When Dreams Become Reality

Tori's dream had always been to meet one direction... but with her dad loosing his job and her mom having to work 3 different jobs, its kind of hard for her dream to become a reality. Until her mom and dad decide that they can no longer take care of her and her brother so they are put up for adoption. What happens when a women named Karren Payne adopts her? Will her dream come true? Will she ever see her brother again?


1. Worries

I got home from school... to see my dad drinking on the couch. Ever since he lost his job a month ago he has drowned his worries of how he is going to pay the bills and were our next meal will come from. I walked over to him and took the beer bottle from him.

"Give me that back Tori" my dad shouts as I walk out of the room with it my hand and throw it in the trash with the rest of the beers he had downed while I was at school.

I walked back into the living room and hand him a newspaper with help wanted jobs printed on the front. "I'll give you the bottle back when you start looking for a job! Mom is never home already because she had to take on ANOTHER job, because your to lazy to get your butt of the couch and find a job!!!!"

I had just finished my rant when I heard the door open and mom walked through the door tiredly. I ran over there to her and gave her a huge hug as she dropped her purse and about passed out in my arms.

I guided my mom over to the table and set her down in the chair. My younger brother must have heard the door open as well because he came running down the stairs yelling "Mommy!'

He ran over and tackled mom in a hug. I laughed at his excitement. "Okay Okay don't kill mom" I  say as I pull my younger brother, Trevor, off my mom with him laughing.

"Mom I'm hungry" my little brother says.

"I know you are sweetie" she says a little hint of sadness in her voice.

I knew what she was worried about because I worried about it also.....

I told my brother to go play with his toys as I turned to talk to mom  "so what are we planning on feeding him tonight?"

my mom scratched her head and sighed before saying "I really don't know Tori. we ate all the peanut butter yesterday."

I walked over to the cabinets and opened them, nothing. That's all I ever find in them, some days I think I'm going to open them and see spider webs in them.

I opened up the last cabinet and finally found what I was looking for, a small amount of jam left in its glass jar. I opened it up and got the last slice of bread from the loaf. I spread the jam over the bread and folded it over. I put it on a napkin and took it to my brother. 

He jumped up and down to see the sandwich and happily ate it. I smiled at his excitement and went upstairs to take a shower.

When I got out I went to my room and layed down. my stomach groweled hungrily but I had nothing to eat so I had to wait till I got to school tomorrow to eat breakfast there. I closed my eyes thinking of how great it would be to not have a worry in the world. not one of hunger or money. To not have the worries like a famous person. I'd love it if the only wory I had was to hide from the paps. I also thought of idols, one direction,  oh how I'd love to meet them, but with the little money I have that dream looks like it would never come true.


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