18 years ago (Harry Styles)

"Hi, ummm I don't know how to say this, but..... I'm your daughter!" The girl said to me. Wait what, daughter, me?
"What?" I asked, extremely confused
"I'm your daughter. Do you remember my mum? April Phillips?" She asked. The name brought back a thousand memories. April, the girl I never moved on from, the girl who mysteriously left the week before our wedding. And now I know why.
"What's your name?" I asked. The girl smiled.
"Darcy Anne Phillips" The minute she said her name I knew it was true. I had a daughter!


1. Chapter 1

Aprils P.O.V


"Happy birthday princess" I said, giving my daughter a hug. I couldn't believe it. 18 yearsold.

"Thanks mum" She replied.

"Right, I'm going to have a shower, then we'll go out and celebrate" I said and she nodded. I headed for the shower and spent a good half hour in there. Well I had to be clean.

I got out the shower

"Darc" I called, but there was no answer. I went downstairs and I couldn't see her anywhere. I went to the kitchen and found a note on the side


By the time you find this I will be gone! Sorry! But I want to find my dad and I know you will never tell me who he is. You said he lives in England so that's where I am going. I love you mum and i'm really sorry, but I have to do this. I love you mum and i'll call you when I land

Darcy xx


I stared at the note in shock. No. I've kept it from him for 18 years that he had a daughter. Now Darcy wanted to find him. I couldn't stop her. She had my determination. Damn, if only she was more laidback like him. She got his looks though, this meant she was absolutely gorgeous. I mean a female version of Harry Styles. I had to find her. I wasn't going to stop her finding him, I suppose it's time he found out. But I couldn't let my baby walk around London alone. I quickly called up my boss

"Hi Marie. It's April. Look long story but I need my holiday now. How long's that? Okay well it's a family emergency. Okay, i'll be back then" I hung up the phone. I had 3 weeks to find my daughter and her dad. This could be fun. I quickly got my laptop and searched flights. There was one to Gatwick at 3:30. It was now 12:00. I quickly bought a ticket and packed. Enough clothes for a couple of weeks. I locked up the house and left. Thank god we didn't have any pets. I sent Darcy a quick text when I got to the airport

To Darcy xx: Im coming to England. I'll help you find your dad xxx

There was no reply so I assume she was on the plane.

At 3:30 I sat on my seat on the plane. A man came and sat next to me.

"April!" He exclaimed. I looked at him

"Niall! What are you doing in New York?" I asked and he raised his eyebrows.

"Visiting friends, I could ask you the same question. Where have you been all these years, I missed ya" He said. Me and Niall were always close, he was like the big brother I never had.

"I've been living here for the last 19 years" I replied simply.

"Why did you leave?" He asked, I guess I have to tell him.

"You have to promise not to tell Harry. He'll find out soon enough" I said and Niall nodded.

"He missed ya. We all did. Why did you go?" He asked. I took a deep breath

"I was pregnant" I said and Niall gasped.

"What! Was it Harry's did you have it aborted?" Niall asked frantically. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Yes it was Harrys and no I didn't abort it" I said and he sighed with relief.

"Then where is it. Did you have it adopted or a miscarriage?" He asked, I swear he thinks the worst of me.

"No and no. Her names Darcy, Darcy Anne Phillips. It's her 18th birthday today and she's gone to England to find Harry. She left this morning and left me a note." I said and he smiled

"Do you have a picture of her?" He asked and I nodded. I took my camera out and showed him the one I took this morning. I called this the Harry camera. One day I had planned to meet up with Harry and give him this. It was all pictures of Darcy growing up and on special days. I guess that day was now. Niall smiled.

"She looks just like Harry." He replied.

"Where's he living now?" I asked and Niall looked worried.

"He hasn't actually spoken to me in 2 years. Last I knew he was living in Holmes Chapel again. He might have moved though" Niall said, well that was a start. I decided to change the subject.

"Do you have any kids Ni?" I asked and he smiled

"3" He replied with a smile

"Pictures?" I asked and he nodded. He pulled out his wallet and pulled out a picture.

"That's James, Maya and Keela" He said with a smile.

"I take it you're still with Nixie and how old are they all?" I asked

"Yeah i'm still with Nixie. And James is 17, Maya is 15 and Keela is 10" He smiled when he said this. We sat the rest of the flight talking about what we had done for the last 19 years.


Darcys P.O.V



I heard my mum speak to some man called Niall. She didn't know I was on the same flight as her. I was sitting behind her wearing a beanie and sunglasses, pretending to read a magazine. I felt like a celebrity or something.

"She looks just like Harry" The man called Niall said. So my dad was called Harry. Presumably my dad and Niall were friends.

"Where's he living now?" My mum asked. I listened closely, this could help me.

"He hasn't actually spoke to me in 2 years. Last I know he was living in Holmes Chapel. He might have moved though" Niall said. So I had to look for a Harry in Holmes Chapel. They carried on talking about random stuff for the rest of the flight. Harry wasn't mentioned again. The minute my plane landed I left, I couldn't risk mum spotting me. The minute I got out of the airport my phone rang. Talk about timing.


D-  Hey mum

A- Darcy where are you?

D- England, i'm going to find my dad.

A- Let me help you

D- No I want to do this alone. I'll call you when I find a place to stay for the night.


I hung up the phone and wandered around until I found the train station. I found out that Holmes Chapel was a couple of hours away. Good thing I had my ipod. It has loads of songs from like 20 years ago on it. They were my mums CD's. I sat down and let my music play. The first song was called What makes you beautiful. It was by some band called One Direction. It was quite a catchy song and I can see why my mum liked it. I sat relaxed on the train. Holmes Chapel, and more importantly my dad, here I come!

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