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Hazel is a 16 year old girl from New York.
"There are so many bonuses that come with living in New York, for example; shopping, great food places, decent cinemas and leisure centers, hot boys. The list is endless, granted there are a few minuses that come with living in New York too, for example; my mother is a workaholic and my recent dinner habits have all been microwavable, there is little to no large outdoor spaces or forests and absolutely no capacity for people like me. And by that I mean, werewolves. "
The wolf inside Hazel becomes restless and lands her on a plane straight to live with her father in Silverton, Population 1000.


6. Chapter Five




I don’t know how long I’d been running for and I didn’t know where I was. I stopped suddenly to look around me; nothing but pine trees and the woodland floor covered in leaves. My heart was thundering as I tried to get my breathing under control. The sun was raised and was beginning to warm the tepid air around me. Even though it was summer, there was always a sense of winter in Silverton, the ground was always frosted in the mornings and it got dark pretty quickly. I tried to contact Lena or Quinn in the hope that they’d be able to guide me home, but they must have still been asleep. Despite Silverton being my childhood home, I’d been surprised as to how little of it I remember. If only I’d stayed here, I thought to myself. I shook my fur and began to jog forward until I realised, I had no recollection as to which way I had entered the forest from. I sat and let out a gruff noise in frustration. Then as if she had always been there, my inner wolf came through and let out a harrowing howl. I shivered.
It wasn’t long before my mind exploded with other people’s voices asking me an abundance of questions, giving me a headache.

Hazel! Where are you!

Why are you howling?

Oh my gosh Hazel are you ok!?

Stop! I yelled.

The voices hushed.

Thank you. Now to answer your questions, 1) I don’t know where I am, 2) that’s why I’m howling and 3) I’m not injured or anything but I would very much like to come home.

I could feel the sudden serge of the voices beginning to creep back into my mind, ONE AT A TIME, IF YOU PLEASE.


Dad spoke first, Hay, why are you out, alone, as a wolf?

I just went for a little walk, and I stopped off in Sherries Diner for a while and whilst I was walking home, a wolf attacked me and Rory and then I think Rory stabbed the other wolf with something and then Rory disappeared, then this auburn wolf turned up to help the injured one and I ran off into the middle of nowhere, as it appears.


Lena's voice slipped into the silence; Do you think it was a Blanc wolf? Sherries Diner is on their territory.


Yeah, he said it was Blanc territory.


Dad’s voice boomed suddenly, WHO IS THIS RORY KID?


Quinn chimed in, yeah! Is he cute? She giggled. It felt weird to have someone else giggle inside your own mind.


I sighed, Rory is a British boy who works at the diner and offered to walk me home. That is all. Until of course that stupid wolf jumped out and Rory saw me shift.


Fuck. Lena growled.


It’s fine, we can find him at the diner tomorrow and we’ll use our power of persuasion to make him forget what he saw. Dad said calmly.


Not to poke holes in your plan dad, but um, if you’d been attacked by a wolf, close to your place of work, would you go back the next day? I asked.


He swore lightly, God Dammit, you’re right. We’re going to have to track him down ourselves. First of all, we need to get Hazel back.


Over the course of the next hour I had walked around hopelessly, trying to find my way back out of the woods, with the useless aid of the rest of the pack. Despite what I had said before about speaking one at a time, they all continued to shout. Then I had an idea.

I can’t be that far from Sherrie’s diner, why don’t you start there and see if you can find me?


Hmm, that might work. Dad said.


So that’s just what they did. It wasn’t too long before they eventually found me, led lazily on the floor, underneath a bushy tree. Waiting for them to arrive had given me time to think about what had happened. Why would that wolf just attack someone like that? I know the Blanc pack isn’t exactly best friends with the Cooper pack but there was no need for him to try to maul Rory! Then I though back to what he had said, about not knowing what Rory was. He was mundane right? Maybe, but where did he get that silver dagger from? I didn’t have much time to ponder before dad, Sam and Lena had arrived. They were all in human form; Lena chucked me a bag with clothes in and gestured to a large bush to the left.

