'You're hands, they're glowing,"
"I know Harry, so are yours,"
"Because we're different. Were special. We are protectors to the human race,"


7. Chapter 6: Training

Chapter 6: training   Harry's pov day 2 of training with Jackie and Zoë. Today is weapon training. We're heading to where they train, deep in the woods somewhere. They brought their entire weaponry. Which is so big it looks like they've been stocking up for years upon years. They have at least 5 bows, 30 arrows, 5 quivers, 7 swords, 10 daggers, and somewhere around 20 throwing knives. they're going to make me try all of those things out. What ever i can do i will train for the rest of the time doing. we've been in Zoë's sweet black charger for the past hour. "Where are we going again?" i asked "For the fifth time in the past hour, were going to our training facility in Criggly park" tracked Zoë said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "You guys have training facilities? Why doesn't anybody know about them?" "Because, they're inside a building that looks like an abandon barn," she said pulling off the highway to a gravel road. "I'd consider holding on tight, it's quite bumpy," I braced myself for the bumps, but not soon enough. By the time she was done talking, I'd already hit my head on the window and ceiling multiple times. "Ouch," I whispered. Rubbing my head where I hit it. "We're here," Zoë said stoppng the car and grabbing her bag. She went around the car and opened the trunk, grabbing another bag, full of weapons. Wonder what's in her bag... "Hey, curly, coming or not?" Zoë yelled walking away. I got out of the car and jogged to catch up with her and Jackie. "So what are we starting with?" "Weapon care and how to use your weapon properly," she said setting her bags down, creating a puff of dust to fly up. "What's first, your pick," Zoë said, unzipping the bag full of weapons," "How about... Dagger," I said. "Jackie this one's all yours," she said stepping back from the bag. "Ok, now using a dagger requires strength and precision. If you swing the wrong place, you could be attacked and injured. My rule for fighting demons with daggers is always aim for the neck or abdomen, whichever is more open to a swing. Let's see you attack the manikin," she said handing me a dagger and pointing to the manikin Zoë just rolled out. "Do what your gut tells you to, you were made to fight," I nodded and preped myself. I went running at the manikin and swing at the abdomen, leaving a gash, but getting the knife stuck in it. "Well that didn't work, you aren't skilled with a dagger, next," Jackie said, walking over and pulling the dagger out of the manikin. "Sword?" "Sword takes strength... That's pretty much it. Swing almost anywhere," Zoë said handing me a silver sword with a jewel-crested hilt. "Take a swing," I picked up the sword and swung, but it hit low at the manakin, they weren't joking when they said it took strength, that thing is heavy. "Ok, not sword for sure, now archery or knives, they both share one of their skills, aim. With archery you have to have a fast eye, aim, and concentration. With throwing knives you have to have aim and strength,"  


hai guys its hannah i thought that this chapter was put up on friday but it movellas rejected it for some reason so here i am just now publishing it. also, im getting behind on the story so if there isnt much of a reaction im going to start posting every other week to keep up. thanks guysesesesessss hannahhhhhhh :3

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