'You're hands, they're glowing,"
"I know Harry, so are yours,"
"Because we're different. Were special. We are protectors to the human race,"


4. Chapter 3: Tinted Windows

Chapter 3: Tinted windows

Zoë's pov
"I'm going crazy..." He said talking to himself.
"No, green-eyes, you're not. Want proof?" He nodded. I took off my glove and he saw my palm glowing. It slowly spread until my full body was glowing. His eyes got big and he nooded like he now believed. I concentrated and got the glow to retract to my hand again and put on my glove. "Also, we are natural fighters, so no worries" He nodded again, but he slowly started to glow, unable to stop it yet. I quick took off my necklace and gave it to him. "Put it on, it'll stop the glowing until you learn to control it. I will teach you, starting tonight," He put on the necklace and stopped glowing immediately. "Don't you need it?" He asked. I shook my head. "Not entirely. I've learned to control it without the necklace over the past year, but it does take quite a bit of effort. I won't be able to hold it forever, maybe an hour or so. Let's hurry, tell your friends that you aren't feeling well. I'm going to get Jackie and were gonna go to my place." He nodded mad we stood up. "I'm Harry by the way, Harry Styles." He said holding out his still glowing hand. I took it as I said "The name's Zoë, but you already know that. I'll tell you more when we get to my place. Keep your hands in your pockets,"I said as we walked back to the restaurant. "You first," he said. I opened the door and walked to Jackie. "We need to leave, like now. Green-eyes over there just turned 18, and he's one of us. I gave him my necklace for the time being but I'm getting weaker and won't be able to hold off much longer," 
"Ok, I already paid, seemed like the right time," she said. Amen. We met Harry outside the restaurant. He was leaning against the wall wiating for us. "Jackie, Harry. Harry, Jackie." I said motioning to them as I talked. "Jackie, take my car, Harry were going in yours, I need to show you where to go. I said tossing Jackie the keys to my car. She nooded and we parted ways. We got to his car and i got in and said, "Are these windows tinted?" He said, "Yeah, completely. Nobody can see in, why?" 
"Because I can't hold off the glow for much longer, it's draining my energy more than I thought it would."
"It's fine, don't waste energy, nobody can see in,"
"Are you sure?" I said, letting down my mental shield. He nodded, keeping his eyes on the road. "Just keep following the black car. That's Jackie, she knows where to go,"



i apologize if this Is a bit cheesy, I wrote this a month or so back so I'm a bit ahead. Anyway leave a comment telling me how I did, favorite if you like how the story is going. Thanks for reading,

hannah xD

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