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Hazel is a 16 year old girl from New York.
"There are so many bonuses that come with living in New York, for example; shopping, great food places, decent cinemas and leisure centers, hot boys. The list is endless, granted there are a few minuses that come with living in New York too, for example; my mother is a workaholic and my recent dinner habits have all been microwavable, there is little to no large outdoor spaces or forests and absolutely no capacity for people like me. And by that I mean, werewolves. "
The wolf inside Hazel becomes restless and lands her on a plane straight to live with her father in Silverton, Population 1000.


3. Chapter Two

Chapter 2


The journey wasn’t really that long but it felt a lot quicker than I’d have liked it to have been. The whole time I was rapidly tapping my right foot on the floor due to my ridiculous nervousness. Why couldn’t I be like a little more confident or at least act like it?

The truck pulled up into my sister Twyla Lily’s house. I’d never been to her house before, the last time I’d seen her, she was still living with dad. Nowadays she’s mated, had two children and pregnant with the third, all by the age of twenty one. But apparently that’s how it happens when you live in a pack. I got out of the truck and slammed the door as cautiously as I could in fear that the door may just fall right off it was so old. Dad came round to join me and wrapped his arm round me whilst we walked up the driveway. The house was quite large and the garden was well tended too. You’d think a massive house in the middle of a forest area would stick out but the way it was built just made it blend in. it looked homely and welcoming, that made me feel a tiny bit better. Before I knew it we had reached the front door that had a large welcome mat and a metal garden dog that’s head bobbed up and down comically. In normal circumstances I probably would have laughed a lot at the dog but not today, I was way too nervous.  I just tried to remind myself that it had my family in there too, it wasn’t all new people. Even so I hadn’t seen the rest of my family in a year or so. Dad knocked twice on the oak door. “HAAAZEEEELL!” My sister squealed as she flung her arms wide open and forced me into a hug. It was an awkward hug, not because I hadn’t seen her in so long, but because she was so pregnant. I couldn’t even get my arms round her, I just had to hold them in a weird position until she’d finished. Then, Twyla started sobbing. I looked at her wide eyed, worried I’d done something to hurt the baby. She picked up on my worried look and she waved her hands at me and said between hiccupy sobs “Hormones.” I breathed a sigh of relief. Twyla Lily grabbed my hand and pulled me into the heart of her home and into the middle of everyone in it. It was quite noisy as everyone was talking to one another but as soon as I was shoved right in the centre of them all, the room hushed very quickly. The small gathering that filled Twyla’s living room parted slightly as a tall mop of dark, shaggy brown hair bobbed through the crowd. A grin filled my face as I rushed forward to greet my brother Sam. “Hey Sam!” I smiled.


Sam returned the smile and said “Hay, where’ve you been!?”


“I was having a grand old time in New York until the family wolf trait kicked in!”


Sam stepped closer and pinched my cheeks whilst speaking to me in a very annoying baby voice. “Awh look at little baby hazel wayzle all grown up!”


I wriggled out of Sam’s clutches and smacked him on the arm; he fake winced in pain with a slight smirk on his face. “I’m only a year younger than you, idiot!” I laughed.


Sam flashed a warm smile and flung his arm across my shoulder and used his free hand to gesture to the rest of the room, “Welcome to the pack!”

I gave a nervous smile and managed to force a “Hi.” out of my mouth.


The room stayed quite and still, I took the time to look at everyone’s faces. In front of me to the very far left was a woman who looked like she was in her mid fifties, she had soft brunette hair that was streaked with hints of silver and fading green eyes. Although her features individually portrayed an older woman, she didn’t look frail at all; in fact she looked strong and loving. Something I wish I could see in my own mother. Behind her was a man, about the same age as the woman, he had his hand resting around her waist and his chin tucked behind her ear. He had a scruffy look to him and his thinning dark hair. Next to them stood Scott Fent, Twyla’s husband and their children Emma who was six and Brody who was four, they were both bickering between them over a toy car. I smiled at them and they stopped fighting for a moment to beam up at me. I’m not a huge fan of kids but I couldn’t help but melt a little at their tiny little white teeth. On the right was another couple in their fifties wrapped up in each other, the woman had fair hair and shocking blue eyes while the man had a dirty blonde colour hair and brown eyes. Although I didn’t know these people, I didn’t feel intimidated or too nervous anymore.

