(3) Come back to me - Completed


Justin's been gone fore 15 months, just over a year. In that time, Zachary Jeremy Drew Bieber - or is it Somers? - has been born.
With a few un-wanted surprises and tragic circumstances, will Justin ever make his way back to Jessica?


Copyright © 2013 by Love_Kidrauhl
All rights reserved.


43. Worries

Jessica’s POV


“Your baby is healthy, Mrs. Bieber.”

The biggest smile formed on my face when I heard those words spill out of the doctor’s mouth. I looked over at Justin who squeezed my hand in reassurance, a small smile on his face.

He’s been distant for the past 2 days and it’s kind of upsetting me.

Does he not want to have another child?

I cleared my throat to get rid of the lump that was forming in my throat.

“Can you excuse me? I’ll be back in a sec Jess.” Justin murmured, pushing the chair back with the backs of his knees and walking towards the door, closing it behind him.

A tear feel down my face and I quickly wiped it away before the doctor came back with a wet paper towel.

“Would you like a sonogram?” he asked me, and I nodded happily. ]”I’d love one.”


Justin’s POV


Justin, you’ll be a horrible father.


I’m already a father, aren’t I?


That’s Chaz’s baby.


No, Zach is my son.


How can you be positive? Did you take a test?


I just know.


That’s not enough proof Justin.


Yes it is! Father’s have this instinct. Like mothers.


I bet you’re children will follow in your footsteps.

They’ll be f*ck ups, Just. Like. You.


I groaned at tugged at my hair in frustration. It was freezing outside, but I needed some air. I needed to think everything through.

Of course, I was hysteric when I found out the baby was healthy but I was just so worried of how good of a father I was.

I thought I was going ok with Zach and Flynn but I’m not so sure anymore.

I don’t want them to follow in my footsteps.

I’ve made very bad decisions in the last 6 years.

I dug into my jacket pocket and pulled the cigarette packet and lighter I kept in that pocket.

I propped one n my bottom lip and lit the cigarette, taking a drag of it and blowing out the unwanted smoke.

It was unlike me to smoke cigarettes, but I did it when I was stressed out or worried about something. I turned to them when I stopped taking heroin.

But the addiction is itching at me and I was glad I was going to rehab to improve on everything.

My phone started ringing and I took it out of my pocket. I slid to answer and held it up to my ear.

“Where are you Justin?” Jessica frantically spoke into the phone, worrying me.

“I’m just outside. Why what’s wrong?” I asked, butting my cigarette.

“Oh thank God. I don’t know, I thought you ran away or something.” Jessica sighed in relief.

“No baby. It’s ok.” I chuckled into the phone as I heard the sliding doors open behind me. I turned around to see Jessica and instantly panicked.

She might smell the cigarette smoke on me a scowl at me.

She didn’t know I turned to smoking after everything.

“Was there someone smoking out here?” she asked, looking around for any sign of another human being.

“Ah yeah.” I muttered, as she pulled me into her from the sleeve of my big jacket.

“You smell like cigarette smoke. Disgusting. I’m glad you don’t smoke Justin. Just chuck that jacket in the washing when we get home.” She lectured me, pulling me towards the car.

I gulped nervously, a forcefully pushed the cigarette packet to the very bottom of my jacket pocket.

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