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Hazel is a 16 year old girl from New York.
"There are so many bonuses that come with living in New York, for example; shopping, great food places, decent cinemas and leisure centers, hot boys. The list is endless, granted there are a few minuses that come with living in New York too, for example; my mother is a workaholic and my recent dinner habits have all been microwavable, there is little to no large outdoor spaces or forests and absolutely no capacity for people like me. And by that I mean, werewolves. "
The wolf inside Hazel becomes restless and lands her on a plane straight to live with her father in Silverton, Population 1000.


7. Chapter Six


Chapter 6

I awoke to the smell of chocolate chip pancakes and the sound of dad humming an upbeat tune. Blinking the sleep away I rolled out of my bed and followed the tantalising aroma of the pancakes. “Ah I thought that might wake you.” Dad smiled as he flipped a pancake. I laughed as I pored three glasses of orange juice and slid into the chair next to Sam. “They’re ready!” dad shouted as he pilled the pancakes onto our plates. Sam and I began to dig into the food but dad raised a hand to stop us, “Uh, did you like the shapes I made them into?” we both glanced at our plates and then at each other, “Dad,” I said puzzled, “They’re just circles.” Dad grinned, “No, they’re full moons!” and shoved a whole pancake into his mouth. I laughed and then ate quickly, if I wanted to catch Lena and the twins before school, I needed to hurry up. 
I stared wide eyed into my wardrobe as the daunting prospect of what to wear on my first day was approaching. I decided to play it safe and wear a pair of acid wash jeans, a plain black tee and a leather jacket. I spent quite a bit of time on my makeup; I didn’t want to go in looking like a zombie. Fastening a gold necklace around my neck and slipping into my converse I grabbed my school bag and ran to the kitchen. “You look nice.” Dad smiled, I thanked him as I shoved a drink and my lunch into the bag. “Do you need a lift?” dad asked as he fixed the collar on his park ranger uniform. I opened the front door, “No thanks, Lena’s driving.” I said just as Lena pulled up in front of the house. I smiled as I climbed into the front seat. The radio was blaring and Lena smiled back at me whilst she mimed the words to the song. I laughed before checking the time on my phone, “Hadn’t we better go and get Nina and Quinn?” I asked. Lena turned the volume down, “We’re going to meet them outside the school gates. You nervous?” she asked seriously. I sighed, “Kind of. I feel a lot better about it because I know you guys and I spoke with people at the party but I’m still the new girl.” Lena nodded, “I know what you mean. But there’s no need to worry, it’ll be fine! Knowing that you can shift into a wolf kind of gives you a bit of confidence you know?” she smiled as she started up the car and sped off towards the school.

