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Hazel is a 16 year old girl from New York.
"There are so many bonuses that come with living in New York, for example; shopping, great food places, decent cinemas and leisure centers, hot boys. The list is endless, granted there are a few minuses that come with living in New York too, for example; my mother is a workaholic and my recent dinner habits have all been microwavable, there is little to no large outdoor spaces or forests and absolutely no capacity for people like me. And by that I mean, werewolves. "
The wolf inside Hazel becomes restless and lands her on a plane straight to live with her father in Silverton, Population 1000.


5. Chapter Four


Chapter Four


I was looking at Hazel, clearly deep in thought and a bit confused about what she’d done. Finally, she spoke, “I don’t know, it’s just when he touched my hand, it was electrifying, literally. I know I didn’t get his name but I was too caught up in the feeling to take much notice about general social skills. At first I thought the intense tingling I got from him was a bad feeling but when we were out there,” She gestured back outside; “Led on the ground it felt right. Who knows, he’s just some drunken college guy.”


We continued to walk back through the house as I mulled over what Hazel had said to me. I remembered when I was twelve and every Sunday, we’d have wolf classes, where we’d learn about our family and pack history, how to shift, control and channel our wolf and most importantly, how to listen to it.



“Nina and Quinn, will you please sit still and stop throwing things at each other?” Mrs Fillin the class teacher bellowed. Nina and Quinn ceased their bickering and immediately stopped fighting and listened. Mrs Fillin wrote on her portable white board that was stationed next to the large oak tree. The breeze rustled lightly through all of the student’s hair as they waited for Mrs Fillin to speak. “Now, today we are going to talk about finding your mates.” She said whilst jotting down the word ‘mate’ in a bubble in the middle of the board. She put down the pen and turned to face the group, “Does anyone have any ideas about roughly what age you find your mate?”


Nina’s hand flew up. “Nina.” Mrs Fillin said.


“You must be at least sixteen because that is when your wolf should be fully grown.” Nina smiled because she knew she was right

Mrs Fillin turned back to the board and wrote ‘No younger than 16.’  


“Well done Nina.”


A slightly younger boy named Kyle stuck his hand up, “Mrs Fillin, can your mate be a human?” Kyle asked.


“Excellent question,” she said. “It has never actually been seen before. So I’d say probably not, but maybe it could happen one day. For example, maybe if a wolf couldn’t find their true mate, they might settle for a human love, it’s no way near as strong as a mate bond but it could possibly fill the void. Then if they had a family, the blood line would get crossed and maybe a few years down the line a human could be connected as a mate however, that is just an ancient theory my dear children.”


Mrs Fillin looked back at the class of adolescent wolves and their blank expressions.

“Um, well…” Mrs Fillin stalled. “Uh, does anyone know what meeting your mate will feel like, how you know they’re your mate?” She looked around, “Lena?”


Lena shook her head. “Okay, well do you all remember last week, when we discussed about how to listen to your inner wolf?”

The group nodded. “Good, well when you meet your mate for the first time, it feels like your wolf is screaming at you, like there are fireworks going off inside the heart of your wolf. You’re going to feel drawn to each other, and there is a sense of electricity, a literal spark between you, and until you both realise that you’re meant to be together, the buzzing won’t go away, not unless the electricity is connected.”






I thought to myself about what Mrs Fillin had said to the little pack of cubs all those years ago, and that I was probably remembering what she had said wrong because, there was no way that there was another wolf at that party, because that would mean it was someone from the Blanc pack, that’s not possible, Jack Rogers house is on our territory. How could she feel a spark?

If it wasn’t a guy from the Blanc pack, then it had to be a human, but that’s even more impossible because what Hazel explained was what meeting your mate should feel like. Humans can’t be mates.

Impossible, it’s all impossible.


 Hazel and I continued to walk the slow way round back into the party. I needed to find out if wolves from the Blanc pack were here too. “Hey um, I know this is weird but, what did that guy smell like? Like what was his scent?”


Hazel’s eyebrows creased. “Umm, good, I suppose?” she replied, confused.


I sighed, “No, like his scent, not his aftershave.”


Hazel tucked a wave of hair behind her ear, “I don’t really know how to pick up scents.” She said embarrassed.


We had reached the front door back into the party, “oh, uh, don’t worry then.” I said as I re entered the party.


We both stood in the doorway looking around, “Maybe you should go find Quinn?” I said, “I think I left my purse around here somewhere.”


Hazel looked at her feet and nodded, “Okay, we’ll come find you after.” and manoeuvred her way back through the crowd.

Once she was out of sight, I closed my eyes and centred my wolf. Once I was in tune, it was easy to block out the surrounding noise and people whilst I attempted to pick up any hints of the Blanc scent. Useless. Too many other overpowering scents, beer, sweat and earthy pine. Earthy pine?

