'You're hands, they're glowing,"
"I know Harry, so are yours,"
"Because we're different. Were special. We are protectors to the human race,"


2. Chapter 1: Oscar's

Chapter one: Oscar's

Zoë's pov
So im sitting on the couch, watching batman, waiting for Jackie to get done in the bathroom so i could take a shower. If shes insisting on taking me out for dinner, she needs to hurry up or were not gonna go. I started rapidly tapping my foot on the floor. Its a habit I have, i do it when i get bored or nervous.
"Finally!" i screamed once Jackie stepped out of the bathroom, letting a huge poof of steam out with her. "Jesus jackie! Do you like to take showers that are hotter than hell?" i said stepping into the steamy bathroom. I grabbed a towel and started the shower.
when i was done, i dried off walked to my room. I looked into my closet and decided on (insert outfit) for tonight. Jackie insisted on a fancier resturant for tonight. Once in the outfit i grabbed my makeup and headed to the bathroom. I put on a bit of mascara and eyeliner and then started on my hair. I straightened what was once a curly mane of hair. And left the bathroom again. I put on my gloves, coat, and grabbed my bag sitting down on the couch.
"Anytime now jackie!" i screamed at her again. 
"Im coming! Calm yoself!" She screamed back at me.  
"Okay! Im going out to start my car!" i screamed back getting up and walking to the door. I walked quickly to my car, shivering in the brisk february air. I got in, starting the car and turning the heat all the way up. Then i just sat there for a minute or so. I pulled up closer and parked waiting for jackie to come running through the cold to the car. She got in and told me where to go while rubbing her hands rapidly back and forth. "Were going to Oscar's on Main Street by the way,"
I gave her a funny looke and said, "Why there? You know its gonna be packed!"
"So? They have good food and its been years since we've gone there," Jackie said back.
"Okay, okay, we'll go..."  i said turning onto main street. We found a parking space and went in.
"Can we get some seats for two?" i said to the seating guy.
"Sure, right this way," he said in a pleasant tone. He seated us and we ordered. When we were done eating we sat back and talked for a while. I looked over jackie  after i heard singing and laughing to find a party.


Hey guys, this is Hannah. I'd love it if you'd comment telling me how I'm doing. I'd like to know if writing this was worthwhile!

anyway, I'm going to update every week.

love you all!


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