My name is Shadow

Shadows the name and hiding is the game... I knoe ii dont have time left so let me tell you my story... And of how my family drove me to this


3. Christi

Christi and i never got along. She was your typical prissy bleach blonde barbie doll with bright pink lipstick and long golden hair. Just your genuine rapunzel. "Christi." Mrs AJ said. "Would you like to show Shadow around?" She grimaced at the word shadow. As if she was too scared to say it. Stupid really. How could i possibly be offended by my own name. Well.. I am a little bit. Christi made a face but quickly covered it up with a pearly smile. "Sure come on shadow lets go!" She grabbed my arm and smiled all the way down the hall. When we were out of sight and earshot, she dropped that smile faster than last years shoes. "Okay listen. Keep away from me. A long way away from my friends and dont embarrass me!" She hissed. "Yes.. We already had that conversation at home." I rolled my eyes and she glared at me. "I will make your life a misery honey okay?!" She warned. "Dont frown baby girl. Or that vain in your forehead will pop faster than that zit on your chin. Ah ha!" I tapped her cheek and walked off triumphantly. A boy that had been listening in was laughing. Christi glared at him and then walked into class. "Thank you for bothering to show up Miss Hypocrite-" Christi put her hand up swiftly and stopped Mrs Cadaly. "Its hypocrithe!" She said harshly. "Sorry. Hypocrithe." Mrs Cadaly mumbled. "Nearly a year in this class and you still cant remember my name!" Christi yelled. "Listen young lady its just a last name. I know your first alright?" The teacher snapped. Christi was about to say something but i interrupted her. "Oh shut up and sit down you brat!" I yelled. Everyone was taken aback. They hadnt even noticed my presence in the room. "Err you cant talk to her like that." A girl said. She was a pratt and she dressed like a prostitute. She had red hair and red lipstick. "Yes i can my little red riding whore- I mean hood." I said as everyone began to giggle. "Now pull your skirt down, close your legs and sit." I carried on watchin the classes reaction. "Go back to africa you ugly black bi-" "That is quite enough from you! Both of you!" The teacher yelled. "Heads office! Now!"I gave her a dirty look and flashed a fake smile before walking out. All the time Christi had just stood there trying not to laugh. I walked with the redhead giving her dirty looks. "What?!" She finally asked me. "Is your name Catrina?" I asked. She replied "Yeah.. So what?" Then rolled her eyes. I smiled and said "Nothing." Before walkin into the heads office. "So why are you here?" The head asked in a tone that suggested she already knew. This is where i set the record straight. It was make or break. Deciding whether i was gonna be the good girl or the rebel. Well I'd already been sent to the head within the first 5mins so I'd decided with rebel. Even though i'd promised Mom i wouldnt. "What do you mean what am i doing here, i know you know so lets just skip the bullshit alright?" I said rolling my eyes. Thats when the whole place pretty much exploded and i walked out. Right out. Out the school. I thought 'God what have i done?' "Oy were you going?" The redhead asked, coming out the door. "Whats it to you?" I spat. "Well i now have to play the role of your tour guide so.... " She replied, coming towards me. "Well then i'm doing us both a favour." I said turning around sharply. She grabbed my arm and twirled me round to face her. She crossed her arms casually. "Well you're going the wrong way because they have security guards there there and there." She said pointing out the places. I was defeated. "Okay then. So where would my trusty tour guide recommend?" I asked. She stood giving me a dirty look and then sighed, "Urgh fine lets go." I smiled and said "This is the start of a beautiful friendship." Although i was being sarcastic... It was the start of our friendship. We've been friends ever since. Though it wasnt til the second day that we actually became proper friends ... "So thats what she said last night?" "Yeah." I nodded. "Wait how do you even know all this?" The redhead asked me. Yes it was the second day and i didnt know her name. Maybe she'd told me but i just didnt remember. "By the way whats your name?" I asked. She laughed and said "Catrina but all my friends call me Cat." I nodded. "Yeah i remember now i think she said your name." I told Cat. "So you're certain she was talkin about me?" Cat asked. "Wait how are you two even sisters?" I knew that question had to come sometime. "Ladies this is detention not a social affair." Mrs Chaffo said before getting back to reading her book. "Shes white and your-" Cat stopped as Mrs Chaffo shot us a warning look. "And your-"... "Catrina Moore!" Mrs Chaffo yelled. "Oh put a sock in it old woman!" I yelled at her. "Yeah." Cat said. "Were already in detention." Mrs Chaffo got up and left. "So anyways..." Cat said. "Oh right i dunnoe its just a strange genetic thing i guess haha. My whole entire family hates me tho." I told her. Why i was practically spilling my heart out that day i shall never know. "Well i like you." She told me. I smiled. "Lol but Christi doesnt." I said. "Well shes a bitch anyways.So your positive she said my hair was manky and greasy?" Cat asked. "Yes I'm sure." I told her for the seventeeth time that day. "She said exactly 'should she really be dying her hair red after that manky purple?' and then she said some more stuff." I explained to her. "Maybe it was someone else." She said refusing to believe thaf my sister was talking shit about her behind her back. "Well.. When did you die your hair?" I asked. "A few days back." I nodded my head. "And what colour was it before?" I asked. "Purple." I nodded again. "Well there you go then." It was a total lie. I feel bad now because Chrisri had hated me ever since for stealing her friends. And thats really where the problems began.
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