I'll Protect You

Emma is an insecure girl who lives in a house with her brother Niall. She has a crush on her best friend Harry, who's also Niall's best friend. But there is one problem, he is taken, by the meanest girl in town.


1. I Don't Get It

I open the door after a long school day. The day wasn't that bad, at least people didn't talk to me. I don't like people, I'm rather alone. I don't trust people, after I lost so many friends and my boyfriend cheated on me. People are just there to hurt you. I only trust 3 people, Niall, my brother. Harry, my best friend and Rachel, my other best friend. ''hey mini me. how was your day?'' Niall walks in, a cookie in his hand. ''good'' I nod as grab his cookie and put it in my mouth. ''that was mine'' he mumbles as he walks to the kitchen to get another one. I throw my backpack on a chair and walk upstairs to put on comfortable clothes. As I walk in grab my phone and scroll down my music list. I decide to listen to Out Of My Limit by 5 seconds of summer and I put on a purple hoodie and my grey beanie. As I walk down again my phone starts vibrating. It's a text from Harry. 

Hey Emsie, can I come over? I've got a surprise for you ;)

"Niall?" I ask while sitting on the couch next to him. "yeah?" he asks not looking up from his phone. "can Harry come over?" I ask. "who?" he asks, still not looking up from his phone. I grab his phone and lay it on the table. "what you doing?" he asks, looking at me with a confused face. "I asked you if Harry can come over" I say, smirking at him. He is the only one that knows that I like Harry. "Harold? of course, then I can play games with him all day long" Niall laughs. "No you can't, he has a surprise for me" I say smiling, while texting Harry back that he can come. "You still like him, don't you?" Niall asks, making me look at him. "yeah.." I say. "Ems, he's taken.." he says, face sad. "I know Nialler, and I'm not gonna try anything don't worry. But you have to agree with me, his girlfriend is a bitch." I say laughing, I know Niall doesn't like her. She bullied me since we were really young and Niall always tries to protect me so no, he doesn't like her. "but she is hot" Niall jokes. I slap him jokingly. Someone knocks on the door. "I'll get it" Niall says as he walks to the door and opens it. I see his brown curls as he takes off his jacket. you can see a few of his tattoo and his airplane necklace that I love so much is showing. I still don't understand that he's my friend. How can a beautiful boy like him like an ugly girl like me? I don't get it, I just don't get it.

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