 The stillness in the room didn't last too long though. Three girls who looked about my age bounded up to me, all smiles and pretty dresses. Two of the girls looked very similar, they both had dark brown hair except the girl on the left had slightly darker and so were her green eyes, she was also slightly taller. The third girl had warm blonde hair and blue eyes; she was much taller than the other two girls and had a slimmer figure. They didn't look at all as I imagined they would. They looked cute and fashionable; I was expecting them to look scruffy and casual. As I took in their appearances, I wondered what they thought of me.

"OH MY GOSH IT'S SO NICE TO LIKE FINALLY MEET YOU!"  The taller blonde girl squealed. "Umm, hey?" i smiled awkwardly. 

"Lena, calm down, you're scaring her." The girl with the lighter brown hair hushed Lena as she walked a little further forward towards me. The other girl who looked similar caught up with the others and stretched her arm outwards "Hey Hazel, I'm Nina and this," she said gesturing to the other girl who's name i had not yet learned, "Is my non identical twin sister, Quinn." 
Quinn nodded in my direction, "how'd you like your room?"

So these are the girls who decorated my room. "It's beautiful! I love it!" I beamed, "Thank you so much!"

Lena was now stood right next to me and tilted her head to the side "Oh honey, it was really our pleasure. We could not let you live with unicorn wallpaper."

I laughed and nodded. Quinn and Nina joined Lena and kind of herded me into the kitchen away from everyone else. Once I'd started shuffling away from the couples in the living room I realized they must have been their parents and they weren't really too bothered about me being there and didn't seem to notice we'd left. They were all so absorbed in themselves, all huddled into each other and smiling. I mean, yeah, it’s cute and all but hello, they could have at least given me a nod. 

The three she-wolves had successfully lead me into the kitchen and circled around me. I chewed my lips nervously, they seemed like nice girls, but they kind of intimidated me. Quinn outstretched her hand and curled a finger around a loose wave of hair falling from my bun. I glanced in her direction sceptically. "I love your hair! It’s such a rich colour of brown! Its like chocolate!" 

"Umm thanks Quinn." I murmured.

Lena and Quinn began inspect everything about me, my hazel eyes, my pale skin and the small black swallow tattoo on the back of my neck that neither parent knows about. Nina didn't join in, she looked sceptical.

"How'd you get a tattoo at sixteen?" they all gasped.

"My friend’s brother has a tattoo parlour and he said he'd do it. We were kind of a thing, at the time." i confessed. 

Lena grinned at me, "And your mom and dad don't know you have it?" 

i smiled back, "Nope." 

"I like her," Quinn laughed, "She's got a rebellious streak." 

I laughed but Nina seemed disengaged in everything, like she didn't approve of me. It made me feel like maybe I should make the effort to prove my worth. "I feel like i owe you guys something, for making my room so amazing." 

Lena smiled, "You don't owe us anything! You're essentially our second Alpha, we'd do anything for you," she said "Won't we?" she looked at Nina and Quinn. Quinn nodded her head vigorously and continued to beam at me. "Uh, yeah, of course." Nina uttered as she picked at her nails. 

"Lena and i were just going to grab a drink, you guys want one?" Quinn asked.

"I'm good Q." Nina smiled weakly. 

"Umm yeah, okay." I replied.

I wasn't thirsty but I said yes anyway because it gave me something to hold and not feel so naked. 

