Luna *on hold*


Hazel is a 16 year old girl from New York.
"There are so many bonuses that come with living in New York, for example; shopping, great food places, decent cinemas and leisure centers, hot boys. The list is endless, granted there are a few minuses that come with living in New York too, for example; my mother is a workaholic and my recent dinner habits have all been microwavable, there is little to no large outdoor spaces or forests and absolutely no capacity for people like me. And by that I mean, werewolves. "
The wolf inside Hazel becomes restless and lands her on a plane straight to live with her father in Silverton, Population 1000.


2. Chapter One

Chapter 1


“Hazel! Are you up? Come on, you’ll miss the bus!”


“I’m up!” I lied.

I glanced at the clock; it read 7:30am. “Dammit, I am going to miss the bus!”

I flung back the covers and dove into the bathroom. The window was open slightly to let a cool breeze in. The faint smell of a coffee and bagel cart floated through the air. As I twisted the handle for the shower, I felt a familiar tingling in my bones that made my muscles ach and skin feel like it was on fire. Not now!

My body convulsed. I cried in pain as my wolf took over.

Now in fully wolf form, I shook my grey and amber fur and pounded down the stairs and headed for the front door.

“Oh, heavens! Hazel, not again!”  Mom shrieked. She made a beeline for the bolt on the door to stop me from dashing out onto the streets but her grey pencil skirt she was wearing for work made her not quite quick enough. As I stormed the hallways of our building until I reached the last stairway, the smell of coffee and bagels had disappeared. The wolf inside me had begun to fade and I could once again feel my naked skin.

“Good Lord!” the man from apartment 206 gasped. I glanced down to see my very naked body on full display. “Shit! I- I’m err…sorry!” I flung my arms around my chest and sprinted for the elevator. The doors slid open and I leaped in.

“Ugh.” I groaned. “Now every time we pass in these hallways, he will always picture me naked.”

Once the elevator reached my floor I sheepishly made my way back to my apartment and opened the door, once inside I sighed in relief.

Holding out my bathrobe in an outstretched hand, “There you are!” mom exclaimed.

“Yup. Completely stark naked in front of the bloke in 206.”

Mom’s eyes widened.

“Oh don’t worry; he seemed more panicked and horrified than perverted.”


“Hazel, that’s not funny.”


“Sorry, I’m just trying to make a terribly embarrassing moment, more bearable for me.”


“This can’t keep happening. I can’t keep you locked up, you have to graduate!”


“I know mom, but I can’t help it! You know what it’s like!”


“Yes, I do. But I have never seen someone go through it as wildly as you!”


“I can’t control it, it-it just happens.”


“It’s my fault. I brought you here, away from the pack. I thought this would provide you with a much better sense of human moral when you become Alpha. But it seems like it’s gone in the wrong direction. I’m sorry Hazel.” Maya looked down at the cream carpet with her hand placed structurally around her temple.


“There was no way I’d have stayed with dad. I love New York. It’s probably just a phase mom, it’ll pass?”


“I-I-I can’t cope with it.”




“I’m going to call you in sick from school.”


“But I thought I needed to graduate?”


“You do. Just not from Bellsview High.”


“Huh? Are you going to home school me or something? Because I am not cool with that. It’s social suicide!”


“I’m going to call Charles. You’re going to stay with him until this behaviour stops. Go and pack your things.”


“Bu-but mom? I can’t just leave right now? I’m doing exams and all my friends are here?”


Mom looked at me as if she was genuinely sorry for having to send me away but I didn’t care. She was about to be responsible for ruining my life. I’m popular at school, everyone loves me. But I’m just messing with her job too much. She’s chosen her career over her own daughter. And that’s saying something when its werewolf family. Family is usually everything. Usually.


I shuffled to my beautiful bedroom and slumped onto my bed. I took a deep breath and tried to hold on to every single detail I could about New York and my life here. The covers crumpled around my body and I ran my hands over the sheets. “I am never going to have couture sheets like these in Silverton.”

After moping for like, twenty minutes, I finally started packing.


“Hazel, your flight leaves tomorrow morning.” Mom called from the kitchen.




“As soon as we get this sorted, the sooner you can come back.”


I sighed and continued to attempt to decide what items made it onto the ‘coming with me to hell’ list.



I had a lot of stuff; I am really going to struggle to get this all on and off the plane by myself. Getting it out of the door was hard enough.


“Mom, my case with all my shoes in won’t shut!”


