Land of fire and ice

The princesses of Almaniona are on the run through Iceland, helped only by their freind and compaion Katarina. But Katarina harbours a deep secret, her betrothal to the son of the man pursuing them, But can the romance flourish or is Katarina doomed to live alone forever...?


2. Escape

"I want them found!" Elizel yelled at the entire court room, I shuddered and backed out of the room. As soon as I was clear of the area I turned and ran towards the stables. I run into Billy's stall and pull out the paper I have stashed there, the stall is empty since Katarina took our horses so that she could help the princesses escape. Elizel is looking for you, he's sent the whole army out, be careful my love A I sealed up the letter and gave a low whistle. A small girl leaps down from the beams I hand her the letter and she runs out, keeping in the shadows jumping like a monkey does from tree to tree

* * * *

I kiss Alice softly on the head and take the letter, "I'll see you soon" I whisper as I hand her my letter to Arthur. My sister smiles and runs off towards the city. "Arabella?" I look behind the rock where she went to change, "We're going to have to leave in a minute" She steps out from behind the rock her eyes red from crying, her dark hair falls in front of her eyes and the cuff to her cream shirt was soaked with tears. I walk over to her and give her a quick hug before stepping behind her and start to plait her hair. With her hair out the way I smile at her "You'll be back home soon" she smiles back at me and nods. I walk over to the small fire that we were cooking our meals on and put it out, I then scattered the embers and remains so that the soldiers couldn't find any trace of us. I packed everything up and then tied the packs to the horses. I hug Billy and inhale his scent, the scent which carried on Arthur no matter how many times he washed. I smile and a tear escapes involuntarily. I start to laugh and wipe my eye, I pull the letter out from my sleeve and go to add it to the bundle tucked into the bottom of Amelia's saddle bag. "Arabella? Daniella?" They both run over. Daniella is carrying six water gourds which she had just filled from the river near our camping site. They both looked slightly disheveled in their khaki shirts and loose brown trousers, without the hours to get ready, the gorgeous gowns and the custom makeup they looked less like princesses and more like stable hands. I smiled at them, "Time to go"

* * * *

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