Lena and Quinn skipped out of the kitchen, which left me with Nina. I couldn't think of anything to say that would make her like me. So instead I gazed around the kitchen. It had black tiles and a wooden laminate floor. All the appliances were modern which surprised me since the outside looks very cottage like. I was so engaged in checking out my sister’s kitchen that I actually jumped when Nina spoke.

"Look, I know you're meant to be our new Alpha, but I don't like you." 

I was shocked, i got the feeling she didn't like me but I did not expect her to out right tell me so.

"Uh Okay, I don't know how to respond to that. I don't feel like an Alpha to anyone and I don't intend on using that pull to boss you guys around, if that's what you're worrying about." I stated.

"That's not it," she said. "I just don't like you." 

She doesn't even know me? How can she say she doesn't like me?

"You don't know anything about me. How can you say you dislike me?" 

"Because, you're a New York girl, you know nothing about what being part of a pack means, and you're going to get us all in trouble, especially Quinn. She's easily led." 

"Oh, so this is about control. Lena and Quinn listened to you before, and now I’m here, you're worried I’m going to take over, that they'll prefer me to you." 

"No," she said "am just looking out for Quinn and Lena. You don't know what’s good for them." 

i was so hoping not to get into any arguments with the girls from the pack but I guess that’s gone out of the window. WHERE ARE LENA AND QUINN?

I sighed. "Seriously, Nina, I am not here to take over. I'm here to learn about what it means to be in a pack. To be honest, when I came here I was just hoping to follow you guys around , I don't want to be in charge, I just want to learn to control my wolf and get back to my old life, Okay?"  I didn't realise I had so much to say.

I could hear Quinn giggling in the distance and praised the lord they were on their way back.

"Okay, you can tag along. But if you get anyone in trouble, you can expect there rest of your time in Silverton to be very lonely." 

Wow, she's mean. 

"Hey guys, sorry we took so long, i got a phone call from Jack. He wants to know if we want to go to his party later."  Lena tilted her head to the side and smiled at Nina, as if asking for her approval. 

"A, Jack Rodgers party? Is that really a good idea?" 

"Ah come on Nina!" Quinn whined. "What if Hazel wants to go? So she can meet everyone from school?"

Nina flashed an icy stare at me.

I looked down at my feet, "Uh, I don't think it's a good idea either." i murmured

"Don't listen to Nina, she’s a bore." Quinn said whilst sticking her tongue out at Nina.

I smiled. I'm sure Nina won't freeze me out if I get forced into going to this party. I do want to go to a party, maybe make some new friends so I don't have to depend on these three. It's not like i don't like Lena and Quinn but to be honest, Nina scares me. 

Lena hooked her arm around me and Quinn, "Well, we're going to this party whether you like it or not, Nina." 

Nina glared at Quinn, who shrugged in response and squealed "It's party time!"

Nina glared at me in a final attempt to prevent her friends from going to this party. I didn't want to piss her off but i really wanted to go to this party, so I just shrugged too. 

Nina let out an annoyed huff, "Fine we can go to this party. But I’m only going with you to keep you out of trouble." 

Lena and Quinn untangled their arms and began jumping round in circles, clapping their hands and squealing some more. I'm not going to lie; it looked fun, so I joined in too. 

Nina huffed again and left the kitchen. Once she'd gone, we stopped bouncing. Usually I’d be completely out of breath but it seems that my wolf gave me athletic ability. Lena and Quinn stood conversing about what they were going to wear and occasionally glancing over at me. They looked as though they'd been sat down for the last 10 minutes and not performed an act of crazy bouncing. 

I realised that both Quinn and Lena were staring at me like they were waiting for me to answer a question. 

"Well?" Lena asked.

"What?" i said confused.

"What are you going to wear?" Quinn laughed.

"Oh!" i responded. "I don't know, what kind of party is it?"

"Jack said it's like an actual party. We don't get many actual parties in Silverton, so when one is thrown, everyone tends to really dress up." 

