18 years ago (Harry Styles)

"Hi, ummm I don't know how to say this, but..... I'm your daughter!" The girl said to me. Wait what, daughter, me?
"What?" I asked, extremely confused
"I'm your daughter. Do you remember my mum? April Phillips?" She asked. The name brought back a thousand memories. April, the girl I never moved on from, the girl who mysteriously left the week before our wedding. And now I know why.
"What's your name?" I asked. The girl smiled.
"Darcy Anne Phillips" The minute she said her name I knew it was true. I had a daughter!


2. Chapter 2

Aprils P.O.V


"Stay at mine tonight. Darcy will be fine, i'll come with you to Holmes Chapel tomorrow" Niall said

"Really Niall? Are you sure?" I asked and he nodded

"Nixie will be so happy to see you, you used to be best friends" He replied and I smiled, we did. We got into a taxi and Niall said his address. It was right round the corner from where me and Harry used to live. We got out the taxi and Niall unlocked the door of his house, it was massive!

"Nixie come here, there's someone I want you to meet" Niall called out. I heard footsteps. Soon Nixie appeared in front of me.

"Oh my god April" She exclaimed as she ran to hug me.

"Where the hell have you been?" She asked and I smiled

"Ummmm, maternity leave" I said with a slight smiled. She gasped just like Niall did.

"No way! Hold old is it and does Harry know?" She asked

"She's 18 today and not yet, that's why i'm here. She left earlier saying that she was coming to find Harry, but she doesn't know yet that Harry is her dad" I replied

"Aww well come sit down, we were just gonna have dinner. There's enough for you" She said and I nodded. Just as I was about to sit down my phone rang. Darcy.


A- Hey Darc

D- Why didn't you tell me that my dad was Harry Styles!

A- Im sorry Darc, I was gonna. Have you found him yet?

D- No i'm going tomorrow. I cant believe you mum


She then hung up the phone.

"What's wrong?" Niall asked and I sighed.

"She knows Harry's her dad. She got his address from somewhere and she's going to find him tomorrow. She's mad at me Ni" I said before bursting into tears. He pulled me into a hug, comforting me. After 18 years of protecting my daughter, I didn't want to lose her.


Darcys P.O.V


I got off the train at Holmes Chapel. I just had to find out who Harry was. I went into the town centre and saw a woman there. She looked about my mums age.

"Hi, do you know if a Harry lives here in Holmes Chapel. He used to date somebody called April Phillips" I asked and she looked surprised but nodded.

"Yes he's my brother. Why?" She asked. I took a deep breath

"I think i'm his daughter" I explained everything to her. About it being my 18th birthday and my mum and Niall talking on the plane. Apparently I looked like Harry so tat probably helped.

"Come to mine for the night Darcy. I'll take you to his tomorrow. And Darcy, there's something you should know" The lady said. Apparently her name was Gemma and she was my aunt.

"What's that?" I asked

"Your dad's not an ordinary guy. He's famous. His name's Harry Styles" She said. I knew that name. He was in the band One Direction. So all these years I had been listening to my dad sing! Wait, so that meant that Niall on the plane was the Niall Horan of One Direction. Oh my god. I phoned my mum.


A- Hey Darc

D- Why didn't you tell me that my dad was Harry Styles!

A- Im sorry Darc, I was gonna. Have you found him yet?

D- No i'm going tomorrow. I cant believe you mum


I hung up the phone and followed Gemma.

"So does my dad have any other children?" I asked Gemma and she shook her head

"No. He had a few relationships over the years but none of them lasted. He never got over your mum. She left him a week before their wedding" She replied. I love my mum to pieces, but that was heartless. A week before their wedding!

"So we're going to see him tomorrow?" I asked and she nodded. We got back to Gemmas and I met her kids, my cousins. She had a girl called Charlotte who was 19 and a boy called Jamie who was 16. They were both really nice. Charlotte was showing me round the house when I saw a photo. It was Gemma and a man. He had brown curly hair, like me, but shorter and bright green eyes, also like me.

"That's him isn't it, that's my dad" I said and Charlotte nodded

"There is no doubt that he is your dad. You look just like him" She replied and I smiled.

"You're an amazing cousin" I said and this time it was her that smiled

"You to" She replied as she lead me to the bedroom I would be sleeping in. She then left me to it. It was almost midnight and I had been travelling all day, I was exhausted. I got my pajamas out of my suitcase and settled into bed. Only a few more hours, a few more hours till I met my dad!

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