Don't Forget About Me

Love may be in the air but will it last long enough when he goes to follow his dream with his four band mates and leaving the girl he loves the most behind? Or will she be forgotten and pretend he never met her? She may love him but will she ever let him go?


1. Chapter 1.


                 As I see him far from the field; it felt like a dream; a dream that there was no way for it to stop. I walked closer to him, walking on the flowery field. Him coming closer and closer, giving me those butterflies when I always around with him. As he comes closer to me, more butterflies filled in my stomach. He reaches his hand to touch my face, bringing his face closer to mine.  I felt his hot-minty breath closer to my face. I was ready to feel his lips, until...


My alarm turns off....


Ugh..I had another amazing dream about him. I always end up dreaming about him. Why won’t I dream about someone else? Why him? I guess crushing a guy too long can give you a dream of your life time. Ugh... If I can only make him mines. I snapped back to reality and got up to turn off the annoying alarm. I went to the bathroom; turning on the water and stripping out of my clothes. I played with the water a bit and made my way into the tub. I close the curtain and let the warm water run through my body. I was trying to replay my dream i had about him but it always doesn't make it clear. I put on shampoo and conditioner, shut off the water and rap the towel around me. I make my way to my closet; to find an outfit for today. I found a white lace button-down blouse; a strapless black tank top, some black leggings and some cute black flats.


"You got 20 minutes, punk", I heard my brother yell from down stairs.


It's been two years since our parents die. It's only me and him.  Victor, my brother, you can say he's a ladies man. He can drive girls’ nuts. He has black brown hair with light brown eyes like my mom; and me? Well I have dark brown hair with hazel eyes; brightest eyes in the family. We've been really by ourselves and you can say; it’s not really easy. A 17 taking care of his 15 year old baby sister; you can say it’s hard for him; especially if you’re trying to hide from the DCF; this government thing that involves with children not having parents or children having trouble with their parents. You can say it can ruin your life.  Victor never wants us to be separated. He said we should always stick together. It's really hard; after all, hiding from DCF for a year now. My parents die from a really bad car crash from their way to work. It was the craziest story to be heard in town. And it's still heard. And oh; I'm Jocelyn, Jocelyn Isabelle Gomez.  You can say; I have a couple of friends, my 3 main girls: Aubree, Maddie, and Elizabeth.

Aubree has naturally red hair with beautiful ocean blue eyes.

Maddie has black short hair with dark brown eyes and freckles. Elizabeth has perfect long blonde hair with green blue eyes.  I'm 5'5, along with Aubree and Elizabeth, leaving Maddie only 5'4. People say we never leave each other side, like we are the Cheetah Girls from the Disney movie. We always laugh by those silly little comments. I'm Mexican-American, along with Maddie, Aubree Irish and Elizabeth American. We never leave by our sides at all.


"C'mon hurry up. We are gonna be late for school dork!"


"Hold on, stupid", I yelled back. I never like being rushed; I can get annoyed really easily. I rush to the bathroom brushing my hair down leaving it naturally dry. I apply some eyeliner and mascara and black eye shadow. I grabbed my bag and rushed downstairs to just shut my brother up. I found him laughing at me.


"Why are you laughing for stupid we are going to be late!" I yelled, annoyed.


"Look at the time dork. It's 6:50. We don't to school until another hour.", he continue to laugh.


"What?! Stop playing with me! I had enough time to get ready." I yelled, angry. I went over the couch and place my bag there, turned around to find my brother still laughing.


"I don't even think it funny Victor". I said, annoyed.


"It is if your sister is that stupid." He smirked. At the point I was really mad. I made my way over to him but he was too quick for me and went to the other side of the table that was now between us. I hate these little chases we have but it worth it for hitting a dummy. I kept chasing him for another 5 minutes.  I stopped running trying to catch my breath.


"To fast you ya, huh loser?” he smirked at me. I ignore his stupid comment and gave him a dirty look. He playful sticks his tongue out. I couldn't help but start to laugh. He looked like a little kid. He turned around to go get his keys; so I secretly went behind him and jumped on his back.  He couldn't do anything but just dropping the keys down and grabbing by my hands and carrying me to the couch and playfully punch me as if I was getting jumped. I was rolled up to a ball, trying not to get hurt. He stopped and went over for his keys.


"Let's go stupid, now we are really get be late."


"Shut up. See you mess up my hair, menso!" I said. He looked over and smiled.

I grabbed my bag and head my way to the door, trying to fix my hair he mess up. I locked the door and made my way over to my brother's car. Isn't the best car on the world but hey, it's something right? The school is only 15 blocks away. We live that far to be closer to my dad side of the family. Not everyone in his family are here in America, only mi tio; Fernando, Hector, and Jesus, and with their wife’s. And my tia; Maria, with her 6 kids. There are more families at México. I have a pretty big family from my dad’s side, as for my mom’s side if the family, they all in Mexico. Expect for my Tia; Marcy and her kids. They live next door to us.