Obviously they don't have a lot of parties, there’s only like 200 teenagers in this town. "So i should wear something tight?" i asked. 

"Of course!" Quinn chimed.

"I'm going to wear this red bodycon dress i bought online the other day." Lena said, "If you want decent clothes you've got to buy online." 

"Yeah, you ain't going to find anything but jeans and tees round here." Quinn sighed.

"We should all get ready at the same house?" Lena wondered. 

If I had them over mine, i'd become firm friends with Quinn and Lena, but, Nina would think i'm trying to take over again. Oh well. 

I took a deep breath, "You guys could all get ready at my house? Maybe even stay over?" 

Lena smiled at Quinn who returned the smile with another high pitch squeal.

These girls like to squeal.

"SLEEPOVER!" Quinn squealed again. I winced and rubbed my ears, "Yeah, you guys can stay but the squealling has to stop." i laughed. I was being dead serious but i didn't want to come across as some up tight bitch. 

Quinn clamped her mouth shut but continued to smile. 

"Won't you have to ask Alpha Charlie if we can go to the party and stay over?" Lena asked.

"Oh crap. I hadn't thought about that. I'm sure it'll be fine though." i reassured them. 

"Were you guys talking about me? My ears were burning." Dad smiled as he strolled into the kitchen. 

"Uh umm no, we were just um..." Lena stuttered. 

I placed my hand on Lena's shoulder. "What, Lena was trying to say is that we've been invited to a party and intend to go. I've offered Quinn, Lena and Nina to come over to get ready and sleep round after the party. Is that okay?" 

Dad looked slightly baffled. "Uh well I suppose that would be okay. I don't agree with these parties but I don't want you girls to miss out on social events." 

"Thanks dad!"

I pulled my phone from my bra and click the on button to check the time. It read 7:00pm.

“Let me know if you’re going to need a lift back to the house to get ready.” Dad said before strolling back out of the kitchen.

I grabbed his arm just as he was leaving. “How else are we meant to get to yours without driving?” I asked, confused.

Nina Came back into the kitchen and said “We run as wolves, obviously.”

My eyes widened and my jaw opened slightly, “Run?” I stuttered.

“Yeah. We’re wolves, what else are we going to do?” Nina snapped.

Dad raised his eyebrows, “Nina, I don’t appreciate your tone.”

“Sorry Alpha.” Nina lowered her head slightly.

“You don’t have to always call me Alpha you know, just a simple Charles or Charlie will do.” Dad patted Nina on the shoulder and left.

“See you girls at home!” he smiled.                

“Why would Alpha see us at home?” Nina snapped.

“Because, Hazel is having a sleep over!” Quinn squealed. “Oh sorry!” she giggled.

I laughed too.

Nina looked around at us all, she seemed annoyed.

“You’re invited, by the way.” I said.

“Uh thanks, but I think me and Quinn will just sleep at home.”

“Nina! Stop making decisions for me!” Quinn growled.

“Why would you want to sleep on someone’s floor, who you’ve only just met, when you could sleep in your own bed at home?” Nina shot back.

“Because I like Hazel! She’s nice and doesn’t tell me what to do.” Quinn glared at Nina. “If you don’t want to come to the party, or to Hazel’s after, just stay at home Nina, because I don’t really want you there.”

Nina’s eyes shone green. “Fine.” With that, Nina ran through the back door and into the surrounding woods.

I ran to the window, I didn’t like her much but I was concerned for her, it can’t be safe out there all alone?


“She’s in her wolf form,” Lena said. “She’ll be okay once she’s blown off some steam.”


I nodded. “Do you guys still want to go to the party or?”


Quinn stopped digging her nails into her palms and sighed. “What I need, is to go to this party.”


“Well, let’s go then!” I grinned, trying to lighten the mood.


Lena walked towards the back door and gestured for Quinn and me to come with her.

