My name is Shadow

Shadows the name and hiding is the game... I knoe ii dont have time left so let me tell you my story... And of how my family drove me to this


2. Daddy

"Sir I'm sorry but there's nothing we can do its too late." Doctor Ranji Vakashiki explained. Poor Daddy had been chasing him around whilst he went here and there carrying a clipboard. "Abort her!" Dad yells getting more anxious by the minute. Then he smacked himself in shock at what he had just said. "God forgive me." He whispered. The Doctor gave hin a concerned look. "Listen Mr Hypocrite-" "It's Hypocrithe." "Mr Hypocrithe. It's too late. She cannot be aborted. Your wife is in labour-" Dad interrupted again. "I didnt mean what I said about the abortion." He smiled uneasily. "Just the nerves." The doctor led Dad to the room where i was being born. Now i could sit here and tell you that it didnt hurt to know my Dad would've considered abortion. Cuz if i did, that would be total bull. Course it hurt. It stung like hell. And the fact he tells me this whenever he feels angry at me (which to be honest is most of the time) kinda hurts. I always have this nagging feeling that Dad was lying because how can you detect skin colour? "Its quite rare actually." The doctor said in his authentic indian accent. He stared at me, clearly marvelled by my gorgeous coco skin and my vibrant blue eyes. I usually just wear brown contacts... Which really annoys my black friends who would kill for eyes like mine. They dont get it though. I was born with dark skin, blue eyes and honey blonde hair. Not what i like to call normal. But thats all i ever want. To feel normal. "What should we call her?" My mother asked, sniffing back tears. She always told me it was tears of joy but her attitude towards me told me otherwise. "Shadow." My Dad replied bitterly. When it comes to how much he resents me, hes not the best at hiding it. "Shadow. We cant possibly-" My mom argued. "We'll have to think of a name later." She said, stroking my hair. "We'll call her shadow for now then." Dad snapped. Mom still didnt like the idea. "What will Mary Anne Jones think?" She asks. Of course. Who would want her rich white friends to find out her childs nane was shadow. "Oh you and your mates" Dad mumbled. Mom finally gave in. "Fine we'll call her Shadow." She sighed as Dad began to smule. Not a happy smile but more satisfied or proud. "Ah- just for now." She added. And here we are 22 years later. Guess they forgot to change it. How do i actually know all this? Easy. Her journal. I cried and cried all night long at the hospital. "I've tried everything. Even a lullabye." She cried. "Did you try ba ba black sheep?" Dad asked with a smile on his face. 7 months later Mom had filed in the divorce papers. That was when Dad really resented me. The last time i saw him before he left was when he snuck into my room and angrily whispered, "7months old and you already wrecked our family. You're a little ugly thing aint cha? You did this. So ba ba black sheep." Then he marched out. Surprise i remember that for saying my age. Because when Mom wanted to take Dad back, i remembered what he'd said. "You're an ugly little baby." I whispered. " So ba ba black sheep." Dad had a look of shock and fear at the same time. "You couldnt possibly-" He began before Mom interrupted. "What is this about Richard?" She gave him a stern look. And so they remained divorced.
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