Waiting outside of the gates stood Quinn and Nina, both dressed completely different. Nina wore a simple black skater dress with a laced collar and a pair of pumps. Quinn had decided to wear high waisted shorts with a blue and white striped top and pumps. I was glad to see a set of twins dressed different to each other, even though they’re non identical, it still helps to tell them apart. 
Lena and I strode up to the gates where Quinn greeted us warmly while Nina stayed mute in the background. I get that she was grumpy about going to school but seriously, would it kill her to smile? I took a moment to look at the school properly. I’d driven by it on my visits to Silverton, but of course I’ve never had a reason to go in it. The main building was surrounded by large metal gates that were currently open to allow the steady flow of students to enter the grounds. Along the edges of the fencing that was attached to the gates were flower beds, although the flowers that were meant to be growing in them were clearly dead. The main building of the school was large and in the centre of the school grounds with the words “SilverMount High” placed above the front doors in a silver metal that had rusted around the edges. The parking lot was scattered with old cars that looked as though they’d never been washed and the kids standing by them was an assortment of your stereotypical cliques. The furthest away from the main entrance was the ‘Goths’ who were all gathered around a pick up truck. Near to them you had the ‘hippies’ who were smoking weed out in the open, then you had the ‘band geeks’ and your general ‘nerds’ but right outside the front of the school, stood a group of people who were all fashionably dressed, some where sat on the bonnet of an expensive looking black car with the blacked out windows and personalised licence plates. I squinted until my wolf sight kicked in; my eyes glowed a little brighter. Now I could see clearly, there were two guys, maybe a year or so younger than me near the back of the car, surrounded by a large group of other guys their ages and a few of the ‘popular’ looking girls. The two guys looked like they were centre of attention and they seemed to be loving it. I scoffed, before bringing my gaze to the front of the car, where a guy with dirty blonde hair was perched on the car bonnet. It wasn’t sunny but he was wearing a black pair of raybans and was also surrounded by a similar sort of group except he seemed completely uninterested in whatever they were saying to him. The girls were twirling their hair and giggling clearly trying to get his attention but he just ignored their obvious flirting. Looks like I’ve spotted the popular twats. I sighed to myself. I knew every school had them but I was seriously hoping this one didn’t. I turned my attention back to Lena and the twins; they were all staring at me. “What?”  I asked. “Do you know where your first lesson is?” Nina snapped. Quinn elbowed her sister and asked for my timetable. I looked at her blankly, “Timetable?” I said confused. Lena popped her bubble gum and said “Come on, I’ll take you to get one. I’ll meet you guys in the canteen at break?” Lena linked her arm through mine and brought me into the school grounds, on our way to the ‘office’ as Lena had called it, we walked past the ‘popular’ group, I glanced in their direction, the guy with the sunglasses caught my stare and smiled, I could feel my cheeks begin to burn so I whipped my head back down and walked a little quicker.
We reached the office where a small lady with auburn hair and dull green eyes greeted us, “Good morning petal, what can I do for you?” she smiled sweetly. I smiled back, “Hi, I need to get a timetable.” The lady quickly tapped something into her computer before returning her gaze back to me. “Name?” she asked. “Hazel Cooper.” I replied. The woman tapped my name presumably into her computer and briefly left the room. “She’s nice.” I said to Lena. Nodding, Lena laughed, “Yeah, she has nine cats.” My eyes widened and I let out a little giggle, but I stifled it quickly as she had hobbled back into the room holding a sheet of paper, “Here you go! Have a lovely day Hazel!”

