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Hazel is a 16 year old girl from New York.
"There are so many bonuses that come with living in New York, for example; shopping, great food places, decent cinemas and leisure centers, hot boys. The list is endless, granted there are a few minuses that come with living in New York too, for example; my mother is a workaholic and my recent dinner habits have all been microwavable, there is little to no large outdoor spaces or forests and absolutely no capacity for people like me. And by that I mean, werewolves. "
The wolf inside Hazel becomes restless and lands her on a plane straight to live with her father in Silverton, Population 1000.


8. Chapter Seven

Chapter 7



I could feel the weight of my body being almost lifted, I felt heavy yet weightless at the same time. There was nothing but blackness. I thought maybe this was it, what it was like to die. You know like in movies when the character dies and their soul or whatever gets lifted up to heaven. I was drifting in and out of being completely out cold and beginning to regain my hearing.

There was a gentle thud of a heart beat, at first I thought it was my own but every now and again, it would get louder, closer to me. The rest of my senses began to gradually awaken themselves. The location that I was in was completely new to me. I could feel myself starting to panic. I slowly took a deep breath, its scent was earthy but pleasant and I started to feel my surroundings again. My fingers curled round and clasped what seemed to be bed sheets as my eyes slowly opened. I was in a bedroom that appeared to be newly decorated; there was still a faint smell of fresh paint. It looked like a boy’s bedroom; it had minimal touches like photo frames and posters but a large pile of video games. My head still hurt, I wanted to bury my head under the pillow but I was in a stranger’s bed, a double bed to be exact. I could hear it again, the steady thud of someone’s heart beat. I glanced around, and there in the corner lounged on an arm chair was a boy. Riley. He was staring at me as my eyes settled onto his face. “You’re awake.” He said softly.

“Riley?” I mumbled confusedly as I tried to pull myself up but everything ached. Riley jumped up and rushed forward, “Here, let me help you.” I tried to push him away but he evaded my flailing arms and propped me up against the pillows.

“What happened? I was in the woods? Why am I here?” I said glaring at him disorientated. Riley was stood next to the bed, arms folded, “You inhaled wolfsbane and seriously hit your head. I found you and brought you to my house.” He looked a little restless. “Wolfsbane? How the hell did I inhale wolfsbane?” Suddenly a hazy memory flashed into my mind of me smelling a flower and trying not to fall into a hole. I winced in pain at the memory as I touched the bloody gash across my forehead. Riley handed me a damp cloth, “The wolfsbane is preventing you from healing as quickly as we normally do, so you might need some stitches.”
Dabbing gently I felt a small amount of relief, and then it struck me, “What do you mean as quick as we normally do?”

Riley leant closer and took the cloth from my hand, “You know you don’t have to pretend. We’re the same, you and I.”
 My first instincts were to get out as quickly as possible, Riley was on to me and I had to leave. But there was another voice telling me to stay and to trust him. He had said that we were the same. Does that mean that he’s a wolf too?
I shot him a look, right into his eyes, I needed to keep things vague. “Ok.” I said, “So, say we are the same, you and I. What exactly does this mean?”
Riley smiled, “I’ll keep your secret, and you’ll keep mine. We’ll go on as usual.”
I raised an eyebrow, although it hurt to do so. “Is that so? And what is usual?” Even though the situation that I was stuck in should seem to pose some sort of threat and concern for me, I seemed to forget that I was in an almost strangers bed with a painful head injury. Maybe it was the blow to the head that makes me feel so flustered when I’m around him.

Riley smirked, “I’ll continue to look great, you’ll continue to gaze at me from afar but when I talk to you, you’ll totally insult me and then you’ll probably get yourself into some kind of trouble, from which I shall heroically save you from.”
”Excuse me?” I said annoyed, “I do not Gaze at you from afar’ and I wouldn’t have to insult you, if you weren’t so forward with your invitations! And lastly, I don’t need saving.”  I was really angry now; who does he think he is?

“Ha! Well, if you hadn’t been so presumptuous and given me a moment, you would have known that I was suggesting that we went for a walk, or to go get some ice cream. Not to get you drunk so that I could grope you.”
I glared back at him; did he seriously just call me presumptuous?

“You have a reputation here, you can’t expect me to just assume that when you ask me to skip, that what you mean is that you want to go do something nice!”

“A reputation?” Riley retaliated, “Wow. That is so rich coming from you!” “You’re all,” Riley’s voice went up in pitch as he tried to imitate my voice “I’m Hazel and I’m the new girl. I wish everyone would stop judging me because I’m new, blah, blah, blah.”
I was seriously irritated by him, his stupid face with the excellent jaw line and his stupid, beautiful eyes and “UGH!” I grunted as I threw a pillow from the other side of the bed at him. “I do not sound like that!”

