Mrs Horan<3

Claudie and her best friend Daisy win 2 front row tickets and 2 V.I.P backstage pass' to a One Direction concert in their home town, London. After the concert, when they go backstage what will happen when Claudie and Niall meet? Is it love at first site? READ TO FIND OUT MORE OR KIK ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS: Claudie2013


5. I dont no what to say to you...

Claudies POV

After about 10 minutes of our make out session, we were rudely interuptted  by Louis banging on the door and telling us that I had to go home. Me and Niall put our clothes back on, and walked out of the dressing room and into Harry and Louis' dressing room. When we walked in everyone started laughing at us, whilst they were me and Niall went bright red.

~~~30 minutes later~~~

Me and Daisy were saying goodbye to everyone and when it came to Niall he gave me one of his famous Horan hugs and a kiss on the cheek, he also asked me for my number which i gave to him.

Diasy's POV

As we got in the car to drive to the hotel we were going to stay in tonight, I heard Claudie's phone go off indicating that she had a text. I picked up her phone because she was to busy driving and she couldn't text whilst driving. I opened the text, and read it

Claudie's POV

Text convo.....




N= hey babe, thankyou for tonight I really enjoyed it back there:) xx

C= hey babe no problem, but i should be the one thanking you to be honest xx

N= no no its alright. I just wanted to say that i love youu.


With that I froze, I don't know what to say to him, should I tell him that I love him or not........


Sorry for the crappy short chapter but thankyou for reading my babez, If you have any questions or if you want to be Louis, Zayn or Liam's girlfriend then just kik me: Claudie2013                       Love you<3



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