Diliges and Malum

The twin Gods of Etmetera, Golden and Wicked, are in a heated fight. Not only are they hurting one another but also the land they protect. Wicked has ran away and taken his Shadow creatures with him. They plague the land and wipe out everything in their way leaving destruction in the steps. How will Etmetera survive through this sibling rivalry?

Will Lyllina ever find out why she was the sole survivor of her village? Will she find out why she fell for a man with a deadly curse?


1. Sweet Dreams



 “Now, hush hush. Lyllina get into bed.” soothed a gentle voice.


A small girl the age of eight quickly ran across the wooden cabin and into her bed. The girl giggled and hid under the covers. Her long white hair trailed behind her and stuck out in a messy braid. Soon a large, short woman with black strands of hair walked into the room with a large smile on her peachy skin. The woman sat on the bedside edge and held a leather bound book on her lap. Lyllina peeked over the covers and gave a great big smile at the woman.


“Mommy, can you tell me the story of the Candle people?” Lyllina asked in her soft voice.


“The Candle folk? That’s an odd request coming from a Northern.” Replied the mother in a singing voice. She glanced out to the arctic region. Blue and green snowflakes littered the snowy caps, creating hills, statues and even the spirits came out to play.


“Yes please, Mama!”


“Oh very well, Lyllina.” Her mother replied softly and kept the book closed on her lap. “Once upon a beautiful warm day, the first twins of the god realm played in the clouds. Golden played with the wax figures he had created long before and the ones made left over by his father, Lux. They were angelic with their soft skin and perfect features. Their eyes twinkled in all different colors around the light that Golden emitted. His twin brother, Wicked had created his own figures and had cursed the figures Golden and Lux had created. Wicked’s were leather black with odd scales and unnatural edges. Wicked always seem enchanted by them but Golden was confused.”


Lyllina watched her mother with her deep, ocean blue eyes. She glanced out of her window and onto the arctic plains of blue and green. She could see the Northern lights flicker across the sky. She then turned her attention back to her mother and asked, “What happened next, Mama?”


“Well, Golden was playing with his figures when he got a brilliant idea. He sparked his inner flame and put a drop in each of them. They went to the hearts and have been burning ever since. Wicked became enraged with his brother so he did the same to his figures. Except they had turned dark, twisted and bent out of shape. All they wanted to do was destroy and concur. Soon after their parents, Lux and Solana were furious at the boys but also awestruck. They had no place for the figures in their heavens. They decided to cast the strange beings away onto a different planet but close enough to be monitored by.”


“Emetera!” shouted Lyllina with pride. Her mother gave her a stern look and continued.


“Yes, Emetera. Here the Candle folk have thrived for years side by side on the opposite ends of the planet. They also stood away from the Light hearted since they were one of education and laws. They were too different for the Candle folk. Lately the Shadows have been attacking villages for no reason. Some say that Wicked himself is hiding in the Shadow realm.” Mother shook her head and stood up. “But that’s another story. Sweet dreams my snowflake.” She whispered and left the small, blue room.


The mother left the room and into a larger living area. There was a great big knitted rug with patterns all around. Some of it was done precise and well experienced. The mother bent down and softly petted the area where there lied imperfections. “You will learn one day,” she had told herself. Her daughter was learning their ways as a Northern but she knew she would never be accepted. Mother knew that Lyllina was no sweet innocent child but she did not know what bothered her so, to make her think such things.


Mother stood up and put away the leather book then sat down in her chair. She rocked back and forth slightly, enjoying the peace and quiet. A fire blazed over at the side, warming the house unnecessarily. It seemed to be there purely for light in the never-ending nights. She closed her eyes to catch a good night’s rest but seemed she could not. She frowned and opened her eyes. She gave a startled gasp when she saw the fire had gone out and there was an unsettling feeling hanging in the air. The mother stood up and gazed around the darkened room. She was an older woman and her eyes could not adjust well.


Suddenly a pair of dark red eyes was seen staring right at Lyllina’s mother. She gasped and backed up quickly then froze. The mother was the only thing blocking this monstrous creature before her from her child. The creature shrieked and she knew it could only be a Shadow. She cried and fell to her knees. Small droplets of blood fell onto the carpet, spilling from the mothers eyes. She howled in pain and looked up.


The Shadow was paying no attention to mother as it started to hiss. It sniffed the room as if looking for a scent to follow. It cried again its murderous cry and stared at mother. “Ssssilent North” it whispered in its ragged voice. The mother only shook her head in confusion. The only Silent North she had ever heard of was her great grandfather.


 “Lyllina!” mother cried, gurgling on her own blood. “Run! Run South! I love-!”


Lyllina was already out of her bed and outside her window. She could see the Northern lights getting stronger with every howl and scream. Lyllina heard hissing close behind and she froze, sulking into a small ball huddling close with her mint green nightgown. She waited a few minutes trying to block out all of the noise, the screaming and shrieking. Lyllina was on her knees as she kept to the dark shadows of the night, crawling away in fright. When she was far enough, she started to sprint and not look back.


Lyllina ran until she came to the rocky hard shore along the coast, nearby the village but still out of sight. Her heart was beating rapidly against her chest and her knees buckled as she fell onto her side. Her eyes still open, gazed upon the vast ocean. She sensed something out on the ice, searching and hissing angrily. Lyllina rolled onto her back and stared at the sky.


“Please help me, Golden. Pretty please...” she whispered and then lost consciousness.


 It was dark as a cool breeze slipped into her mind and numbed her tainted thoughts. She shivered slightly and curled into a small ball. Lyllina whimpered as she struggled to open her eyes. Then it began again.


Screaming, crying and those eyes. Those blood red eyes staring at you but through you. Lyllina could hear them hiss with delight and hear them speak in their own native tongue. A Glass shard grinding with metal was what it sounded like when they breathed. The screaming got louder and louder, her heart was thumping against her chest. Lyllina felt cold and empty and willed it to go away but it would not. She saw her mother’s face, blood dripping out of her small green eyes staring at her. Her face held so much pain that Lyllina's heart lurched. "Let her go!" she cried and screamed. Her mother’s face vanished and the beady red eyes came again. "Ssssilent North" it chanted over and over. Lyllina screamed until her throat burned and until no more tears would fall. She buried her face and went back into the darkness.


Until she woke up. It was just a nightmare. She sat straight up and was panting for breath. Sweat dripped from her forehead and her hair messily stuck to her sides. Lyllina did not blink, in fear that when she did, she would see her mother. She heard a scream echo once more in her whirling mind and she looked around wildly. At her bedside was a young man. He gave her a calming smile that seemed to be off with his piercing blue eyes.


"Hey, you’re safe here. Your okay Lyllina. You woke half the village with your screams." he spoke gently and chuckled softly. He stopped when he saw that she had not smiled at his usual joke. "Lyllina? What's wrong?"


Lyllina was still staring at his messy blonde hair, medium length but sticking in all sides. She shook her head and stared at her feet. "Jake... I saw her.," she whispered.


"Saw who?" he asked puzzled. She had always had nightmares, this he knew. Lyllina never had shared them though with anyone. It was a puzzle who she was. She was found one night in the ceremonial grounds, shaking. All she said was her name and that was it.


"My mother. Jake, the Shadows took her again. Brother, I'm scared" she had whispered.


Immediately Jake had sat beside her and had given her a hug. He held his hands tightly around her back and did not let go until she had fallen asleep. He sat beside her the entire night thinking.


 "The Shadows?" he whispered and looked outside into the cool night. He frowned. "I will find them. I will find them for you Lyllina," he had promised. Then he had fallen asleep.

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