I shifted and dressed quickly. I smoothed out my top and ran towards dad and hugged him tightly. “Hi.” I said.


 Dad hugged me back as we strolled back towards the diner.

I slowly fell towards the back of dad and Sam so that I could talk to Lena. “Hey, thanks for coming to get me.” I smiled.

“It’s cool.” She said.

I sighed; we needed to talk about last night. “Umm, can I ask you something?”

She kicked a few leaves and nodded, “Yeah sure.”

I stalled for a moment before plucking up the courage, “You know about last night, me and that guy? I was just wondering, because you seemed like, I mean, uh,” I sighed, “What I’m trying to say is, was he like your ex or a guy that you like now or something? Because when I asked, if you knew who he was you seemed kind of annoyed and I just wanted to know because I don’t want to hurt your feelings.” I looked down at my shuffling feet.

“Oh,” she said, “No, he wasn’t an ex and he definitely is not a love interest of mine. But I may know who he is.”

I tried to speak but Lena spoke over me, “ah,” she held her hand up, shushing me, “We’ll talk more in my car.”

 We sat in silence for a while, just the gentle hum of the car engine to fill the space.

“So, tell me about Rory.” She smiled.

My cheeks flushed lightly, “Well, he’s quite cute. I have his number too.”

“You have his number?”

“Yeah. He wanted to make sure he could contact me so he’d know if I got home OK. Isn't that sweet?” I suddenly felt slightly nauseated as I thought about what it’d be like to have Rory as my boyfriend. Well that’s weird. I shrugged it off and turned to Lena.

“You know that this means we won’t have to track him down, you could just call him, and then hypnotize him. Sorted.” She smiled to herself.

“I don’t think it’s that simple.” My brow furrowed. “He saw me shift; I don’t think he’d ever want to go near me again.”

“Oh come on, he’s just a stupid Mundane, they’re fascinated with this kinda stuff. Do you know how many people come to visit Silverton a year just because they know there’s a wild population of wolves that live here? Hundreds. Do you know how many try to get bitten to turn themselves into a werewolf? Quite a few.”

I flipped my hair and bit my lip, “So you think he might even want to date me?” I giggled. The wave of nausea washed over me again. 

“Ugh, you don’t want a mundane!” Lena fake gagged.

“Why not? They’re perfectly normal!” I stated.


I laughed and stuck the radio on. Lena bopped her head to the generic pop tunes whilst we drove back home. 
I felt perfectly fine now, but I couldn't help but wonder why I suddenly kept feeling sick. Maybe it was just because I’ve never been shifted for so long before. 

Lena turned to look at me, “So about that guy from last night-“She never got to finish whatever she was about to say because I puked out of the car window. Lena gasped and pulled over quickly, “Oh my Gosh, are you OK?”

I gagged, "Lena, are there any like, side affects of staying shifted for longer than you're used to?" I asked.

Lena let the wheel glide between her hands as we turned the corner, "Um I guess your wolf side would be more prominent and maybe your eyes would still continue to glow like they do when we're shifted or if light bounces off of them but other than that, no. why?" 

I rubbed the back of my neck, "It's just I keep feeling like I’m going to puke every so often."

Lena opened the rest of the windows slightly to let some fresh air in, "Hmm, maybe we better take you to see Accalia." 

I sounded out the words, puzzled, "Ah-kay-lee-ah? Who is she, like the Cooper Pack nurse or something?" 

Lena smiled, "Yeah, something like that." 


Lena walked me up to my bedroom and instructed me to go and take a shower before we went to visit Accalia. I still wasn't too sure on why I needed to see her, I only felt occasionally sick.

"Why are we going to see Accalia?" I asked as I picked up the lilac towel from the hook.

Lena was stroking the soft material of my lady Liberty toy, "Accalia is this Lone Shewolf, she’s like a healing goddess and she just knows everything."

"Oh. Well I’m sure it’s nothing really." I said reassuring myself.

“It’d make me feel better if you’d just see her. So that I know you’re Ok.”

