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Claudie and her best friend Daisy win 2 front row tickets and 2 V.I.P backstage pass' to a One Direction concert in their home town, London. After the concert, when they go backstage what will happen when Claudie and Niall meet? Is it love at first site? READ TO FIND OUT MORE OR KIK ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS: Claudie2013


2. Winning!

Daisy's POV

Me and Claudie were listen to the radio and as it got later and later we got up of Claudie's bed and I was about to turn it off until we heard someone say something about One Direction. We froze on the spot not caring about our surrondings and carried on listening to it.

As we carried on listening to it. We heard someone say something about 2 lucky directioners getting to win 2 front row tickets and 2 V.I.P backstage pass' to their concert tomorrow night at the O2 in London. Me being the person I am, I started screaming and jumping up and down until I had no more energy left.


Claudie POV

As I watched Daisy screaming so loud it could make someone deaf. I got on the phone to Heart(the radio station) and tried to win us the One Direction tickets. After 10 minutes of being on the phone, I started screaming and shaking so much I dropped my phone because I just found out that I had managed to win us the One Direction tickets!!

Daisy manages to calm me down after about 15 minutes, when she has, she asks me why I was screaming and shaking because no normal person would right??

Anyway, when I finally manage to tell her that I've just won us the One Direction tickets for tomorrow night she hugs me so tight I can't breath and then she starts jumping up and down for like 5 minutes. After she runs to her house (which is next door to mine) and starts to pack for the tomorrow and tomorrow night because we are staying at a hotel after the concert. After about an hour and a half she runs back over to mine with her bag and throws it down on my floor. ( Cuz she's sleeping round mine tonight) After an Hour of listening to One direction music, We decide that It's time for bed, so we both get into our onsie's , mine being an American flag one like Niall's ;). At 11pm we finally manage to get to sleep.

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