he said pointing to Matt

“Now we have some problems to resolve before we can show you round”

“Now you see you are kind of a fugitive so I can’t let you leave but also you are what are now known as Assassin, the assassins of the Balkiran province in the Vandidian Mountains, part killer, part mage they are amongst the most feared people in the empire.”

“An assassin” I coughed the atmosphere going deadly still as though nothing dared move.

“Yes, I’m afraid so”

“How long was I asleep for?”

“Five days”

“What, five days”

“Yes you were completely exhausted.”

“Now let’s show you quickly round before supper” Matt quickly interrupted

We walked through the hall and into a small space where a dozen or so boys were preparing dinner;

“What’s for dinner tonight then mike?” Matt asked a small boy cutting some bread before spreading a thick layer of butter on it.

 “Roast beef and crusty bread rolls followed by homemade chicken and mushroom soup.” The boy said smiling before moving round to stir the soup.


We then walked back into the hall and up onto the roof where there were some animals being tended to, over the other side of the garden there was a vegetable patch next to some beehives and some fruit plantations.

“We make Jam, honey and grow our own vegetables. At breakfast in the morning we have fresh milk and toast that can have honey or jam and the best we sell on at the market.” He said pointing out different jobs.


“Right, let’s go back into the hall for supper” Fin said eventually


We walked into the hall and I picked up a bowl of soup and a plate of beef rolls.

I then walked into the dining room to find the once loud and noisy room deadly silent.

Twenty pairs of eyes stared at me with looks of curiosity on their faces.

Matt turned round and waved me over to sit with him and his friends, so I walked over and sat down.

“This is Carlos, Linus and Will,” he said introducing me to the boys sat round him.

They all nodded at me uneasily.

“It’s ok he won’t hurt you” matt quickly reassured.

I picked up the roll of beef and took a huge bite letting the juices dribble down my chin savoring the flavor. Once I had finished that I moved onto the steaming bowl of chicken and mushroom soup.

When Matt and I had both finished we stood up and took our plates over and submerging them in the foamy water in a pot in the corner before walking into the hall and through a wooden door.

“This is where we spend our free time” He said pushing it open

Inside there was a large group of people chatting and they all turned round.

“Right Listen up everyone, this is Nathaniel and he is new so look after him ok. He is traveling with team three tomorrow so some of you will see him.”

We walked back down the hall and back into the dark room where I had woken.

“Night” Matt said shutting the heavy wooden door.

I undressed before sliding into bed and instantly falling asleep.






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