“You too.” I smiled as we left the office. 
Lena grabbed the sheet from me and stopped by a locker to read it. “You have Biology of plants next with Mrs Duneworth. The lessons with her are a bore but she’s friendly enough. Come on I’ll take you there now.” Lena handed me back the paper and linked my arm again whilst me strolled down the hall that was now slowly filling with other students. “Are you in that class too then?” I asked hoping that she would be. Lena screwed her face up as we reached the door for ‘3B’. “No, sorry. You’re on your own for the first two hours! But your lesson after is next to mine if that helps?” 
I groaned, “What do I have after this?” 
Lena grabbed my timetable again and pointed at a box on the paper, “You have English with Mr Baxton. I’m willing to bet the most of your class have him too so you can just follow them to his lesson.” Lena said smiling weakly “I’ll come get you before break OK?” she waved as she walked back down the hallway to her own lesson. I sighed and peered into the classroom, there weren’t many in there but still enough to make me nervous. I thought about what Lena had told me in the car, that knowing she’s a wolf gives her confidence. I took in a deep breath and thought about how cool it is to be a werewolf and strode into the classroom. Mrs Duneworth smiled at me as she held her hand out for me to shake it. “You must be Hazel? Take a seat.” She said gesturing to the desks and stools. I wandered to the back of the classroom and sat next to the wall containing a poster on dissecting frogs. The rest of the class filtered in taking random seats and staring blankly at the board at the front of the room. “Hazel, would you like to come and grab yourself a textbook for this term?” Mrs Duneworth smiled again whilst pointing at a pile on her desk. I slowly shuffled to the front of the class to pick up a book but in the process ended up knocking them all over. I swore under my breath and bent down to collect the scattered books from the floor. 
”Here, let me help you.” A familiar seductive voice said that made my heart leap. I span round, and there in front of me was not only the handsome college guy from the party. Or so I thought he was the college guy but he was also the same guy from the parking lot! How had I not recognised him?My breath hitched as I tried to fathom a decent reply. He waved his hand in my face, “Hello?” he said in a joking tone. “Sorry, I just-it’s you.” Was all I could say, and it didn’t even make sense. The guy smiled and scooped up the books from the floor. Mrs Duneworth was attending to some broken test tubes at the back of the room and the rest of the class seemed engaged in their own conversations. “Thanks.” I said as he handed me a book and set the rest back on the desk. “Where’d you sit?” he asked as we began to walk back to the seats. “Here.” I said once we’d reached the back of the class. I slid into my chair and set my book down on the desk. “Does anyone sit here?” he asked pointing to the empty stool next to me. “Oh um, I don’t think so. You can take the chair if you want it.” I said expecting him to just take the stool and leave. He laughed, “No I mean can I sit with you?” 
My cheeks reddened, “Oh. Um yeah.” I almost whispered. 
He hopped onto the stool and placed his own book on the table. A white label with his name was stuck to the bottom of the book but his elbow concealed his last name. Riley. So that was his name. I thought to myself. I began to wondered how much of the party he remembered, and if he remembered me at all. Riley turned his chair around to face me and smiled, “So,” he said, “Have you even done plant biology before?”
I was so surprised that he had started a conversation with me I almost didn’t answer. “No I haven’t actually. It was my dad’s idea for me to take this class.”  I said staring at my textbook, too embarrassed to look into his eyes. 
Riley shifted back round so that we were both facing the front of the class. “Well if you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask me. I know I look dumb but I know the inside of a pond weed like the back of my hand.” Riley’s brow furrowed and a faint redness began to appear in his cheeks. He looked down at the table and began to play with his biro. “I’m sorry. That was really lame. I don’t know why I said that.” 
I turned to face him and giggled “Don’t worry; I say a lot of weird things too.” 
Mrs Duneworth has returned to the front of the class and was now instructing everyone on how to test for photosynthesis in certain plants. I stared at Mrs Duneworth’s diagrams desperately trying to make sense of them in case she chose me to answer any questions. I watched the rest of the class take notes and nodding their heads in agreement when she asked if everyone understood. Chewing my bottom lip, I glanced down at my blank book and then over to Riley, who had written half a page already, complete with diagrams. I sighed and decided to day dream out of the window instead. If I didn’t understand it now, I wasn’t going to later. Suddenly the class dispersed around the room collecting sets of apparatus and microscopes. Riley was still taking notes on what was left on the board. I waited for him to stop writing before I asked what everyone was doing. He stopped and looked at me, “You didn’t get any of that did you?” he laughed. I smiled awkwardly back, “Not at all. I drifted off when she was talking about air bubbles.” 
Riley climbed off of his stool and looked to the back of the room. “OK so we’re about to do an experiment. Just follow me and we can go and grab the equipment.” 
I nodded and followed Riley around as he picked up four test tubes, a light bulb and some other various pieces of apparatus. Once we had circled the room and got back to our desks, Riley started the set up the experiment. I felt in the way because I didn’t know what was going on, “Do you need me to help with anything?” I asked quietly. Riley was filling the test tubes with a water plant but turned and said, “In a moment, I’ll need you to keep count of how many bubbles appear in the test tube.” He went back to setting the apparatus up as I drew a quick table to help me keep track of the bubbles. “You ready?” he said softly. I nodded my head. I was stood up next to the test tubes but it was difficult to see the bubbles properly, I squinted, I wanted to use my wolf sight but I was worried he’d notice the change of colour in my eyes. Riley noticed that I was squinting and smiled, “Here, you have to be quite close.” I bent forward so that our faces were close together; close enough for the side of his thick hair to lightly tickle my cheek. The static feeling that appeared whenever we had been close of touching began to spark in the tiny space between our faces. Focusing on what the feeling was, I’d forgotten to count the bubbles; I made a quick estimation in my head as the timer ran out. “Did you count them too?” I asked as I pulled my face away from his. As soon as there was a larger distance, the static faded. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant feeling but I missed it when it was gone. Riley wrote some numbers on a blank page in his book, “Yeah, what did you get?” 
I screwed my face up, “I forgot to count.” I said looking embarrassed.
“Was the close proximity between our mouths putting you off?” He winked.
I gasped as my cheeks flared scarlet. “No!” 
Riley laughed, “I forgot to count too.” 
I stared at him confused. “Then what did you write on your book?” 
A cheeky grin flashed across his face. “My phone number.” 
For a moment it felt like it was just us in the class room, like everyone else was just a blurred background. My jaw dropped. “What?” 
Riley blushed and I could see the confident front slip away slightly. “I- I didn’t get your number at the party, Just your name.” He stuttered. 
For the second time today, Riley had made the breath catch in my throat. “I didn’t think you remembered me.” I murmured looking down at the blank table in my book. Riley reached over and gently traced a circle with the tip of his finger on the back of my hand sending electric pulses throughout my body. I held my breath. “How could I ever forget you?” He whispered so quietly, if it wasn’t for my wolf hearing, I was sure that I wouldn’t have heard.

