'You're hands, they're glowing,"
"I know Harry, so are yours,"
"Because we're different. Were special. We are protectors to the human race,"


6. Chapter 5: Deep Thinking

Chapter 5: Deep Thinking

Harry's pov
I hopped in the car and just sat, thinking.
How am I going to perform with leather gloves on? Won't the guys find that weird? Won't the fans find that weird? I looked down at the necklace she gave me to help with the whole "not glowing thing". And the necklace. I have to keep them both on or people will find out about us. Who are the other 5 warriors? Why does it take so much energy to cast a shield? And when I was casting my shield, I tried multiple people, my mother, Gemma, and all the boys. None of them worked. Then I tried Zoë, why did she take the form of my shield? I've known her for like 3 hours. I mean she's an amazing girl but.... It's probably because of how she took me in tonight. If she wouldn't of been there I would've never known. The boys would have seen me and... I wouldn't have had a clue.



okay don't yell at me because it's short. I had show choir on Saturday, the biggest swim meet of the year on Sunday, and a science fair project due so.... It's gonna be shorter than usual but I'm going to update a long chapter Friday and yeah.....

anyway, same question from last chapter. Ask me anything in the comments below and i love you all.


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