I Looked forward using my shewolf eyes, a faint blue glowing trail, swirled around the air in front of me, if I wanted to know if it was a Blanc pack wolf, I’d have to follow it.  

I knew my eyes would now be shining an intense blue because I was using my wolf abilities, but I was counting on the fact people surrounding me were highly drunk.

 Suddenly there was a serge of panicked rush and I got caught up inside as the group stampeded for the back door. I tried to look around me using my senses, think about what I could hear: Pumping music, pounding heart beats and a police siren. The cops were here, I’d never get to follow the trail now. So I followed the sheep and got the hell outa there. 



One of Jack Rogers’s next door neighbours had undoubtedly alerted the police to the underage drinking fest that was going on which had resulted into a huge stampede of teens. I’d found Quinn when the cops had arrived and luckily, we managed to escape, but we couldn’t find Lena anywhere. Once we’d gotten out of the way from prying eyes Quinn shifted in the hope she could contact Lena through mind connection. No answer. I stood still, in a moment of panic, hoping Lena hadn’t been arrested or trodden on by the huge mass of drunken party goers.



I let out a high pitched yelp and Lena grabbed my shoulders laughing. Quinn walked back around from the corner she’d shifted back in and hugged Lena, “We thought you’d been arrested!”


Lena smirked, “Come on you guys, I’m not stupid enough to get caught. Can you imagine the melt down their breathalyser would have had if I’d bee tested for alcohol consumption?”


I sighed, “You could have called!”


“I told you I’d left my purse.” Lena shrugged.


Quinn looked around for any remaining officers, “We could go and get it now?”


Lena looked at me, “You could call a cab whilst we run in and grab it?” she asked.

I grabbed my phone from my purse and began to dial a cab. Quinn and Lena jogged off back into the direction of the house.  Ever since Lena caught me with the college guy, she’s been acting really frosty with me. Maybe she did know him, like he was her ex boyfriend or someone she has a crush on. Dammit I thought, it’s only been a day.



Quinn and I jogged quickly back inside the house, one we reached the lounge, Quinn began searching under cushions and through a few garbage bags on the floor.

“Quinn, stop. There is no purse, I never brought one.” I said.

“What?” She replied confused.

“I didn’t bring my bag or my phone. This is just an excuse so I could talk to you alone.”

“Oh,” she said looking back out of the window, “Don’t you like Hazel?”

“No, I do!” I quickly corrected, “It’s just I caught her with this guy earlier, they were almost kissing.”

“Oooooooohhh.” Quinn cooed.

I tutted, “The problem is, she said that she felt like there was real life electricity sparking between them. Do you understand what that means?”

Quinn’s eyes bulged and then she gasped, “She’s found her mate hasn’t she?” Quinn stood confused for a moment and then realised the full extent of what Hazel had described. “But it’d have to be someone from the Blanc pack!”

Just then, the cab pulled up outside the house, “We need to go.” I said as I ushered Quinn out of the house.

“Didn’t you find your purse?” Hazel asked standing next to the taxi.

“Oh um, no, Jack said he’d give it to me at school if he found it.” I lied.

“Okay, good.” Hazel replied.



As soon as we got to my room, both Quinn and Lena fell straight to sleep. I sat in between their slumbering bodies, unable to fall asleep myself. The thoughts of the evening were running through my mind, it was relentless.

I sighed and picked up my phone from behind my pillow. I tapped in ‘Late night diners in Silverton.’

Only one result came up, ‘Sherries diner.’ I clicked ‘get directions' as I quietly climbed out of the bed and threw on a camisole, a pair of jeans and grabbed my favourite converse and hoodie at the front door. It was a fifteen minute walk from my house to the diner. The walk there gave me some time to think clearly. I was so out of character. The only solutions to the events of this evening I could think of was that I was either, much drunker in those few moments that I had with the stranger than I thought I could have been, or I was drugged. I sighed at the implausibility of both answers as I pushed the diner door open. I looked around, empty. No wonder. I thought its 2am. The lights were still on though, and I could see that the coffee machine had just been used, so I shuffled to the counter and sat on orange leather cushioned bar stool. Still, I could see no one.  A brass object glinted under the bad lighting from the corner of my eye. It was a bell, with ‘Ring for Assistance.’ hung around the handle. So I rang the bell.

A tall, mildly tanned boy appeared, he was wearing a ‘Sherries Diner.’ apron with a white cloth hanging from the pocket.

“Hi, what can I get for you?” He said in a strong British accent.

I smiled, “You’re British?”

The boy laughed whilst he ran his hand through his sandy brown hair, “Yeah, I am. Born and bred in London, but i've lived all over the world.”

I nodded thoughtfully, "what job do you parents have that would require them to move all over the world?" i asked.