“Sit on it!”


“I already am!”


Mom sighed before she came into my room. Then she gasped at how much luggage I actually intended to take.

“Hazel, you can’t take that much stuff! The only thing left in this room is your bed!”


“I know, but it doesn’t fit in my carry on.” I joked.


“No, I’m being serious Hazel; you can’t take this much to your fathers. I want you to get rid of two cases.”


“TWO!? But that only leaves me with three!”


“Exactly, how do you expect to get five suit cases on to the plane?”


“I don’t know, I’ll like get someone to carry them for me.”


Mom sighed again and left the room.


I finally managed to reduce my case numbers to three and shoved them out the doors and to the elevator. I heard footsteps behind me, I span round to see the man from 206 staring at me, and his face blushed redder than mine. “Hello again.” I nodded. 206 mumbled something and then dashed to his room.  “Ha ha. How is he more embarrassed than me?”


Once at the airport, mom waved me off as I went to find my terminal. Then a thought suddenly hit me, “What if I wolf out on the plane?” I quickly fumbled for my phone and called mom.




“What is it?”




“If you feel like you’re going to shift, leave for the bathroom and make sure you lock the door.”


“But what if I don’t shift back before we land?”


“How about you just go and buy some sleeping pills and take one of those?”


“What if I’m still asleep when we land?”


“Ugh, Hazel, just buy the god damn pills and ask whoever is sitting next to you to wake you up!”


“Ok, I’m sorry mom. I’m just scared.”


“I know honey, I’m sorry. I’ll see you when you get back.”




I ended the call and switched it to airplane mode. Then I remembered to buy the sleeping pills. I strolled over to the drugstore counter and got the tablets. As I was leaving “Can all passengers for flight 119 please go to terminal nine.” Echoed through airport and a sudden surge of people erupted and began to scurry off into different sections of the airport.


“Oh, that’s me.” I smiled weakly. I quickly pushed my luggage cart towards the terminal nine sign and weaved in and out of the other passengers. I boarded the plane

Without any wolfy tendencies and managed the whole flight too.


 As soon as the wheels hit the tarmac I could already see my dads beat up truck waiting in the parking lot. Dad came to greet me in the arrivals section, holding a huge ‘I’M WAITING FOR HAZEL COOPER’ sign. “Dad! You’re so embarrassing!” dad grinned, chucked the sign on the floor and flung his arms out wide, waiting for me to give him a hug.  I gave in.


“Hazel I have missed you.”


“I missed you too dad.”


He glanced back at my luggage cart and his eyes widened just a little bit. “How much stuff did you bring with you Hay?” dad laughed. “Well I don’t know how long I’m going to be stuck here.” I knew I was being a little frosty but I was still a groggy from the flight and I’m still not exactly happy about having to leave New York for crappy little town of Silverton. Population 1000, a tiny airport and I’m sure that I won’t find a decent clothing shop within 160 miles. Dad looked at his face and then back at me, he placed his hands on my shoulders and said “I know you don’t want to be here, but we have to make the best of the situation. We get to spend some more time together; you get to see Twyla lily and your nieces, and Sam.” 


“Yeah I know, it’s just- I was popular at school, I was doing well. And now I’ve been shipped to this tiny town where I have no friends. Of course I’m not going to be happy.”


Dad grabbed my cart and started wheeling it away to the parking lot. “Come on, everyone’s waiting.”  Okay maybe I felt a bit bad now. I could tell he was putting the effort in and was clearly happy to have me around. I’ve just got to suck it up and get on with getting my wolf under control. “Hey dad, wait up!” I quickly jogged to catch up with him. “I’m sorry; I’m just frustrated that I can’t stop being so wolf like.”  Dad half smiled and patted me on the back, “Well that’s what you’re here for.”

Once in the rusty old truck and dad had finally gotten the engine going we started on the half hour journey back to our house. “So, what have I missed whilst I was away?” I asked, trying to make small talk. Dads face scrunched up a little bit in thought before he rubbed his chin and said “Well, obviously you knew about Twy having baby Emma and we gained a few new pack members. Oh and also, a new pack moved in and err yeah that’s causing a few problems but its nothing for you to worry about.” He seemed nervous about that last part. “Why would I worry? What kind of problems?” I questioned further. “Oh you know just territory and normal pack rivalry.”


“Dad, I don’t know anything about pack rivalry, remember?”


