Scarlet's mother died two years ago and left her with an abusive father. Her best friend, Niall, has been there for her through anything. When she want's to runaway from her father, should she leave? Leaving Niall behind? Or will she stay and continue to be abused? (Bad at explanations, story will be much better)


4. Chapter 4

"Niall" I whispered to him, not wanting to wake him unkindly. 

"Niall" I repeated myself, "You have to let me go." I was being restrained by his strong arms wrapped around my small body. It was now 5pm, meaning I needed to get home to make my father dinner otherwise he won't be impressed to say the least. 

"Niall" I again attempted to awaken him while trying to wiggle out of his embrace. However, the arms around me tightened while pulling me in closer. 

"You don't have too leave" Niall argued, the light breath tiggling the inside of my ear lobe. No words passed between us for moments as I began to give in too Niall's convincing speech but then the thought of my angered father passed my mind and I immediately took action. 

"Niall, I really have to go." I almost pleaded him to release me but be again begun to tighten his weakened embrace. 

"Scarlet, stay with me." He mumbled into my ear lobe, attempting to convince me to stay yet again. If I had a choice in the matter, I would stay with Niall forever. His strong arms protecting me from the reality which is my life. Yet despite what I want, I have a demanding father awaiting his dinner at home which he is very impatient for.

"Niall, please let me go." I kindly asked him, not trying to show the fact that I was now frightened about being late home for my father.

The fear that is usually evident is within my eyes, that's what Niall always tells me. His way of knowing when I'm scared. No one else in the world has ever been able to read me, apart from  Niall. Knowing this fact, I looked down, hoping to hide my eyes from him. 

"Yeah, you can go." He answered, releasing me. "But Scarlet, if he touches you at all tonight, call me and I'll be right over to sort him out." He added onto the end, rather aggressively. I nodded slightly, hating the fact that I have to always lie to my friend about this. I couldn't just call him round after a beating? My fathers rage would be higher than ever and unsafe to be near innocent humans, like Niall. I swore to myself that I'd never allow my father and Niall to ultimately fight over me. I wouldn't want anything to happen to the boy who is all I have left. And I'm not talking about my father. 

As I stepped out the front door, yelling a goodbye to Niall's parents, the cold hit me like a brick wall. Since when did the weather change? I didn't even have a coat with me! I begun to jog home, hoping that my blood circulation would help warm my freezing body. The fog that was now implanted around me permanently made it hard for me to see my own hand in front of my face, let alone the usual pathway that I needed to take. Everything seemed a blur, much like my life. Just a pointless blur among the great masterpieces that over people have. 

The fog invaded my vision so that all I could see were the street lights towering above me. My heart was racing, my bones shivering and my mind working overtime. I needed to get home. Right now, I need to be home. My fathers going to be so infuriated if I'm not. 

My arm reached out and grabbed a single street light. The dizziness overtook me as a million thoughts full of both fear and hope spun around in my head. The thoughts included a very realistic image of my father reaching out to hit me as I lay cowardly on the floor. Also, another thought occurred, not having to ever see him again. Running away was the perfect solution. However the final though consisted of a picture of my best friend, Niall,  searching for me desperately but I'd left, never seeing him again...

My persistence told me to get home and get home fast. I begun to run, dodging items that weren't actually visible in the fog. 

I suppose it's because I'm used to large quantities of cloud hanging on my shoulders constantly. Yes, the cloud which restricts me from what I want to do. The cloud that abuses me, without reason most of the time. The cloud who was also a slave, like me. Not to another human but to alcohol. The cloud that is, my father. 

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