When Dreams Become Reality

Tori's dream had always been to meet one direction... but with her dad loosing his job and her mom having to work 3 different jobs, its kind of hard for her dream to become a reality. Until her mom and dad decide that they can no longer take care of her and her brother so they are put up for adoption. What happens when a women named Karren Payne adopts her? Will her dream come true? Will she ever see her brother again?


3. New Life?

I met with my best friend, Savannah, right outside our first period.

"Heyyyy Girlllllll!!!"

"Hey Ugly!" I said and we both laughed.

"What's new?"

"Oh you know same old same old." I said with a smile. "What about you?"


"Wellllll.... What?"

"Tori.... I'm moving to Wolverhampton." I jus stood there shocked. "Today is my last day to attend this school." She gave me a small smile and hugged me before walking into our first period.

I stood outside the door as kids walked past me to the classroom. The bell rang and collapsed to the floor wondering could my life seriously get any worse....

To avoid seeing Savannah again, scared that if I saw her I was going to burst into tears, I left school early going over to the middle school to get my brother before heading home early.

We walked down the street silently until we started to approach the house. We walked around the corner that would reveal the house to us and outside the house were cop cars with there flashing lights and sirens on full blast.

We approached the house cautiously until an officer came to us and asked who we were.

"I'm Tori and this is Trevor" I said pointing to my younger brother. "We live here, what's going on?"

"The school called us and explained that your parents can no longer take care of you and that you both come to school nearly starved."

"So?" I said wanting to know why they are here.

"So we were told to come take you both into the custody of the state to be sent to foster homes."

My mouth hung open at the thought, I can't believe it.... We both might actually get to start a new life?....

The thought was gone just as fast as it came when I saw my mother being dragged out of the house on a stretcher, unconscious. Maybe I was wrong when I said things couldn't get any worse...

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