I change the station to a Mexican station and have Prince Royce song, 'Stand By Me'. I tap out the beat until my brother changed it.


"Hey! I was hearing that." I said.


"I don't want to hear that song...”. He said. I was confused by what he said. That was the only song he likes from Prince Royce until my. Parents die.


"Is it because of our-"


"No" he snapped. I didn't want to say anything else before things get worst so I stood quiet. There was that awkward silent for 5 minutes.


"I'm sorry, it get me upset because-"


"Ma will always sing it to us". We both said in unison. I took his hand that wasn't on the wheel and looked at him.  I know he gets upset when he thinks about them and I do too. He looks over to me and smiles weakly, trying to show that he's strong. It's been a lot of stress for him since they die and he tries every way to get me happy and tries to protect me.


We finally arrived in front of the school and parked it in the parking lot behind the school. We made our way to the front of the school and saw my friend waiting for me to go inside. They all look up and saw me. Each of them said hey and greets me with a hug. I turned around to see if Victor was there. I saw he was with his group of friends. My friends and I made our way to the security and stuff and head our locker each is was all next to each other. I'm between Aubree and Maddie, then Elizabeth next to Maddie. We grabbed our text book for our next class. Maddie and I have the same classes and I have Aubree for 2 class and Elizabeth for only 1. Our last period is all four of us together. This makes my day end good with them being around. Maddie and I said our good byes to Elizabeth and Aubree then head to our next class; English. We always sat at the back of the room to goof around. As we enter the room the teacher told us that we have signed seats.


"Find your names on the desk and that's where you be sitting for the rest of the year. I don't care if you don't like your seats, just deal with It.", Said our English teacher, Mr. Block.  I found my seat and it was the same seat I always have, at the back. Sadly my best friend isn’t sitting next to me. She was sitting in front of me. Makes a big no difference; we are gonna talk any ways. I looked at the desk that is next to me. It's reads; ' Niall Horan ‘.

The guy I've been crushing on for months. Aubree's cousin is the cutest guy I like so far, and also his friend Harry. Both guys are cute but I fall really hard for sweet cute Niall. I look up from the desk and saw blonde hair Niall sitting next to me. He didn't notice I was looking at him until Maddie tap on my shoulder. I looked at her while she was pointing at the teacher was trying to get my attention.


"Jocelyn, up here please". He said. I rolled my eyes and open my note book to take notes. I try to ease something but my pencil slip out of my hand and landed on Niall's desk. I looked up nervously but couldn't help how he smiled at me.


"Here you go." He smiled, giving my pencil back.


"Thanks" I smiled back at him.


"What's your name?" He whispers.


"Jocelyn , but call me Jazzy if you want.."smiled while taking notes.


"Jocelyn...” he whispered, "Pretty name for a girl like you" he smiled.

I looked up to him and smile back. I was blushing so hard trying to not make it noticeable .


"What's your name?" I said, lying that I don't know his.


"Niall" he said with full confidence.


"Cute" I smile, looking at the board.  I looked from the corner of my eye finding him smiling. I couldn't help but blush.  The English teachers pass out the homework for tonight and let us talk for 5 more minutes until the bell rings. I wanted to know about him a little bit more. 


"So where ya from?" I asked.


"Ireland, I'm just came to America about a year ago, still kind of new to something." He chuckled.


"Oh that's cool. How is it over there?" I smiled at him, my first real conversion with him.


"Really great, ha, but I miss everybody there." He smiled. How eyes got connected, so easy and so quickly. He's beautiful blue eyes are just amazing. I was falling hard for him and I couldn't help it. We continue to stare at each other.

The bell rang for the next period. We all got up and head out the door. I turned around and saw Harry talking to Niall, as he looks up to me and winks. I couldn't help but smile so damn hard. He made my day. But he's a senior and I'm only a sophomore in high school. He's the same grade as Victor and he's friends with him. They are both in the boys’ soccer team. My brother must know him, especially if he's in the same soccer team. I'm in higher class in English which is the only class I like. So I was out with seniors there and Maddie too. We are the only sophomores that ever happen.

In this school, I haven't seen Niall as much as I want to. His in this band called One Direction. Been here and there, but he's going to drop out, well that's what I heard.


"Hello, Jazzy to earth, can you hear me?" Maddie said.


"Uh... Oh sorry I was daydreaming."


"About Niall? Girl when are you gonna tell him. He is going to leave soon. Here's only here for his music then Bam!” i jumped when she said 'bam', "he's gonna leave. You gotta tell him before it’s too late. He's leaving in the end of April. And it's October. It's either now or never". She said as we walk down the hall for our next. She did have a point.