I nodded and sighed as I closed the bathroom door.

After my shower I felt a lot better. It was good to be clean and in some comfy clothes.

“You feeling any be-.”

Lena was just about to finish when we heard dad calling using his Alpha voice. I shivered. 


Lena shot up and ran to the door, "Hurry up Hazel!"

I quickly wrapped my hair into a bun and dashed for the door. 

Lena led me through a beaten path through the surrounding forest until we reached a small clearing. In the middle of the clearing, stood a long wooden building; carved into the wood was a series of intricate patterns and right at the centre was an Alpha and Luna howling at the moon, surrounded by the rest of the pack. It was really quite pretty to look at.
Suddenly the door to the pack hall flung open and Sam poked his head around the door, "We're all waiting for you." 

"Sorry, I’m coming." I said, speeding up.

Inside the hall was just as exquisite, in the centre of the hall was a large dark mahogany table, surrounded by matching seats that had crescent moons carved into the backs, filled by the current members of the Cooper Pack. On the smaller left wall, stood a large wooden book shelf, each shelf was filled with an array of old looking books except for the middle shelf which contained various jars of glittering substances, one moonstone necklace and the large, airtight jar held a piece of wolfs bane. In front of the bookcase was a sort of altar with the same carvings on as the outside of the hall. On the top of the surface was a large, ancient book. The pages looked as though they’d been stained with cold tea. Dad beckoned me to sit next to him in the empty seat, behind him was a few floating shelves with lit candles and a hand painted Pack tree of each member in their wolf form. I was surprised to see, that even I was on there. I let out a tiny gasp and sat down. Dad began discussing today’s events whilst I continued to gaze around the hall. The wall behind Quinn and Nina’s family was another painting but this time it was a map of Silverton. Everything seemed so old and ancient. There were no windows in the hall and even though it was only lit by candles, it wasn’t dark at all. The walls seemed to glow luminously.  “Is that correct Hazel?” Dad spoke.

I snapped my head back up to the table and glanced and dad, what did he just say? “Um, can you repeat the question please?” I said sheepishly.

Dad sighed annoyed, “Is it correct that you encountered a lone wolf today that attacked you and your friend, outside of Sherries Diner?”

I looked around at everyone’s faces, they were all staring at me intensely, “Uh, yeah I did. He just lunged out from this bush and attacked Rory.” I sighed and continued with the rest of my story, “I shifted and the other wolf said that he was trying to protect me from Rory. I don’t know what he meant by that but he also said that I was on Blanc territory. I’m assuming that means he’s a Blanc wolf right?”

Ava and Riddick’s eyes widened. Riddick brought his hand to rub his temple. “Protect a Cooper Luna?” he said confused.

Charlie scribbled some notes down onto a piece of paper, “Can someone update me on everything we know about the Blanc Pack?”

“They arrived in Silverton about 8 months ago, they took upon residence in SpringMeadows Close and three of their five children attend SilverMount High. I think they’ve got around twenty four wolves in their pack although the majority are blood relatives of the Blanc Luna and Alpha.” Nina said and then began picking at the dirt in her nails.

“Okay, thank you. How do they act around you girls at school?”  Dad asked looking around the room again.

Lena leaned forward, “The younger ones don’t really say much, they just pull some stupid pranks every now and again. The older kids make snide comments and stuff; they’re just like general jerks.”

Nina and Quinn nodded, “Yeah, the older one with the nice hair always looks angry.” 

“Have you spoken to their Pack leader?” I asked, “Like how did you decide to just split Silverton in half when you we were here first?”

Dad clasped his hands together, “I did speak to their Luna, and she was very persuasive. I tried to tell them that there simply is not enough land for both packs and she just shrugged her shoulders and suggested we split Silverton. She said they weren’t leaving any time soon so that was the only solution.”  

I chewed my bottom lip, Well if you’re not planning on making them leave then we’re going to have to arrange another meeting. Set some ground rules on attacking mundanes.”