“Sorry. We’re used to having the whole of Silverton but since the Blanc pack have arrived, we’ve had to reduce our territory which means some of our pack members have had to move into our new territory range and there has been a bit of conflict with the teenagers at school. I’m also worried about them trying to take the whole of Silverton and our pack is just not ready for territorial fights.”


“Wow. So you guys take this whole wolf thing really seriously out here then?”


“Hazel please. Life here is going to be very different from living with your mother. You’re going to be living by pack rules now. Technically you should be bottom of the pack, almost irrelevant since you’ll be a new arrival. However, you are next in line to be Luna so you’ve got a free pass and will be at the top with me, since I am Alpha.” 


“Right, ok. So is there anything I need to know about this whole hierarchy thing?”


“No, I’m still Alpha so what I say goes, no one is really going to listen to you but they’re going to pretend to because they have to.”


“How many is they? You know they’re all probably going to dislike me because I’ve just arrived and I’m already on top.”


“They’re all really nice kids like you and then of course there is the family so no one is going to hate you Hazel.”




“One more thing, I’m going to need you to stay away from certain areas in Silverton, I don’t want you to get caught up in the pack rivalry.”


“Ok, sure. I’ll do whatever; I just need to get back to being able to go out in public without having the constant fear of turning into a bug bundle of grey and amber fur.”


Dad laughed as we finally pulled into the drive of my childhood home. It looked exactly the same as it always had. The old wooden porch swing in front of the house, ivy growing all up the walls of the two story stone cottage. The house was situated slap bang in the middle of a meadow that was surrounded by a pine forest, great for wolfing out I thought.

As dad got out of the truck and started picking up my luggage from the back he started muttering some words I couldn’t quite hear. “Dad, what are you talking about?”


“Well, I did up your room as best I could in the short space before your arrival. I knew that you wouldn’t want to be in a little bed with unicorn wallpaper anymore so-so I got some of the girls your age in the pack to re decorate your room. I hope that’s okay?”


“Are you joking? Anything would be better than the unicorn wallpaper! Obviously I’m going to have to reserve judgment until I’ve actually seen the room though.” I laughed. I grabbed my last bag and followed dad up to the porch whilst he opened the front door. An intense sent of burning pine wood hit me and I immediately felt like it was Christmas. The log fire was burning slowly and made the walls glow an orangey red colour.


“Dad, where’s Sam?”


“Oh, you’ll see him later, I sent him to stay with Twyla Lily so that we could have some time together.”


“Oh, okay.” Sam is my slightly older brother. He decided to stay with dad when they split because he liked having a pack dynamic and plus, he’s a really big daddy’s boy! He looks just like a younger version of him as well. Shaggy dark brown hair, deep blue eyes and a tiny little bit of stubble every now and again! Of course dad’s hair is speckled grey; his eyes are no longer as deep blue and apparently change to red when he’s in alpha mode. And he can actually shave.


“So, do you want to go check out your room?” dad grinned and he gestured his hand to the stairway.


“Yes!” I squealed.


I jogged up the stairs, slightly nervous as to what I might find. Girls taste in what looks pretty could be different that what I thought.


“Wow.” Was all I could say, it was definitely not what I was expecting. The walls had been painted lilac with white flowers and butterflies swirled around the walls in random places. A cream carpet had been put down to replace the wooden floor and in the centre of the room was a double bed, complete with many fluffy pillows and a beautiful quilt. Everything was so pretty and girly, the fairy lights that edged the ceiling, the sparkly lamp and the glass dressing table. When I opened the door I thought I was going to find the same old bed, with maybe some different covers and a change of wall paper to maybe a plain white or something.


Dad placed a hand on my shoulder, “You like?” he smiled.


“Dad, it’s beautiful.” I exclaimed!


He set down the bags he’d brought up with him and looked around the room. “They did a good job.” He smiled as I flung myself, face down, onto the bed.


“They sure did!”

I looked over to the bed side table and frowned, “Uh dad? What is that?”


“Oh you mean the onion? Well we didn’t have a lot of time to get things done and it still smelt like paint in here so that’s why I left the onion.”


“Onions get rid of the paint smell?”


“Yes, why else would I leave an onion in your room?” dad laughed.


I just looked at him and laughed too. Okay, maybe it wasn’t so bad to be back.


“Well, I’ll leave you to settle in and unpack your things. Dinner will be ready in an hour and after I’ll take you to meet the pack.”


I gulped. “Me-meet the actual pack?”