"But I can't just go up to him and say 'Hey, even though I just you, I've been liking you since forever’. I can't do that." I said. “I have to get to know him.”


"We'll start talking to him before its gets too late. might but his prom date." She winked at me, I laughed. We made our way to our next class; Science. I totally forgot Harry was in this class; the only senior that is in this class. I guess his he's bad at science. The class was seated with four students in each table. We have new seats so Maddie and I went up to board to look for our seats. We sat at the right side of the room all the way in the back. It was Maddie then this guy name Josh then Me and then Harry. Class started and we started to take notes. I saw Maddie talking to josh. I turn back to my notebook, feeling really awkward. I saw Harry looking at my notebook. When I finish writing, I gave him my notebook for him to copy. He looked up at me and smile.


"Thanks" he said


"No problem". I smiled at him. I put my pen down and looked at the clock. Ugh…20 more minutes in this class.


"Here", he said. "What your name?" He said in his deep hot voice. I'm sorry but Harry is cute too.


"I'm Jocelyn." I smile, looking at him.


"Nice name for a pretty girl like you.", he smiled back at me, staring at his green eyes. I couldn't help but blush. And it is the true. He does flirt.


"Ha-ha, and yours curly fry?", I smirked at him. I wasn't the biggest flirt but I do know how to flirt. He looks up at me and smirks widely.


"I'm Harry".


"Cute for a curly fry." I smiled at him.


"Don't you say"


"Hey, don't be smart with me. You don't wanna go there."


"And what if I do?" He said, leaning closer to me.


"We will have problems" I said winking at him.


"Gomez! Up here." Mrs. Thomas said. I turn around and roll my eyes at her.

"Don't roll your eyes at me young lady."


"What if I do?" I said annoyed


"Gomez out of my class!"


"Ugh..fine." I said, walking up to the door. I turn around and roll my eyes at her then the whole class laugh.


"Out!" She yelled.


"I'm going, sheez...” I said. I got in the hallway and waited for her to have a talk with me. I couldn't help but laugh at myself. I always get In Trouble in her class; there’s no big of a difference about it. I heard the door open and thought I was her. But it was Harry.


"You got in trouble too?" I said


"Yep" he laughed.


"Why?" I laugh along with him.


"Cause I told her what was her problem and she said to get out. I guess she was on her rag “he laughed. We both laugh making the security in the halls notice we were here.


"I thought you would be a good girl. I guess I'm wrong. You're both." He smirked.


"Hey, I'm not a good girl" I said, playfully smacking his arm.


"Ouch" he smiled.


"Oh shut up, I did hit you that hard." I said, rolling my eyes.


"You know Ni-"


"Gomez in here…" She said,

"You too, Styles."


We both try not to laugh by how red her face was. We got 5 minutes of class left so I felt like can do anything. I looked over at Maddie and she was talking to that Josh kid next to me. He wasn't bad looking so I think they would be cute together. Maddie seems to like him. I look over at Harry; he was already looking at me.


"What are you looking at curly fry?" I said, messing with his hair.


"Your beauty…” He said. I blush; trying not to show. I playful slap his face making him scrunch up his nose, showing his dimples. I smiled even more.


"You know that Ni-" the bell cut him off. I got so annoyed: he was going to tell me something about Niall . I try reach up to him but he already left.


*End of the Day*


I was putting my gym clothes in my locker and out on the clothes I had on early. I made my way out the locker room and head to the hall way to be dismissed. I have gym with a couple of seniors. I wait for my 3 best friends to come. I was by myself with Harry and Niall. I awkwardly stood there until Niall spoke up.


"So how was your day?" He said.


"Good yours?" I smile at him.


"Great so far". He smiled back.


"And you, Harry?”I looked up at him.


"Eh..alright." He said. I smiled at him and then saw my friends coming. The bell ring so I waited for them to come. Harry came up to me.


"Can I get a hug?" He smiled down at me. I reach over to hug him. He hugged me tight. Then letting me go, leaving me with a wink. I turn to Niall and he already got his arm out. I smiled at him and reach over to hug him. He pulls me to a sweet hug, leaving me breathless. Just like the dream I have of him this morning. He places something in my hand I just smiled. I turn to my friends and I could tell from their faces; they were all in shock. They all know that I like Niall for a year now. Their faces were priceless and I could help but laugh a little. They all ask questions and stuff.


"He hugged you?" Aubree said


"Oh you guys will be cute" Maddie said.


"Have you talked to him?" Elizabeth said.


"Guys, one question at a time; I'll explain to you guys later" I told them everything; what happen between me and Niall and what Harry said to me. They all walked me to my bothers car and listen to what I have to say. I realize I have something in in hand. I open it; relieving his number. He gave me his number? What? I was so surprised.