"Err, you could say the family business is err, let's say pest control." he laughed a little nervously.

"What about your parents?" He asked politely. 

"My dads the Silverton Park Ranger and my moms and accountant back home in New York." i added.

The boy gave an approving nod and walked back over the coffee maker and brought the jug over with two mugs, “Coffee?”

“Yeah, sure.” I said whilst swinging my feet gently.

He slid the mug across the counter to me; I clasped it with my hands and nodded, “Thanks.”

“So, how come you’re out by yourself at,” he glanced at the silver watch on his wrist, “2am in the morning?”

I looked down into my mug, “I just needed to do a bit of thinking. I did something way out of character earlier.”

"Oh." The waiter said as he held out his right hand, “I’m Rory.” I shook Rory’s hand, “Hazel.”

Rory took out his cloth and whiped down the surface, “I’m no bar man but I’m just as good a listener.” He smiled.

 I scoffed, “Thanks but I don’t think you’d be able to shed any light on my problem, I’m assuming you’re new here too?”


“I just moved here a couple months ago.” He said quietly.


I bit my lip, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, I’m just a little annoyed with my behaviour, you know?” I said after taking a gulp of the rich coffee.


“Its fine,” he stuttered, “But a problem shared is a problem halved.” He said wiggling his eyebrows at me. As I watched him, I noticed that his eyes were an incredible shade of blue.

“Fine,” I sighed. “Please don’t judge me.” I laughed nervously.

“I’m the substitute bar man, I never judge!” Rory winked. 

I began chipping away my red nail varnish and started to speak, “Okay, so basically I literally just got here like ten hours ago, got into an argument with one of the girls from the pa- the neighbourhood, then I went to this house party with two of the girls from the neighbourhood and I cut my palm, met this really attractive guy and we were led on the grass outside, looking at the stars and then we almost kissed. Now, here’s the problem with all of this; I don’t even know his name and im pretty sure it’s all probably some horrible prank on the new girl, there.” I finally breathed.


“Woah.” Rory chuckled.


“It’s not funny!” I whined, “The worst part is, my friend caught me with him and I think she knew who he was, like maybe it was her ex boyfriend or someone she currently likes.” I said whilst I continued picking at the nail varnish.


“Well, as an impartial diner man, I think she should have told you who he was and not leave you worrying. That’s not what friends do.” He said as he strolled over to the other side of the counter and brought back a coconut cream pie, “Pie?” he asked.


I laughed, “Who doesn’t love pie?”

Rory grabbed two plates and a knife from under the table top and sliced two huge pieces of pie onto the plates and handed one to me. “Thank you.” I smiled and I attacked the pie using the fork Rory had just passed to me.

Rory scooped up a big chunk of the coconut cream pie and shoved it into his mouth, “and again as a totally impartial diner man, I say if the guy really liked you, he’d have told you his name.” he said, still with food in his mouth.

I sighed; Rory was probably right, “I think the impartial diner man speaks the truth. It has to have been some kind of prank, if he doesn’t tell me his name, it makes it hard for me to find him again and kick his ass.” I said, stabbing the pie aggressively.

Rory laughed again and flicked some cream filling onto my nose; his laugh was so hearty and very contagious. I laughed too, wiping the cream with my finger and licking it clean. He took a sip of his coffee and smiled. He was leaning on the counter top looking at me. “What?” I asked.

“You’ve still got some stuff on your nose,” he leant further over the top, “There we go.” He smiled warmly as he wiped away the rest with his cloth. I stared back at him, taking in all of his features, he was cute and he’d told me his name. We sat in silence for a while, just looking at each other. I glanced back down at the silver watch on his wrist and saw the time, “Oh My God! It’s four in the morning!” I span round to look outside of the large glass windows, “Oh god, is that the sun?” I squinted.

Rory chuckled again, “I’ll walk you home if you like?”

“Oh um, it’s fine. How much do I owe you?” I asked hurriedly.

“Nothing, it’s on the house.” He smiled sweetly at me.

“Are you sure?” I quizzed.

He nodded, “If you won’t let me walk you home, can I at least have your number? To check you get home alright?”

I sighed, “Give me your phone.”

Rory obeyed and handed me his Iphone, I quickly tapped in my number and passed it back to him. He scrolled through his phone for a moment before my own mobile began to sing, I jumped at I looked at the caller ID, unknown. “Just checking it works.” Rory winked.

I laughed and poked him in the arm, “You’re smooth.”

He flashed a grin at me and hopped right over the counter top and untied his apron, “I’m going to walk you home anyway, just let me grab my stuff.” He walk around the back and disappeared. I sat in my seat still, twirling my hair around my finger. It wasn’t a grubby diner, it was clean and neat but it still looked like a very stereotypical diner, it had an orange theme to it, the leather upholstery was all a vibrant orange and so were the lamp shades hanging above my head, the table tops were silver and each table had a menu and a pair of salt and pepper shakers.

