18 years ago (Harry Styles)

"Hi, ummm I don't know how to say this, but..... I'm your daughter!" The girl said to me. Wait what, daughter, me?
"What?" I asked, extremely confused
"I'm your daughter. Do you remember my mum? April Phillips?" She asked. The name brought back a thousand memories. April, the girl I never moved on from, the girl who mysteriously left the week before our wedding. And now I know why.
"What's your name?" I asked. The girl smiled.
"Darcy Anne Phillips" The minute she said her name I knew it was true. I had a daughter!


4. Chapter 4

Harrys P.O.V


"How could you let get engaged. I mean come on April, how old is she?" I snarled. I was expecting her to reply 16 or 17.

"She's 18 Harry. It was her birthday yesterday" She replied softly.I felt a tear roll down my cheek.

"I missed my only daughters 18th birthday" I whispered and she nodded.

"I'm sorry I did this to you Harry. That's why I made you this" She handed me a camera. I scrolled through the pictures and they were all of darcy growing up.

"When you left me, did you know about her?" I asked softly. She looked sympathetically at the tears rolling down my cheeks. In all honesty I hadn't moved on. I was a wreck for at least a year. Surely she saw the headlines. There were enough of them. The newspapers all thought I had gone mad with grief. Well maybe I had. But i'm okay now, well not okay, i'm not over her. I could never love another woman. But I found my way of coping, started to become my normal self again. But when the boys were at home playing happy famiies I sat alone, staring at pictures, videos and anything that was about me and April.

"Harry I left you because of her, I wanted her to have a normal life, away from the fame. I knew  kid would get in the way of the band." She said softly. I kinda got what she meant. Darcy would hae never been normal living with me, butshe could have had such an amazing life. I mean think about Tony Payne and James Horan. They're about the same age as Darcy. In fact. Sophia was pregnant with Tony when April left..

"Why are they getting engaged so young?" I asked and April just laughed

"For starters, we were engaged at 18. And besides Tony's movingback in with Liam to go to Oxford University. Their engagement is their way of saying that they want to be together still, even if it is long distance" She replied. When Liam and Sophia split, Liam got custody of Tony and Sophia moved t the USA. Liam got back with Danielle. When Tony decided he wanted to go the college in New York, he moved in with Sophia. Now Tony was going to Oxford University and moving back to London, nearer Liam. Danielle and Liam have two more kids between them but Tony will always be Liams first born.

"Where's Darcy going to university?" I asked.

"She hasn't told me yet. She got her acceptance letter 3 days ago and she was going to tell me on her birthday." She replied. So that meant I would find out the same time as April. That made me so happy.

"How long are you here for then?" I asked.

"3 weeks" She replied. That was it. I had 3 weeks to win April back!


Aprils P.O.V


"So Darc, now you've found your dad, wanna tell me where you're going to Uni" I said. Darcy looked at Tony and  he smiled at her

"Well mum.... I got accepted into Oxford!" She replied, happily. Wait what! My baby girl's going to university in England.

"Darcy. Do you know how expensive that's going to be" I said. I didn't care about the money though, in all honesty I wanted my baby to  stay with me. Harry smiled

"Don't be silly April, i'll pay" He said, but Darcy just laughed.

"No Harry. You don't have to pay, I got a scholarship" She said.

"Oh my god Darc" I said giving her a massive hug. When I was hugging her I whispered.

"Darc, you're dad's upset he missed you growing up. If he tries to do anything father-daughtery with you, let him. It was my fault he missed you growing up. Not his" I said then pulled out. She nodded at me. She looked at Harry and he smiled.

"Well done Darcy" He said and she smiled at him

"Thanks dad. It means that I can see you more" She replied. Harrys eyes lit up when she called him dad.

"Um Darcy, would you like to go out tomorrow. Just me and you?" Harry asked and she smiled.

"I would love to dad" She replied.

"Great, well we'll go to London and we can stay in my house there" Harry said that and Darcy looked shocked. Her dad had two houses! Well actually he had more.

"Okay Darc. I'm going back with Niall tonight. You can stay with your dad and i'll see you tomorrow" I said and Darcy nodded.