“Yeah, you can thank the girls; Quinn, Lena and Nina.”


“Are they who decorated my room?”


“Yeah, I think you’ll like them.” And with that, he left and closed the door behind him.


I buried my face into the cushion closest to me and groaned.  What if they don’t like me? I’ll have no friends and have to sit by myself in the cafeteria at school. Oh school. I totally forgot about that! I have one weekend to make as many friends as possible or otherwise be known as a loner, or you could even say ‘The Lone Wolf’ oh my god, I did not just make that pun. I groaned again. I need to get some friends ASAP.


I realised dinner was now in less than an hour and I had a lot of unpacking to do. My cases were all the way over by the door and I stretched my arms towards them in a pathetic attempt to move them telepathically to me. “Ugh, movement.” I moaned as I got up and shuffled towards the bags. I’d forgotten how heavy they actually were when I tried to carry them all at once so resulted into shoving them along the carpet until they reached the middle of the room.

Once I’d put everything into its new place I felt a lot more at home. All my frames with pictures of me and my friends were placed around the room and small items that reminded me of New York, like a lady liberty plushie mom had gotten me when we had first moved to New York was snuggled up on my bed.


“Hay! Dinner!” dad called from down stairs, his voice really boomed through the house and I instantly wanted to run to where he was and listen for instructions. I wonder if that’s to do with the whole ‘Wolf rules’ and the ‘alpha voice’. Whatever it was, I jogged down the stairs to him and sniffed the air. Mmm I have no idea what dad had made but it smelt so good. Hell, I didn’t even know dad could cook.

I pulled out a chair and sat down in the dinning room. I could hear dad plating up in the kitchen and wondered if he’d need any help. Wow, this alpha thing must really be taking affect because I would never normally wonder if mom or dad needed help.

I got back up and bumped straight into dad as he was bringing the food in, luckily nothing was spilt or dropped. “WOAH.”


“Oh My God, dad! I was just coming to see if you wanted any help!”


Dad shook his head and handed me the plate with a slightly smaller portion. We walked back to the dining room in silence as I inspected the contents of my plate; chicken wrapped in bacon, cheese and doused in barbeque sauce, surrounded by fries and peas.

We sat down at the table and began to eat. Dad stared at me from across the table. I’d barely even gotten in a mouthful before dad has started asking me questions. “So do you like my cooking?”

I held my index finger up whilst I chewed as quickly as possible. “Jesus dad! You’ve been watching me like a hawk as soon as we sat down and you chose to ask me a question just as I put food in my mouth?”

“Sorry Hazel. I just didn’t want to sit in silence.”


“Well you certainly pick your moments!” I said as I shoved another mouthful of chicken and bacon. I looked across the table at dad’s plate, which in the space of about ten minutes was completely empty. I looked back at mine; I’d barely made a dent. Dad looked at the clock on the wall and then proceeded to stare at me and my apparently slow eating. “Come on Hay! Everyone’s waiting for you.” I checked the clock for myself; it’d only been fifteen minutes. “Why did you make tea so late if everyone’s waiting?”


“Well I don’t usually take much longer than eight minutes. I guess I’m not used to eating with company that don’t eat that quickly. Neither are you I suppose.”


I thought back to eating dinner at home with mom; microwave lasagne and a glass of sprite or a takeaway in front of the TV.

“What time do we have to be there?”


“Twenty minutes, takes ten to get there though.”


I looked back at my plate again, still relatively full.


“Crap.” I crammed as much food as I could onto my fork and shoved it into my mouth before I ran upstairs to change.

Once I entered my new room I stood in the doorway thinking ‘what am I even going to wear? Is it just a social gathering or do I need to dress up a bit? Ugh’ I groaned. I flung open the wardrobe door and quickly flicked through the coat hangers of clothes. I finally settled on a black skirt and a cream top with a pair of pumps. I could hear dad calling my name so I sprinted back down the stairs, tying my hair into a messy bun as I went. “Sorry dad, I just couldn’t decide what to wear.”

Dad looked at my outfit choice and smiled. “You look lovely. I’m sure the girls will approve.” It suddenly dawned on me that in about ten minutes I would meet my pack. A group of people I’ve never even met before and I was supposed to gel with them and become like family. I don’t think I was doing a very good job of hiding the fact I was really nervous because as we got into the truck, dad placed a hand on my knee and said “You’ll be fine Hay.” I breathed in deeply and replied shakily. “I know.” 

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