A moment or two later, Rory came back wearing a small back pack and swinging a set of keys around his index finger, whistling a catchy tune from the recent charts. I smiled as he approached me, “You ready to go?” he smiled back.

I hopped up off of the stool and strolled outside. Rory locked the door and shoved the keys into his bag, “which direction, Hazel?”

“This way.” I hummed as I walked back in the direction I had arrived from. It was still quite dark even though the sun was beginning to rise, the trees from the surrounding Silverton forest cast gigantic shadows onto our path. Our hands brushed against each others, not knowing whether they should join or not.



I’d been watching her talking with Rory for two hours. I was becoming restless and agitated; I didn’t want her to be in there with him alone. I could hear their conversations, her sharing her worries with a complete stranger, laughing with him. She was so beautiful, seeing her in there with him, made my heart physically ache. She was supposed to be mine. What made it worse was who he is. I’d learned everything I could about him and his family. It was my job to remove the threat. I watched still as Rory leaned over the counter and wiped away some pie from her nose, I let out a compulsive snarl. I continued to lay low; after all, they were still under surveillance. Hazel and Rory made their way outside, they were stood close together, hands almost touching. I snarled again. Hazel turned her head in my direction, but she didn’t see me, she carried on venting about how her mom hadn’t called her at all, not even to see if she’d arrived home safely. I followed their route back stealthily; Rory began to put his arm around Hazel’s waist. I sudden rush of pure anger came over me and I threw myself out from the forest and onto Rory.


“Oh my God!” Hazel shrieked.

Rory was thrashing against me, trying to escape my snapping jaws.

Hazel came from the side and kicked me squarely in the throat, causing me to lose air momentarily. I watched her eyes glow a vibrant Hazel and her arms tremble, she was shifting.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry Rory!” she cried right before she fully changed.

Hazel’s stance was strong and aggressive, she growled at me, baring his snarling canines.

Don’t you dare hurt him. Hazel barked.


He’s just a- I never got to finish my sentence before Hazel launched at my rib cage throwing me to the ground. She lunged at my throat clawing and snapping, but I was much stronger and managed to keep out of harms way. Even though her touching my physically was out of aggression, it felt as though someone was sending tiny jolts of electricty through me. Hazel bore now signs of feeling the same affects as me; why can't she see?!  I didn’t want to hurt her, but it had to end. I threw her off of me and she rolled across the concrete next to Rory. She whimpered ever so slightly making me feel sick to know i'd caused her that pain, and looked softly at Rory, who was still backing away from her. She got back up, still glaring at me.

What the hell do you think you’re doing on my land? She hissed.

I chuckled lightly; this is Blanc territory, Hazel.

Hazel’s eyes widened, Who are you?

I’m sorry you got hurt, I didn’t mean too. i said, avoiding the question. 

Yeah right, you attacked us. She scoffed.

i was only trying to protect you. I meant to hurt Rory. You don’t know what he is.

What do you mean?


My eyes bulged and I let out a howl. A white searing hot pain was engulfing my left hand side, sending me to the floor. I whimpered. Hazel ran towards me and saw the silver dagger that was lodged into my ribcage.

Oh My God! I did not do that! What can i do? She cried.

Howl, get help. I didn’t want Rory to see me shift back then he could find me and kill me.

Hazel turned to Rory who was relatively un harmed, just shaken, his hand that he’d used to throw the dagger was uncontrollably trembling. She slowly walked towards him, “Get-get back, please Hazel.” She lowered her head to show him she didn’t want to hurt him. He waved a can of silver spray in her face and she cowered away.

Hazel, get me help, now. I said clenching my jaw. I was rapidly losing a lot of blood, the concrete was stained deep purple and my fur was damp and sticking with it.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how. Please just shift back I can call my dad or something?

NO. I can’t shift back, not in front of Rory and neither can you.

Why not?

He knows too much about you already. Get rid of him.

I’m sorry but I don’t even know who you are. Rory has been lovely to me all morning so I think you can understand my complete confusion in this situation.


For god sakes Hazel, I’m dying! 

I could see the panic in her eyes, she had no idea what to do and my anger wasn’t helping.

Hazel, please. Let out a distress howl.

I- I- don’t know how to! She cried.

What? It’s so basic!

Yeah, alright, well I’m new to all of this! 

A smaller auburn fur wolf pounded up to me. Hazel backed off.

Riley! What happened!? Chase shouted.

That fucking Vanhastings guy. I spat. I was thankful someone had heard my earlier cry.

Hazel looked around her, Rory had gone. Her hazel eyes glanced back to me. Then she ran off into the forest. 



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