'You're hands, they're glowing,"
"I know Harry, so are yours,"
"Because we're different. Were special. We are protectors to the human race,"


5. Chapter 4: Mental Shield

Chapter 4: mental shield

Zoë's pov
We arrived at my flat a half hour of complete silence later. I stopped the glow and got out of the car with Harry. I went up to the door and unlocked it for Harry, Jackie, and I. I shut the door, curtains and everything else that showed outside and I let down the shield again. I joined Jackie on the couch and patted the seat next to me for Harry to sit down on. "Now you can't stay here all night, you need to get home to your friends at some point so we're going to teach you how to contain the glow without a mental shield in a very fast manner. Because you're a newby, I'm going to let you hold on the the necklace for a while, so you don't go full glow on your friends. You will come here every day from 3:00-4:30 lessons on control. But you do need gloves to hid the glow. When you do contain the glow, you can only contain it to your palms which means you need to wear gloves at all times. It seems annoying but you get used to it after a while. I have a pear of gloves that will fit you for emergencies in my room I'll be right back. I went to my room and grabbed the gloves. As I sat back down I said, "it's handy to have more that one pair at a time. I'd go and buy more of them ASAP. The only kind of gloves that work are thick knit or leather. Leather works best. He slipped the gloves on and adjusted them.
"Now to the fun part," I said, "we train you, it's quite easy actually, just tiring. Take off the pendant I gave you and think of something or someone that makes you happy, something or someone that can keep you from glowing. Something or something that means the world to you. For me it's my mother,"
He handed me the pendant and put a thinking face on. "Ok, I've got it,"
"Good, now imagine whoever or whatever shielding or protecting you,"
He closed his eyes and relaxed. He slowly started to fade, until the only things flowing were his hands that were still covered by gloves. "Good, now hold the shield for the countdown, then release. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, release the shield," he opened his eyes andstarted glowing again. "Good, now I expect you're tired so we'll let you go. I expect to see you tomorrow Harry, we have a lot to work on, goodnight,"
"Goodnight love, thanks," he said and walked out the door to his car.


hey guys it's hannah

insont know if this is cheesy but here's this chapter. It's kinda short but the next one is way shorter and I'm kinda getting backed up so you guys might have to wait a bit longer for updates. I'm updating today becuase I have a swim meet and bday party tomorrow and Sunday I have show band rehearsals and the super Bowl is on so..... I updated early.

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