“DON’T FORGET WE MISS OUR NEXT LESSON TOGETHER DUE TO AN ASSEMBLY.” Mrs Duneworth bellowed over the bell as the rest of the class squeezed out of the room. 
Riley pulled away and I quickly packed up my things and almost ran to the door. Outside of the classroom I fumbled with my timetable trying to locate where my next classroom would be. The other people in Mrs Duneworth’s lesson had already left and I was stuck alone and lost in the empty corridor. Just then Riley strode out of B3 and almost walked straight past me. He stopped just in front of me and slowly turned around. “Can I walk you to your next lesson?” He asked, still a little in front of me. “Umm.”  I stammered as I tried to read my timetable. “E4 with Mr Baxton right?” Riley said as he began to walk ahead. I jogged quickly to catch up with him, “How did you know that?” I said confused. There was no way he could have read my timetable from over there. Riley shrugged and continued to walk in the direction of E4 presumably. Riley’s height made him tower above me, making me seem even smaller than I already was. Each stride of his obviously toned legs was the equivalent to three of mine. If I didn’t have extra strength, speed and agility, I might have seriously struggled to keep up. Riley glanced down at me; I guessed he must have noticed I was falling a little behind. “Sorry, am I going too fast?  It’s just me and Mr Baxton doesn’t always have the best of relationships and I don’t want us to be late.” It suddenly occurred to me that we were completely alone. Not another student in sight, just the distant echo of teachers droning on. “No, it’s fine. I don’t want to be late either, but,” I said as I gestured to the empty corridor, “it looks like we already are.”  
Riley stopped racing forward to look around him. Riley took a breath and stood still. He turned to face me and with a mischievous grin he said, “Wanna cut class?”  
I scoffed, “A guy like you, asking a girl like me to cut classes?” 
Riley sighed and stared down at his sneakers, “I thought we were past all this?” he said with an expression that almost made me believe that what I had said had hurt him. “I thought you didn’t wanna be late?” 
He laughed, “Well, we can’t be late if we never go.” 
I knew what kind of guy he was, a typical jock. He’s probably got a string of girls and you don’t need to be another he can add to his collection. That’s what my head was telling me, but my heart had other ideas. I stood for a moment, quietly contemplating my next move. Am I that insecure that I’d ruin the possibility of something good by convincing myself it’s some kind of joke? I thought. I decided to play it safe, if he really did like me, then he would understand if I was a little defensive, right? 
I snapped my head up so that our eyes would meet. “So we cut class and? What are we going to do? Smoke cigarettes behind the bleachers? Maybe drink a little alcohol in the hope that you get to cop a feel? I don’t think so. It’s my first day; I don’t need to be kicked out already.” 
This time he really looked hurt. Riley shrugged his shoulders in frustration, “Fine, I give up. I’m sorry for making you miss English and for trying to make you feel like you had a friend to talk to. I’m sorry because it’s your loss.” I stared back, speechless. Riley swore under his breath. “I can’t believe I- ugh.” He said as he kicked the bottom of a locker. Riley stormed off down the corridor; I looked at the large dent he’d smashed into some poor kid’s locker. When I glanced back at Riley, he had gone. 
I hadn’t realised before, but now that he’d gone and I was completely alone, I could feel a dull ache in my chest, like I’d been previously hit by a train and after all the months and years of healing, this was what I would always be left with. I felt a swell of anger consume me and the sudden need to be free from these confined walls, to be out in the open and running as a wolf. I ran forward in search of the nearest exit. It didn’t take long before I’d found one and was bolting across the school playing field and out towards the surrounding woods that jetted off of Mount Silverton and created a natural wall around the back half of the school. There was a small game of lacrosse being played at the other end of the field, it was risky to run this fast out in the open space but if I didn’t get away soon, I was worried I might have shifted there and then. 