Nina leaned forward on her chair with a snide smile on her face, “Didn’t you say that when the lone wolf was attacking Rory, he said that Rory was something else?” 
I threw her a confused look, how does she know about that, I never said anything. “Not to you I didn’t.” I said scowling at Lena. Her cheeks burned red, “I’m sorry, I had to tell them. They’re like my sisters!” 
I huffed, “Yes, he did say something along those lines. Now I don’t know what he meant by it and to be quite honest, he never even finished his sentence because I bit him.”

Quinn stifled a laugh and I saw Ava elbow her. Frank and Riddick remained silent although I could see they were still listening intently. Nina glared at me, what was her problem? Does she have some sort of grudge against Rory? The thought of Rory sent my stomach into flips of nausea, do I have a grudge against Rory!?  

Alice must have noticed my wave of unsteadiness, “Do you think we should end the pack meeting now, Charles? I think your father should probably go home to sort out our plan of action and you girls have got to get your things ready for school!” Alice glanced at her phone screen, “Oh good gracious! I know it was light when we arrived but we’ve actually been in here for quite a while, its 7pm.” I span around looking for a window, of course there weren’t any. Dad got up out of his chair and gestured for everyone else to do the same, “We can continue this tomorrow, once the children are home from school.”  Sam got up and held the door open for everyone to leave. I peaked around and it was in fact quite dark outside. There were so many confusing things about Silverton. It’s supposed to be summer! Why does it always feel like just this small little town is constantly in a state of winter? Once everyone had left, it was just Sam and dad stood with me, “Wow, time flies by when you’re having fun!” I joked sarcastically, Sam laughed as he coaxed us from the hall towards the door. I paused to look at the room, “Hey um is it cool if I stay in here for a bit? Do a bit of reading?” I said, still gazing over at the large book resting on the altar. Dad and Sam looked at each other, puzzled, “I suppose that’s OK. Just be home before nine?” dad nodded as the door closed silently behind them, leaving my alone with my thoughts. 
Running my hand through my hair, I slid back down into the chair closest to do bookcase.

There was an eerie whispering sound, Luna. Luna. I span round, There was nothing. I looked around the room again, suddenly a whoosh of cold air riffled through the pages of the large book on the altar. I crept out of the seat towards the book. Luna. My feet made clicking sounds along the wooden floor until I was stood behind the altar. I ran my fingers gently over the pages of the book. Suddenly the pages illuminated a purple mist but it settled as quickly as it came. I stepped back from the book quickly in defence.  Peering back over I could see some of the writing was in another language, Latin probably. There was a thin coating of dust surrounding the book and I wondered how long it had just been left here. Curiosity got the better of me and I flipped the book over so that I could see the bound cover; The Book of Moon Children was etched into the worn, deep purple leather. Underneath the title was a large, silver crescent moon, just like the ones everywhere else in the hall, although this one seemed to actually glow. I was mesmerised by it, I felt my eyes begin to shine, I shook my head and blinked the feeling away. But I just couldn’t shake the feeling that the book was calling for me to read it, that same voice in my head constantly saying Luna, drawing me closer and closer to the book.  I reached out and grazed the cover of the book again, the leather feeling soft beneath my fingers. An explosion of the purple mist whipped around me, my eyes drooped shut and I slumped to the floor.

