Diliges and Malum

The twin Gods of Etmetera, Golden and Wicked, are in a heated fight. Not only are they hurting one another but also the land they protect. Wicked has ran away and taken his Shadow creatures with him. They plague the land and wipe out everything in their way leaving destruction in the steps. How will Etmetera survive through this sibling rivalry?

Will Lyllina ever find out why she was the sole survivor of her village? Will she find out why she fell for a man with a deadly curse?


2. Scissor Master


Lots of Editing still needed, sorry >.< I'm almost done and wanted some feedback ^^)))


Chapter 1


To light a candle is to cast a shadow. (Light/Northern)

-Ursula K. Le Guin


Rissa laughed merrily and linked arms with Jake. They smiled as they were bound with streamers and confetti. Lyllina stood a ways away off, watching them intense curiosity like she always did. Rissa walked over to Lyllina and tilted her head.


"Hey! Lina, want to help us with this decorating?" Rissa asked Lyllina with a great big smile. Rissa radiated with light in more ways than one. Her chestnut brown hair flowed lazily on the light breeze and her green eyes were as mellow as the grass.


Jake had his mouth covered by the ribbon and was furiously nibbling at it like a gerbil. He caught Lyllina watching. He stopped and tried to grin his charming smile but ended up he looking like he was injected with laughing gas. Lyllina couldn't help but burst out laughing and shake her head, walking away. Rissa turned and smiled at Jake.


"Oh my, having fun?" she asked trying not to laugh.


Jake attempted to scowl but only his eyebrows moved downwards and his cheeks turned red to make his face seem like an angered clown. Lyllina stifled a laugh at a nearby table. She came to them with scissors and in one neat swoop, sliced off the ribbons binding them. It fell off in unison and onto the ground. Jake rubbed his chin and smiled.


"Thank you, Oh scissor master" he joked and bowed to Lyllina.


Lyllina shook her head and ruffled his hair leaving specs of frost behind. "Stand up, people are starting to look" she replied softly and backed away and into the crowd.


Rissa frowned and punched him lightly on the arm as a feather might hit the ground. "Now you've driven her off. You should know she already dreads being out here" she scolded him.


Jake frowned. He looked down and the ribbons. "I’m going after her, Rissa. Are we still having lunch?"


Rissa nodded and walked towards a table, leaving him alone. She started to work on crafts with the other Candle folk helping with the festival. Jake looked around but only saw wave of people in all directions. He closed his eyes and started walking north.


Lyllina sat alone on the edge of a tall ledge, looking over the small town. Busy folks were carrying streamers, and pies, candles and supplies. Lyllina let out a breath she was holding, chilling and cool in the summer days. It twisted and whirled, transforming into a whirling fox. Then it dissipated into the air.


"Jake, you walk too loudly you know. Not even your gift can help. You need to work on hearing the things before you step on it" she sighed softly and turned around, becoming face to face with him.


He smiled at her and sat down. "And you need to stop being so cold."


Jake laughed at his own joke and Lyllina just shrugged, returning her gaze towards the frantic preparation of the village. Jake watched Lyllina with concern.


"Lina. What's going on?" he whispered.


Lyllina looked at him and took in the structure of his face and his elegant features compared to her own. Those intense blue eyes kept her from turning back. "Jake, I've been thinking..."


"About?" he presses further.


“About leaving. I'm going back." she replied sternly and stood up.


Jake grabbed her wrist and was up in a flash. "Lina. You’re not feeling well, I understand." he replied in a soothing tone. "But you can't just leave Rissa and me."


Lyllina only stared at him with her own blue eyes now light and seemed to reflect things she could see. Jake kept his grip on her wrist. "Lina, where would you even go?"


Lyllina looked away and towards the large lush forest far beyond them. Further were snow-capped mountains with winding rivers. Animals thrived there and so could she.


"Lyllina! Do not even think it! You know there are Shadows in there! Are you crazy!" he bellowed and grabbed both of her wrists. His lip quivered slightly as he tried to read her face.


Lyllina's jaw was set and her eyes grew darker. Her voice was small but with a force. "Let me go, Brother. I said I have only been thinking."


Jake let go immediately but stayed close. He stepped between her and the passage to the mountains. His eyes flickered but so did his skin. It seemed to dim ever so slightly with the rising sun. Lyllina cursed under her breath.


"I will not go. Now come on, Rissa will be waiting for us on the other side."


Jake seemed to calm a little and his charming smile returned. "Race you!" he shouted and was off at incredible speed. Lyllina frowned and sat down in the dirt. She closed her eyes seeing nothing but blackness. Then swirls of grey and white. She opened her eyes and saw shapes of everything shifting and twisting with dark forces. "We shall See" she said to herself and smirked.




In the realm of the gods, far far above in the heavens, tempers were rising. Golden, a man now dressed in golden linen. His hair was shoulders long and beach blonde. His tan was light brown, which matched his rich brown eyes.


He argued with another man, the same age and structure. His name was Wicked, he had chosen that name himself on the godly ritual of Names. Wicked's name was lost in the depths of time and only his remains. His pale skin reflected the light but his dark blue hair absorbed most of it.


"You don't deserve to be here!" shouted Wicked. "You’re all blinded by the fire of the heavenly sun! I curse thee and your beloved!" he bellowed leaving the clouds to darken and rumble.


Golden was taken aback by the accusations his twin had made. Golden frowned and stepped nearer to his twin. "Brother, what has troubled you so?"


Wicked only laughed. "You cannot even say your brother’s rightful name!" he bellowed and the clouds started to break apart.


Golden turned away to look at the breaking clouds. His cheeks were soft pink as it showed his frustration. "Brother you know that I dislike the name you have chosen for yourself."


Wicked gave a cruel smile. "And I dislike your folk you have created. Have you even noticed your northern are gone? What of the diminishing Candle folk? Hmm?!" he teased.


Golden steeped back and stared at this man. Surely not even his brother could be this awful. "The northern are no longer bound by me and my candle folk would have reported such things..." he replied mostly for himself.


Wicked laughed and the clouds seem to rip apart between them. Wicked raised his arms and said, "Goodbye brother." and was struck by a dark force. He was then gone and left behind a cloud of grey smoke. Wicked had left the heavens for Emetera.

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