Inside the woods, it was much quieter; I could concentrate on my breathing and getting my wolf side under control. I glanced around me, there was no one else here, the guys on the field wouldn’t be able to see me from there and the dense forest made a great barrier. Maybe I could let myself shift? I pondered whilst pushing back branches and stepping over a few ditches that were filled with dead leaves and muddy water. I came across a scarcely blossomed tree and hung my bag on a lower branch. Was I actually doing this? Yes, yes I was. 
I quickly stripped and easily shifted. Taking a deep breath, I inhaled the pure essence of Mount Silverton forest and surged forward. The wind blew softly through my fur as my paws pounded the damp ground and the sun shone down in single rays through the gaps in the canopy, creating spotlights for me to dance through. It felt amazing to just be here, I felt balanced and safe. As I was dashing in and out of pathways, a lilac flower caught my eye. I stopped to look at it more closely, it was beautiful, and I’d never seen anything like it. I sniffed the air around it; suddenly my head was filled with a sweet aroma and a hazy fog. I stepped back away and shook my head free from the intoxicating flower.
I could still hear the distance shouts from the playing field, almost cheering me on as I continued my run through the woods, each roar of the players pushing me forward. Suddenly the world around me began to swirl, the path in front of me was blurring into a giant hole in the ground, the trees grew faces and lurched forwards trying to force me into the hole. The screech from the coaches whistle pierced my ears, my heart was slamming so hard against my chest I thought it would burst through my skin. I started to panic, I felt like I was burning up, like my fur was on fire. I ran as fast as I could away from the hole, but the world was still spinning and blurred. I felt something hard crack against my head and muzzle. A blinding pain exploded in my head, and then there was nothing.



I couldn’t sit and listen to Mr Baxton vent at me for being late and then taking his anger out on me for the rest of the lesson by asking me ridiculously difficult questions. I needed to cool off, heading for the locker room, I noticed that my claws had already began to slice through the skin of my fingertips. I ran quickly and locked myself into the changing room, if I shifted, I can’t let anyone get in. turning on the tap nearest to me, I splashed the icy water onto my face and stared back at my reflection in mirror. I looked exactly the same as I always did, but something about me felt different. Ever since that first night with Hazel, whenever I spend any time with her, nothing feels the same afterwards. Duller, everything seems duller. I thought about how rude I was to her in the corridor; she was just watching her back, I get it. Before I knew how angry I was with myself, I’d already smashed the mirror with my fist. There were a few shards of glass wedged into my knuckles but I didn’t care, blood trickled down my wrist and splattered on the floor. I left the locker room and walked out onto the playing field. I could see the outline of the woods and the trees swaying in the breeze, almost beckoning for me to run free through them. I jogged up to the edge and glanced around me, the lacrosse team were still intensely training and there was no way I was going back to English. Jogging through the woods made me feel at home, the forest is where a wolf is most comfortable after all. An aching headache began to thump in my head; I hoped the fresh air would help with the pain, so I carried on jogging. As I continued further into the woods, I couldn’t help but notice the feeling on panic in my wolf. Something was wrong but I had no idea what it was. I loved the buzzing feeling you get from shifting-it was almost second nature to me now. As soon as I’d shifted I noticed a bright purple scent line glowing, I sniffed the air-blood. I raced forward and followed the scent, not even noticing that I was running straight through thorn bushes and leaving a small blood trail of my own.  I didn’t want to burst right out into the location of the blood scent, in case it was a trap. Crouching down in the shrubbery, I enhanced my vision so that I could see clearly in front of me. The scent line was clouded above a naked body lead under a pine tree, I crept closer. The body was a girl. A million scenarios flew through my mind on how she ended up here like this but it made me feel sick to think about it. I shifted back and un tied the clothes I had rolled up around my ankle. Quickly slipping into my jeans, I kept hold of my t-shirt and jacket for the girl. Slowly, I stepped forward. And there before me, lead at my feet, was Hazel. I gasped; her skin was smudged with blood and dirt. She looked cold, too cold. My hands were shaking as I reached forward to check for a pulse. My own heart was ringing too hard in my ears to be able to hear anyone else’s. Her skin was soft and icy; the expression on her face was blank, like she was asleep. There was a pulse! It was faint but it was there, her little heart pumping away. I carefully wrapped Hazel into my shirt and jacket. God it would have felt so good to be the close to her if it wasn’t for the current circumstance. I precariously slipped my arms around her body and held her tight to my chest. 
It wasn’t long before I was back at my car and I’d secured Hazel into the back seat. She needed to see a doctor, urgently.  



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