"Is that his number?" Elizabeth questioned, her eyes were wide opened, and she was in shock just like I was.


"Yes!" I yelled. They all end up yelling with me.


"Who's number?" I heard Victor said. I turn to see him opening the car. The girl each gave me a hug and saying their goodbyes. I went in the car and bungling my seat belt. Victor start the car and had his way out the parking a lot. He glare a me when we stop at a red light.


"What?” I said, annoyed.


"Who the guy that gave you his number, I heard Jocelyn so you can't deny it." He spoke up.


"She gave me her number, so you can calm down." I lied; i didn't want Victor to punch Niall in the face. "Anyways why are you so against of me talking to guys? Not like imma-" I got cut off by him.


"I don't care your my little sister and I gotta protect your little ass from ass wholes!" He yelled at me. I got so annoyed.


"Not all guys are ass wholes! You’re basically calling yourself one." I yelled back


He sighs, “I didn't call myself one, I called the guys who are there who just want to play with girls hearts. I don't want to that to happen to you and I bet Papi won't let that happen too." He said, calmly.


I stood quiet; I know my dad wouldn't let that happen. I wanted to cry just by thinking about them. But Niall isn't those types of players. I know that. He doesn't flirt with that many girls. I got annoyed by Victor over reacting.


"Well, some guys aren't players. I know who's one when I see it. Don't need to always be on me." I sound annoyed. He just stood quiet. I guess he doesn't want us to argue. We finally arrived at the front of the house that we are staying. We still live in the same house. My childhood was in this house. It's funny how DCF isn't noticing that. My entire family plan to protect us no matter what. I like that feeling of love. Somehow we are able to keep the house because my grandparent from both side of the family sends money to help with the bills and everything. I truly am blessing by them. We go inside the house and I go upstairs and start doing my homework. Even though I mess around a lot I still want to get good grades. My mom always told me she didn't finish high school and she told me she wants me to finish something she couldn't do. So I took that as a challenge. I want to make her proud.


I totally forgot Niall gave me his number. I add him in my contacts and text him.


To: 1(773)1234567

From: Me

Heyy! x It’s me, Jocelyn(:

Sent: 4:56 PM


I went back to my homework. I heard a knock on my door.


"Who is it?" I said.


"Me." Victor said


"What do you want?" I said. I didn't mean to sound me but I guess it came out to me. I was still mad by what he did in the car.


"Tio Jesus wants us to go to his house. They are having a family party for Monica. She is turning 8. We gotta go get her something." He said. "Want to go with me?"


"No, I want to finish my homework. I'll meet you at tio’s house." I went back to my homework.


"Alright…Don't be late." He closed the door to my room. I finally got a text from him.


To: Me

From: Niall<3

Hey love. Never thought you will text me(:

Sent: 5:00 PM


To: Niall<3

From: Me

What! Don't think that(; x

Sent: 5:00 PM


To: Me

From: Niall<3

Haha, Wyd? x

Sent: 5:01 PM


To: Niall<3

From: Me

Homework; you? J

Sent: 5:02 PM


To: Me

From: Niall<3

What? You do homework… Lol same here (;

Sent: 5:02 PM


To: Niall<3

From: Me it there.(;

Sent: 5:03 PM


To: Me

From: Niall<3

Lol; whatever :)

Sent: 5:04 PM


To: Niall<3

From: Me

Haha, so what are you doing today? :)

Sent: 5:04 PM


To: Me

From: Niall<3

Got a birthday party to go too, You? x

Sent: 5:06 PM


To: Niall<3

From: Me

Might hang out with HarryJ

Sent: 5:06 PM

To: Me

From: Niall<3

Oh cool; I have to go. Text ya later?(:

Sent: 5:07 PM


To: Niall<3

From: Me

Yeah:) xoxo

Sent: 5:08 PM


I left him like that; putting my books away and placing it in my bag and went out the house to go across the street for the little party. I saw almost everybody there. Mi Tios y Tias, also mi cousins. I went over with my cousins that I grew up with. It was Kimberly, Alexis, y Juan.

Kimberly has long brown hair with brown eyes. Alexis is tall, black hair and blue eyes. Juan had a buzz cut and has green eyes.


"Hey!" I said. They all said hi and gave me a hug. We all went to the front to chill there. I saw Victor and my other cousin Pedro there. They were talking about soccer and stuff and we end up talking the ones we have a crush on. Everyone said their crushes expect for me. All of them glance over at me to respond.


"What?" I questioned.


"Well, who do you like?" Alexis said.


"Not interested in anyone right now", I lied.  If Victor found out who I like, he will try to scare him. I don't want that to happen again. One of mi tios came out to tell us the cake is getting cut.


We said our goodbyes to the whole family and went home. Ugh. A day of school again...

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