"See ya April" Harry said and I nodded.

"It's been nice seeing you again Harry" I replied and then left. Tings were so awkward and it was my fault. I dad this to us. I followed Niall into his car.

"You okay?" He asked and I shook my head before bursting into tears.

"It was so hard seeing him again. I never thought I would have to. The look on his face whe he saw me" I said and Niall smiled at me weakly.

"You still love him don't you?" He asked. I could lie. Deny all feelings for Harry. But what would be the point. I nodded my head.

"You know he still loves you right. I mean April, you must have seen him in the news." Niall said and I nodded. I had, I just chose to ignore it, for Darcys sake



"Hey mum, look it's that guy from the band you like" My 13 year old daughter said. She held up a magazine and I read it.

'Harry Styles still not moving on? Harry Styles, once the teen heart throb, is believed to have still not moved on from ex-fiancé April. After the love of his life left him the week before their wedding, Harry has gone downhill. It makes us wonder. What happened to April. Is she out there reading this. If so I wonder if she's moved on, or like Harry, is she still hooked on the past?'

"What kind of person could do that. I mean a week before their wedding. That's harsh mum, don't ya think?" Darcy asked. I nodded and just hid my head in my hands. I had totally avoided the subject of knowing anything about the boys, especially Harry. But I couldn't help myself. I went on my phone and search them up. One by one. I searched Niall first. He used to be my best friend. I typed in his name and the first thing that came up was 'Niall Horan loses baby! I clicked on the link and read

'Niall Horan and wife Nixie are distraught after losing their what would be 4th child. Niall announced only weeks ago that Nixie was indeed pregnant again. However Niall took to twitter earlier saying R.I.P to his child. It would have been a boy called Robert Niall tweeted.'

I stared in shock. Niall and Nixie lost a kid. I could only imagine how upset he must be. I went on Nialls twitter and looked at his tweets. There it was at the top.

'@NiallOfficial: R.I.P to my second son Robert. We will miss you little guy and i'll never be able to teach you the guitar :( Loved and Missed, Daddy xxx

Of course the tweet had millions of retweets and favourites. I went onto Nialls pictures and saw a picture of him, Nixie and 3 kids.

'@NiallOfficial: Love my gorgeous kids. Maya, Keela and James #BestKidsEver.' I went off Nialls twitter and searched up Louis.

'Louis and Eleanor adopt another child' I clicked on this

'Louis and Eleanor Tomlinson have adopted another child. Not being satisfied with their own blood children, Leah and Sam, Elounor have also adopted 3 more. In the space of 2 years. Louis and Eleanor, when asked, said that what was the point of bringing more kids into the world when there are some kids without homes. The Elounor couple now have: Leah,6, Sam,4, Missie,2, Isabel,1, and the newest member. A boy Taylor who is only 2 months old. It makes you think. Will this couple ever stop caring.' I read this article and smiled. Louis might be a silly idiot at time, but when he wants to be he can be the most caring person in the world. I searched Liam.

'Payzer junior has a name!'

'Liam and Danielle have finally released the name of their first child together. Baby Payne, born 6 months ago, has finally got it's name released to the public. Payzer kept the name in the dark for so long, we thought she would never have one. But now its official. Baby Paynes name is..... Annabelle Eliza Payne. Liams son, Tony, with ex Sophia is probably glad to call his little sister her name in public now' Aww Liam and Dani had a kid. I always preferred Dani to Sophia and  was so chuffed when they got back together. I still talk to Sophia now, she lives in New York aswell. She's the only person who knows why I moved here. I searched Zayn

'Zayn Malik shows off new tattoo at One direction 15th anniversary concert'

'Zayn Malik was happily showing off his new tattoo of all his childrens names at the latest One Direction concert. The tattoo consists of the 4 names Jacob, Sadie, Rachel and Ben.'. I couldn't bring myself to search Harry, I just couldn't!

*end of flashback*


Maybe it wouldn't be so bad in England. But I as going back in 3 weeks. There was no way I could fall in love. I just wouldn't let myself!

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