My vision was a haze of purple and the air smelt like storms. Fumbling along the ground, my hands tried to feel their way around. I had no idea where I was, it was hopeless. A glimmer of silver twinkled in front of me, I reached out for it. My hands waved around in the purple fog trying to catch the darting silver sparkle, until finally I grabbed it with both hands. To my surprise, I found that the sparkle was in fact a silver thread; I pulled myself up off of the floor and tugged on the thread. It felt like the thread was attached to something in the distance-A distance I could not see. My instincts told me to follow the thread, that it was imperative to keep hold of it until I reached the end. The purple mist had still not cleared, making it difficult to walk quickly in case I tripped. I’d been stumbling along the line for a while, although there seemed to be nothing to actually trip on. There was no sound, no light, just the purple clouding my vision and the faint smell of storms. It was like I was nowhere, but I had to be somewhere. Eventually the thread ran out and I felt my fingers darting around, trying to act instead of my eyes. A soft hand grasped my shoulder, I startled and leaped back. “Luna Hazel.” a woman’s voice echoed throughout the empty space. I gasped, “Hello?” 
”You need not be afraid my child, for I am the moon incarnate.” Her voice washed over me like a sea of silk.
I shook my head in bewilderment “The moon? But it’s made of rock? How can it be you?” 
The woman’s laughter filled the air, “There is no need to worry about such trivial issues.” 
I span around, desperate to locate where her voice was coming from but I could see nothing. “Where are you? Why can’t I see?” 
”You are not ready to see. You are here so that you know, I will always be watching over you. I will always help you in your time of need and you will never be dealt with something that I know you can’t handle. It is essential that you know this dear Hazel, my little Luna.” 
I had no idea who this woman was, or what she was but with every word she spoke, it felt like I was being bathed in love and acceptance. “I understand.” I said, the words fell out of my mouth before I even knew I was saying them. I felt a surge of electricity surround me and the graze of a pair of lips on my forehead. And then I could feel myself falling, like the empty world around me had collapsed. My arms flailed around as I desperately tried to grasp hold of something but there was nothing. I felt a sudden feeling of being punched in the chest and then the purple haze evaporated.

 I sucked in air quickly as I blinked rapidly. My heartbeat was still hammering in my chest but my breathing had calmed. I whipped my head around; I was back in the pack hall. Breathing deeply in and out was beginning to quiet my thundering pulse ringing in my ears. I leaned my head back along the bookcase and closed my eyes, thankful that I was back in familiar surroundings. 
The pack hall door swung open and Sam burst in, “Hazel?” he said confused as his eyes fell on me, slumped on the floor. My eyes flittered open, “Sam? What are you doing here?” I asked. He rushed over to me, “It’s almost ten, are you alright?” Sam spoke, alarmed. I shook the feeling of sleep from me and scrambled up. “I’m fine. I think I must have just fallen asleep.” I said rubbing my eyes. To Sam it probably looked like I was rubbing the sleep away, but I was actually making sure the purple mist had gone. I could still feel its presence. I couldn’t physically see it, but it felt like it was there. Sam pulled me towards the door and out into the forest. 
”Did you have a bad dream or something?” Sam said as we trudged along the woodland pathway. 
I held back a branch for Sam, “Um something like that.” There was no reason for me not to tell Sam about what had happened, but something in my gut was telling me that I should keep it quite.
”Oh. What was it about?” Sam asked whilst he scuffed some dirt with his already scruffy shoes.
I stepped over a protruding tree root before replying. “Nothing. There was nothing.” I mean it wasn’t a total lie.
Sam glanced at me confused, “Nothing? You mean you didn’t dream of anything or do you mean you actually dreamt that there was nothing? Like oblivion?” 
I opened my mouth to reply but we had almost reached the house. 
Sam held my arms and looked straight at me, “You know I’m your brother, you can tell me.” He said softly.
I looked down at my feet and then back to Sam, “I know. There’s not much to say, I’m fine. It was just a dream. If I need to talk to you, I will. You don’t have to worry about me.” 
Sam nodded and pulled me in for a hug. “Uh, Sam? You’re squishing me.” 
He laughed and pulled away, “Sorry, Hay.” 
We walked the rest of the short distance quickly and in silence. Sam walked me up to my room before reaching to his own. It felt nice to not be the only child in the house. When mom worked late back in New York, the time would pass by pretty slowly and I wasn’t a stranger to feeling lonely. Being here with Sam would be good for me, I thought. I’d have someone to talk to and to just mess around with like normal siblings. 
Sam wouldn’t come to visit us in New York; he said that it was too confined for him to feel comfortable. It upset me and mom at first, but we got used to it. Mom would just spend time with Sam for a few days when she dropped me off in the summer holidays but I don’t think she’s ever been happy that Sam chose dad over her.
After a while I realised I was still stood in my doorway and I desperately needed to sleep. 




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