The pillow smacked him square in the jaw and he laughed as it fell back into his lap. “You know you can’t just throw peoples pillows at them. Especially since it’s my bed you’re in and I saved you and everything, you could at least be grateful and say thank you.”
I raised my eyebrows and glared at him again. “Are you actually joking?” I almost shouted. “Are you forgetting that you’ve basically kidnapped me?”
Riley laughed again, this time even harder. “Kidnapped? Now you’re the one who’s joking! I rescued you. You were lying in the mud, naked! I carried you home, put you in some clothes and into a bed. Hardly kidnapping, Hazel.”

“Yeah, into your bed!” Riley smirked until I realised what he had said. RILEY HAS SEEN ME NAKED. OH MY GOSH.

I could feel my cheeks begin to flush. “I was naked?” I asked, blushing.

His face softened at my embarrassment, “Uh yeah, but don’t worry I covered you up right away.”

I looked down at the bed sheets to hide my humiliation. “Thanks.” I mumbled.

Being here and arguing with Riley was making my head hurt, I had to leave and find dad. I pulled back the duvet as I glanced around for any signs of my phone and some shoes.
”Whoa, where do you think you’re going?” Riley asked whilst holding a hand up to my chest preventing me from getting past. “I’m trying to leave, or is that not obvious?” Riley stepped aside slightly as I scanned the room until I noticed my shoes next to the adjacent wall although the rest of my clothes and bag where no where in sight. I tried to stride over to my shoes as confidently as possible but everything in my body ached and my head still felt like it had been in a meat grinder. I bent down to place the shoes on my feet but as I stood back up, Riley had placed himself directly in front of me. “I can’t let you leave.”

I stepped back closer to the wall until I could feel its firm presence against my back. My breathing became more rapid as thoughts about why I couldn’t leave zipped around my head. Riley edged forward gently. His eyes tracing from my body to my neck and to my face. “I-I thought you said that you didn’t kidnap me?” I murmured.

The electricity I always felt between us began to build in pressure. Riley’s arms were positioned above either side of my head and his eyes were gazing down on me. The hairs on my arms began to prickle and I couldn’t work out whether it was because of the relentless connection between us or whether it was because I sometimes found him intimidating. I held my breath as he inched forward until his lips grazed my right ear. “I can’t let you leave,” he whispered, “Because you’re wearing my favourite T-shirt.”
I exhaled as my body began to relax a little. However, Riley’s lips didn’t move away. They nibbled at my ear lobe before laying soft kisses along my jaw line. I began to breathe heavily again as I closed my eyes and let the buzz of electricity and pleasure take over. All I could think about was how amazing it felt to be so close to him, even though I just spent the last half an hour arguing with him and thinking that he’d kidnapped me. His last kiss was placed around my chin before I could wait no longer. His eyes met mine. Suddenly our lips crushed together. There was a burst of energy that felt like all the air in my lungs had been taken. I guess Riley felt it too as we both parted with a gasp. “Did you feel that?” I whispered.
“Yeah.” Riley breathed as he gently caressed my cheek.

We stayed like this for what seemed like hours but what was probably only seconds. “I should probably take you home.” Riley hushed.







Standing outside of Hazel’s class, I checked my phone for the fourth time. “She should have been out like an hour ago. Where the hell is she?” I peaked through the window in the door one last time but it seemed empty. Finally I decided to give up and go and find Nina and Quinn, maybe Hazel was with them. As I strode quickly through the empty halls, I couldn’t help but feel a little worried. I was meant to be looking out for Hazel and I’d already lost her. A swirl of thoughts on her possible whereabouts came into my head. She could be being beaten up, stuck in a toilet cubicle, kidnapped, murdered. Okay maybe I was getting ahead of myself. She was probably just making new friends or getting lunch, right? I sighed as I walked a little quicker to the canteen. It wasn’t long before I spotted Quinn and Nina at our usual table munching on some fries. “Hey, Lena.” Nina smiled. It was weird seeing Nina smile, she hadn’t done anything but frown since Hazel got here. “Hey, Nina. Its good to see you smile!” I grinned. Nina glared at me as she threw a fry in my direction. Quinn began to laugh as she joined in. “Where’s Hazel?” Quinn asked once she’d finished throwing her remaining fries at me. I glanced around the canteen in the hope that Hazel would be in here somewhere. “Dammit.” I cursed, “I was hoping she’d be with you.” A look of worry flashed upon Quinn’s usually care free face. “Maybe we should go look for her? She’s probably just lost. She can’t be too far?” All three of us gazed around one last time before we got up to search for her. 
When we reached the corridors, there were only a few stray students left who had either already eaten or where the kind of kids to eat their lunch alone in the library. “Maybe we should split up? We’ll find her quicker that way?” Nina suggested. “Oh look at you being all helpful!” I cooed. “Har Har.” Nina said sarcastically.
” Right well I suppose I’ll go this way.” Quinn motioned to her left as Nina and I began to walk in the other possible directions. “Call if you find anything!” Nina shouted to me and Quinn. We nodded as we racked our brains for where Hazel could be.





I have to say it was weird not being in the canteen during lunch. Hardly anyone was stood by their lockers and I didn’t have to push people out the way just to take a few steps forward. “Hazel!” I called down the corridor. Nothing. Not even the sound of other students laughing at how lame it was that I was wandering around by myself.







