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Claudie and her best friend Daisy win 2 front row tickets and 2 V.I.P backstage pass' to a One Direction concert in their home town, London. After the concert, when they go backstage what will happen when Claudie and Niall meet? Is it love at first site? READ TO FIND OUT MORE OR KIK ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS: Claudie2013


4. At the concert and backstage :) :)

Claudie POV

Half way through the concert, I caught Niall staring at me, I start blushing and Diasy catches me. She starts laughing at me and carrys on dancing and singing with the music. All the way through the concert Niall stares at me.

~~End of concert~~

Me and Daisy are the final people to go backstage. When we get to the backstage, we are trying are hardest to not scream. Niall drags me to his dressing room, while Daisy and Harry are in his dressing room. I can hear laughing coming from the other boys dressing rooms as Niall carries on dragging me into his dressing room.

When I get in there it smells like his cologne. As soon as I shut the dressing room door, Niall spins me round and starts to kiss me passitiontley( sorry for my spelling!) I pull away and asked him what he was doing. He just says to me that ever since he first saw me, in the concert, he has loved me.

We go back to our make-out session


sorry its short. kik me if you want to be 1 of the boy's girlfriends. love you peeps :)

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