Guru or preceptor a friend guide and philosopher to people. He teaches how to go about our lives.


1. Guru

(Guru-a sanskrit  word. `Gu` denotes the darkness of ignorance. `Ru` represents the light of knowledge and wisdom. `Guru`dispels the ignorance of disciple with his knowledge and wisdom.)

In traditional sense:

The spiritual beacon divine agent

source of faith and hope

much venerated and worshiped

Guru inspires and guides as mortal or immortal.


Universal vision of gurus

reflection of basic precepts of all religions and cultures

leads humans to their goals

as per aptitudes intelligence and perception.


Glories of infinite almighty divinity

incarnate in great souls

Jesus love and grace

Buddha peace and purity

Krishna sweetness and wisdom

Mohammed a prophet and so on.


God's teaching principles unseen

manifest in evolved individuals

to lift humanity to higher planes

as guides friends and philosophers.


An intense urge the inner call

the soul divine the sacred seer

seated serene in the lotus brow center

commands the seeking spirit crystal clear.


Total relaxation-body and mind non existent

peace profound surges through

cool divine presence higher self around

one's destiny and goals defined in one's own voice firm and factual.

`That superior moment one becomes one's own guru.'


Grace flows in a fraction of moment

enlightenment catches one unawares

quite in harmony with inner frame

whatever the goal-art or politics patriotism or humanism

sports or spiritualism rushes a clear vision of life's fulfillment.


Art of living taught by guru

helps what to do and how to go about our lives

guru's grace when touches that inner `me`

`know thy self` comes true then-self realization.


Here is a small anecdote:

a king tired of the burden of his kingdom sought the advice of a sage.The sage sent the puzzled king to a butcher-butcher by profession pious in heart.King realized butcher's humble acceptance of his role assigned in this life and his cheerful dedication to his duties towards his family with out expectations. The king bowed to the illiterate savant went back to shoulder his royal responsibilities- his role in this life.


Modern times bred fake gurus

self styled gurus personality cults

fraudulent bluff masters miracle gurus

witchcraft gurus crime gurus love gurus and political gurus.


All masters and experts in their fields

for naive followers in their negative roles

slander the names of genuine gurus

a slap on the very sanctity of the word `Guru`.


Some revelation:

Bachelor or married friend or stranger

young or old literate or illiterate rich or poor

persons or books situations or experiences

happen to be our guides and gurus in times of crisis.

They scatter the darkness of depression

and impart knowledge and wisdom to deal with our lives.

`They are God sent gurus for those moments.`









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