Scarlet's mother died two years ago and left her with an abusive father. Her best friend, Niall, has been there for her through anything. When she want's to runaway from her father, should she leave? Leaving Niall behind? Or will she stay and continue to be abused? (Bad at explanations, story will be much better)


2. Chapter 2

Scarlet's POV

I crept out of my bed, not wanting to awaken my father as I begun to pull on some comfortable clothes. Examining myself in the mirror, I saw that the slap last night had left a red mark on my face. I attempted to cover it up with make-up and then made my way downstairs. 

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I rushed to answer it, not wanting any noise to signal throughout the house.

"Scarlet, you awake?"

"Nah" I sarcastically said to Niall, whispering of course.

"Ok, well, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out today?"

"Yeah, what time should I come over?"

"In about 10 minutes?"

"Ok then, see you then Nialler."

With that last comment, I hung up and placed my phone down on the side.

Rushing around the kitchen, I made my father a strong cup of coffee and his breakfast for when he wakes up. Grabbing my phone along the way, I was out the door within 5 minutes. 

As I walked down the street, I begun to think about my mother. What would she have done in my situation? After all, she is my inspiration and everything I do is as a result of an action that she once took. The only possible solution that I could come up with was to runaway. My mother didn't believe in sticking through to something until the end. She always assumed that when times got rough, it was time to leave. Maybe it was time for me to leave?

I used to be a child full of thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears but the only one that remains nowadays is fear. I'm literally full to the brim of fear. Overflowing in it. Rivers of it contain my blood. Mountains of it hide my organs. How could this have happened? The only family that I have left is the only reason I want to leave. Actually, I don't want to leave, I need to leave.


Authors Note- Sorry this chapters so short and boring, next one will defo be a long one:), just wondering if you guys could check out my other fanfictions? Would mean a lot. Favourite/ Comment and Like!

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