Land of fire and ice

The princesses of Almaniona are on the run through Iceland, helped only by their freind and compaion Katarina. But Katarina harbours a deep secret, her betrothal to the son of the man pursuing them, But can the romance flourish or is Katarina doomed to live alone forever...?


1. Running Wild

Three girls riding through the Icelandic landscape. One, barefoot and golden haired, calls behind her to the two riders behind her. They all wear masks and ball gowns as though they have just left a masked ball. These are the princesses, Daniella and Arabella with their friend and bodyguard Katarina. Katarina led the way on a palomino mare, whose golden brown coat matched Katarina's own flawless skin. The mare's mane and tail were the colour of snow. They were blowing freely in the wind like she was flying. Katarina was sat astride on the chestnut saddle looking comfortable despite the billowing black crepe skirt of her dress. The leather pack on the mare's back was filled with food, money, clothes and some weapons. There was also a small roll of letters sealed with a red ribbon tied in bow buried among a bundle of clothes. Katarina was dressed in a black crepe dress, the neckline coming down to her shoulders fastened by a strip of fabric which was secured in the center by an onyx gem. The sleeves of her dress covered most of her hands, cut in the medieval  asymmetrical style. The dress cinched in at the waist before billowing out into a floor length skirt. Her feet were bare, a gold anklet fastened around her left ankle with a gold chain attaching it to an onyx ring around her large toe. Around her neck was a gold filigree necklace, the pendant an onyx butterfly. Katarina's face was partially covered by a simple black mask, her red lips obvious below it. Her eyes were framed with thick luxurious lashes, her eyes a stormy grey. Katarina's hair was a pale gold colour, curled in perfect ringlets. A few strands were fastened at the back with a gold bobby pin topped with an onyx butterfly. In her hands she held an elegant black bow, a quiver slung over her shoulder held her black and gold feathered arrows. She was striking, beautiful and dressed elegantly but simply. Following her were the two princesses of Cezocholingal, the mythical island off the coast of Italy. The first princess was Arabella di Giro, the younger sister of Daniella di Giro, the crown princess of Cezochingal. Arabella's raven hair was pulled back into an updo which was framed by her gold mask with peacock feather's attached. Her lips were a bright pink and her eyelashes were smoky with a small amount of glitter on the ends. Her strapless green dress hugged her figure until it came to her knees were it flared out into peacock feather material. Her gold bangles were crashing against the side of her black stallion. Her gold heels got caught on her green shawl but the shawl flew back out of reach. "Leave it" Arabella Daniella say. Daniella had a stony look on her face, Her bottom lip quivering slightly. Her chestnut hair was loose around her shoulders, brushing the neckline of her red velvet dress. She wore no jewelry instead having a waistband filled with pearls, rubies and diamonds. Her white stallion was pounding the earth  and she rose and fell with him.her silver flats were curled where she was clutching her horse.

The green shawl floated and flapped before getting trapped under a rock. A few days later  the man found it. He smelt it and then urged on his horse, to take the princess to her doom

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