As soon as I was alone, the corridors became suddenly eerie. The only sound was the gentle tap of my shoes against the barely polished floor and the faint, distant laughter coming from the canteen. If Hazel was somewhere in the school, I had no idea why she’d be down here. I was in the history block, and apart from math, this was probably one of the most boring places to be. That was the main reason it was empty, no on wants to be here voluntarily. We don’t want to give the history teachers the idea that their subject is so fun that we want to hang around afterwards.

I continued to creep along the halls, hoping that Hazel was not down here so that I could leave without being roped into helping Mr Montgomery put up his World War 2 display. The corridor appeared empty still as I made my way further into the history department. “Hazel?” I called just loud enough for it to be heard but not so loud that it would alert any lingering teachers. I stood still waiting for a reply. Silence. With that I gave up with this section of the school and began to turn back around and head for the art block, until I heard a muffled groan and the clattering of objects clanging onto the polished floors. I froze, it could have been Hazel, or it could have been a teacher. I stayed stationary in the same spot; I couldn’t decide whether to run or check to see who it was.  If it was a teacher, there would be no way that I’d be able to leave afterwards; I’d end up being signed up to extra curricular history or worse, the SilverMount civil war re-enactment group. I cringed. It could be Hazel, what if she got caught in the History block and was being forced to hold ancient artefacts whilst Mr Montgomery found the best lighting for them. Sighing, I quickly tiptoed towards the source of the sound. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath whilst focusing on my surroundings. It was great having heightened senses most of the time. My hearing zoned in on crash of sound waves coming from behind the store cupboard door. I waited outside quizzically. Why would Hazel be in here? I bit my lip. I pray to Selene that it’s Hazel in there. “Hazel?” I whispered. Another clashing sound came from behind the door. Curiosity got the better of me and I slowly turned the handle. “Hazel?” I said again as I peered around the door. “OH MY GOSH.” I squealed. Inside the store cupboard stood two boys embraced in a passionate kiss. Once I had opened the door, the two had broken apart with a look of pure embarrassment and anxiety on their faces. The three of us stood wide eyed for a moment or too, no one moving an inch until the handle of a broom flew at my head but I quickly manoeuvred out of the way just in time. “Hey!” I shouted. One of the boys came forwards out of the darkened corner of the store room. As I searched his face, I realised that I knew him; his name was Alec Campell from the Blanc pack. I gasped at this new knowledge. I still couldn’t see exactly who was in the cupboard with Alec but I was still sure it was both a boy and a human. The other boy’s heartbeat did not have the same rhythm as a lycanthrope. Alec continued to glare at me, broom still in his hand, “If you tell anyone about this,” he snarled “I will take your precious sister Nina and I will rip her throat out.” My eyes widened at his threat, “I wasn’t going to tell anyone. It’s not my place to tell. But I warn you now, if you even touch my sister, I will rip your throat out.” I growled straight back. Alec’s eyes were still glistening with worry; he dropped the mop and shoved past me and out of the door. The other boy was still hidden, I didn’t want to force him to reveal his identity but I had to let him know that I wasn’t going to tell. “Hey.” I said softly, “You can come out now.”
The boy let out a stifled giggle and I did too as I realised what I had said.
“That’s not what I meant but I’m not going to tell anyone. I’ll keep your secret.”
The boy exhaled and took a step into the lighter areas of the room. “Cody?” I asked as I tried to put a name to his familiar face.
“Yeah. Hi, erm, Quinn?”  
I took a tentative step towards Cody, “You don’t need to worry, okay? I won’t tell anyone, not because of Alec but because I’m a decent person and I wouldn’t do that.”
Cody matched my step forwards and smiled, “Thank you. I owe you.” He said as he slipped past me and out into the corridor. I hoped for his sake that he was quiet enough so that he doesn’t get captured by a member of staff. After he had gone, I stood in the cupboard in silence for a while, processing what I’d just witnessed. Alec, the most stuck up, arrogant, posh twat I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting, is gay. To be fair he was brought up that way, his parents are horrendous and would probably disown him if they knew. I understood why he needed to keep it a secret, why he needed to threaten me and Nina. Cody was sweet and kind and totally under the social radar so no one would suspect he was with Alec. Cody had subtle blonde hair that always looked slightly dishevelled. His eyes were a dull blue and he was a little shorter than average. If I didn’t know he was gay I would have maybe flirted with him because he’s quite cute. Alec has dark chocolate, almost black short hair, combed to perfection. His eyes hold a mottled blue tone with pale skin and quite tall, Alec and his gang were high up in the social hierarchy. All of them were good looking in their own individual way and I can guarantee at least one of those boys has been the object of every girl’s desire.  There was another reason why Cody and Alec couldn’t be caught together. I sighed as I trudged back out of the store room. I still hadn’t found Hazel. I really hope someone else has because I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep this totally to myself unless my mind is on something else.

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