I realise that she wanted us to turn into our wolves and run to my house but 1) I don’t know how to morph on cue and 2) I have no idea how to get back to my house from here. So instead of confessing, I stalled.


“Um guys,” I said quickly. “Should you not tell your mom and dad?”


“Oh yeah, I should probably tell them Nina ran off too.” Quinn said backing away from the door, Lena followed.




“Hey Mom,” Quinn called, the woman from the far left of the living room responded.


“What’s up Q?” she smiled, her soft brown, silver streaked hair framing her Green eyes.


“Nina ran off in a strop and the rest of us are going to a party and then staying over at Hazels for the night.” Quinn said as she walked towards her mother.

The man who had his chin tucked behind her ear began to speak, “Ava, do you think we should let Quinny go without Nina?”


“Oh come on, Riddick. Just because they’re twins, doesn’t mean they have to do everything together, I want them to be separate people.”


The other couple from across the room that both had blonde hair chimed in, “Lena, are you going to this party too?”


“Yes, Alice.”


“Lena, we’re your parents. Can you please stop calling us by our first names?”


“But when I call you Alice or Frank it makes me feel like we’re better friends.” Lena smiled sarcastically.


“You better watch it Lena or you won’t be going.”


“Come on Mom, It’s a joke.” Lena groaned.


Frank leaned his head forward, “You’ll all be sticking together right? And you won’t be coming home drunk?” He asked.


“Of course we’ll stick together, besides I don’t know anyone else so I’m probably going to following them around like a lost puppy.” I joked.


Ava stepped towards Quinn and gave her a hug, “We’ll see you tomorrow.” Riddick also joined the hug. It made me think about the last time my parents had ever just hugged me because I was just going out, in fact I don’t even remember that ever happening.


Once the hugging had ended, I decided it was probably a good time to go and ask dad for a lift home.


“I’m just going to go and get my dad to start up the van.”


“Hazel, we don’t need a lift, I thought we were going to run?” Lena asked.


Ugh, I should just confess. It’s not like they don’t know that I’m here because I can’t control my wolf.


I took a deep breath, “I don’t know how to change back and forth into my wolf whenever I want.” I chewed my lip nervously, waiting for them to laugh at my incompetence.


“Oh of course!” Ava smiled sweetly. “How about Quinn and Lena teach you now?”


“Really?” I asked glancing in their direction. I realised they hadn’t said a word since my confession.


“We’re so sorry! We totally forgot that’s why you’re here!” They both said apologetically.


“Guys, it’s fine, really. The sooner you teach me, the sooner we get to party!” I smiled.


“Okay, come on.” Lena beckoned.


We walked back outside, using the front door this time. Lena and Quinn stepped to the side onto the lawn and told me to stand in front of them.

“Okay, now I want you to focus on your inner wolf.” Lena spoke calmly.


I breathed deeply and closed my eyes, think wolf.


“Now, visualise transforming.”


I breathed in deeply again, eyes still closed and thought back to when I changed in New York and ended up naked, again.

Body convulsing, arching, eye colour intensifying, silky coat emerging, claws protracting. Finally I am a wolf.

I opened my eyes in front of me stood Lena and Quinn, except I was no longer of a  similar height to them, my eye level reached just above their waists and I had to stretch slightly to look at their faces, waiting for my next instructions.


So it works then? A familiar voice asked


What the hell?


Hazel, it’s Lena.


Really? We can speak like this?


Quinn checking in!


Hey Quinn. Lena responded.


You ready to run, Hazel? Quinn asked.


Don’t I have to turn into my wolf first?


You are a wolf.


I looked down at myself, all fur and paws. I lifted my head back up and staring back at me were two more shewolves, a dark grey wolf with deep green eyes, next to her was a well groomed auburn furred wolf with royal blue eyes.


Oh. I said.


So, shall we run?


I bounded forward, and headed back towards the way I arrived from.










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